The Omamen Forces

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This story contains violence and warfare. I recommend it is not read by anybody under the age of 11.
Based in 24th Century Yemen, the oil industry has taken a huge uprising after a large oil lake is discovered in Yemen. There is one problem, however. It is lead by gangsters that have committed many large crimes in Oman. The Saudi Arabians have gotten involved, and are at constant war with the Omamens.
Read on to find out more!
Written by Josh Summerfield, 2011.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - YOMA

Submitted: January 02, 2011

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Submitted: January 02, 2011



Yemen's Recent History:

2187 - 2203: For more than fifteen years, storms would hit Yemen almost every night. After three months, the central areas of Yemen had been completely deserted, as many inhabitants had fled to Oman and Saudi Arabia. It took less than three years for Yemen to become uninhabited.

2203 - 2241: Yemen was classed as out of bounds to the public after a vote including thirteen Asian, three African and two European countries. This was said to be because the flooding had polluted the area, and the flooded land was dangerous for many years after the floods had hit.

2241: Many Saudi Arabians formed a new Government to move into Yemen. With money coming from Russia, Australia, USA and Saudi Arabia, as well as many charities, they were able to build headquarters in Sanaa, the capital city. Estates were built near by, providing cheap accommodation for up to three thousand people.

2245: Constant drought drove all the new Yemenis out of Yemen once again. Soon after the drought followed another series of floods, lasting nearly six years. This left Yemen in a similar state to before, and countries that had provided money for the reconstruction of Sanaa became angry. Southern parts of Russia declared war on Saudi Arabia, but the battle was short lived, due to intervention from British and Spanish troops.

2291: In an attempt to save fuel, many Eurasian countries singed a petition to ban all aircraft in Europe and Asia. With over seventy countries agreeing, the law was put in place throughout the whole of both continents. No aircraft are allowed into the continents under any circumstances.

2294: A group of Egyptians sailed over to the Western coast of Yemen, and found enough land to be able to live on to start a community. Fertile soil was found, and many were experienced fishermen, providing fish to trade with The Netherlands for seeds. The seeds grew into crops, meaning many of the Egyptians became farmers. A quarry was opened, and the rock extracted there was used to construct buildings. The new inhabitants became the first Yemenis in over nearly 50 years!

2316: In Oman, a group of terrorists raided the military headquarters at night. There was suspected to be over 750 of them. Stealing many weapons, including grenades and rifles, they left the premises with haste. Two were captured by police, but had both taken doses of cyanide and were dead before they had the chance to be questioned.

The group, named 'Omamen', had previously acquired large amounts of dynamite. Two weeks after the attack on the military, they paraded across Oman, unaware that their plans to get into Yemen had been leaked. They arrived at the border between Oman and Yemen faced with heavy amounts of Saudi Arabian soldiers. However, by that time the amount of Omamens was thought to have increased tenfold. They managed to force their way into Yemen, but lost over half of their members.

The group made its way to the selected destination in many vans after their success at the border. They settled in the South, and set off the dynamite as quickly as possible. If their months of research was correct they would have struck a very large oil field, which could easily bring in much wealth for the Omamens. It was correct. The oil was soon shipped out to European countries such as Bosnia and Hungary. The Omamens named their settlement Yoma, and defended it with large amounts of members. Two attempts to attack the Omamens had failed in the following years.

2319: By now Yoma has established itself as a huge name in the oil industry. With recent declines, the income of each person working on the oil field is very high standard compared to that of an average Asian, and even high for European standards. By now Yoma has two banks, estates, flats and has food and weapons being imported in from other countries. Yoma oil is being distributed to twenty three countries, including Russia, France, Germany and Japan.

The Anti-Yemen pact is a group of seven governments that refuse to have any connection with Yemen's oil distribution. Those countries are England, Wales, Scotland, Spain, Afghanistan, China and South Africa.

The Egyptian Yemenis are still settled on the West coast, and have named their city Egovur. There are three cities in Yemen. Yoma, Egovur and Utisius. Utisius is a city with a small population in the north set up by the Saudi Arabian military in order to ready attacks on Yoma. The rest of the country is still uninhabitable. Yemen has no capital city as of now.


The sun burnt into Imad's skin like any other day on the oil field. Imad had grown used to the constant heat, but every day he would still sweat head to toe as he and many others would slave away at getting the oil out of the field and ready to be sent to Romania. A large order had been placed by the Romanians, and the thousand or so workers at the field had to work much quicker than usual. The younger, less experienced workers fatigued very quickly, but from experience, Imad knew that if he worked quicker he would be able to get back to his family earlier. His wife, Imi, was six weeks pregnant, and Yoma's first hospital was close to opening. The timing of his first child's birth couldn't have been much more convenient.

Imad's brother, Aaron, had an easier job than Imad. Every day he would patrol the North post of the city and along with many others would watch out for an attack by the Saudi Arabians from Utisius. The opponents' military was small in number, but vigorously trained and very experienced. The Omamens had a high number of troops, but many had no previous experience. Each member of the Omamen Force had been trained, but would never dream of being up to the standards of a Saudi Arabian. However, the previous two attacks from Utisius had both resulted in a retreat, with absolutely no espionage or gain from the attacks.

Imad finished his work at the field by 16:00 meaning he was in time to catch the 16:12 bus, which only comes once every hour. He started his five minute walk to the bus stop quickly, putting on quite a pace, ensuring that he would not miss the bus and have to wait another whole hour for the next one. When he arrived he perched himself on a low wall and pulled a mobile phone out of his pocket. He texted Imi to inform her that he would be earlier home than normal. He slid his mobile back in to his pocket and looked up to notice the bus coming towards him. As he stood up to approach the vehicle he noticed his brother get off the bus and come towards him.

"Aaron," Imad started "what on earth are you doing here?"

"Ah excellent," Aaron replied "get back on the bus with me, if you will. I need to talk to you about something important."

"Alright," Imad accepted as he made his was towards a pair of empty seats.

"So," Aaron turned to his brother "Imad."


"Have you heard the new of Utisius yet?"

"Not as far as I am aware of, no."

"Well, rumour has it that the Arabians are planning an attack on us tomorrow. Apparently the news was leaked a couple of days ago, but I only just found out today."

"Are you being serious here, Aaron?"

"Of course I am! I am your brother; I would not lie to you."

"Well surely if we held off the last two attacks then this should be easy."

"Ah but that's not the whole story you see. Apparently they are sending in a tank as well."

"You have to be kidding! Tanks haven't been used in warfare since the twenty second century. Why would they bring them in now?"

"We don't know why. But what we do know is that they are extremely hard to bring down. Considering Saudi Arabia's current budget, we expect they will only have one tank. And we know that they have a very small amount of troops."

"Okay, so why do I need to know all this?"

"Well, you're not working tomorrow are you? It is a Sunday after all."

"No, I am not. But why does that matt- wait, you don't want me to help, do you?"

"Yes, Imad, I do. We need all the help we can get. I have something to give you." Aaron explained to Imad as he reached into his bag. He handed him a weapon and rounds of ammunition. "That, my brother, is an assault rifle. I will train you tonight. You shall have to be ready early in the morning."

"But what about Imi? What will she do?"

"You need not worry; she shall be safe at home."

"I am not sure, brother. I do not feel ready for this kind of thing."

"I can understand that, but we need your help. You will also be paid. We need you, Imad."

"I will think about it tonight, but I promise nothing. Also, surely I would need a license for this." Imad told Aaron, gesturing toward the rifle.

"We live in Yemen. It has no laws! You don't need a license for anything, don't worry!"

"Alright then, I'll get back to you this evening. I shall text you my final decision."

"That sounds good to me. We should count ourselves lucky. If it wasn't for the Eurasian aircraft ban made in 2291 in order to save fuel, we would have probably been attacked with planes many times by now. Air strikes are extremely hard to survive."

"That does sound lethal." Imad agreed as he stood up to make his way off the bus. Aaron followed, and they made there way to their block of flats together.

The ground was still weak due to the two floods, but the outskirts of the country had not been affected as badly as the central areas, so there were enough resource to build housing and other important buildings on. Their block of flats was one of three in Yoma. This one had 380 rooms for up to three people each and it was 13 levels high. The door at the entrance had week hinges so it took just a gentle tap for it to make way for the two bothers. Luckily, the doors on the dorms were much more reliable than this one, each one provided with two locks.

Imad and Aaron started up the staircase towards their respective rooms. At the second floor Aaron stopped and turned left towards his room, meanwhile Imad continued upwards until he reached the fifth floor, where he entered room 146 expecting to find Imi. However, he opened to door to find out that he was alone. Imi had gone out to buy food - her alternative to having a job. This is what most women did in Yoma. Most men would work on the oil field or in the military, and the women would stay at home and to all the house work and other vital jobs. Not that Imad minded being alone, but some company would have been comforting. He decided to crash out on the king-size mattress his wife and he had bought recently. Some much needed rest was to be caught up on.

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