Chapter 6: Roundabout

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 6: Roundabout


That night, I wasn’t given any meds. I couldn’t really complain. In fact, I enjoyed the thought of not being drugged up again, but I wondered if it would make a difference. Dawn surprised me by bringing out her Nintendo 64, and let me play one of my favorite childhood games: Super Smash Bros. The excitement of playing videogames after a whole week of recess filled me with so much happiness, I was beside myself. I challenged a couple of kids to a battle, and enjoyed every minute of showing off my skills. I may have been sick, but when that controller was in my hand, my muscle memory kicked and I was off, head bashing and flutter jumping with Yoshi like a pro, intercepting any and all attacks and taking the players out one by one. Every death gave me a little more satisfaction and the kids frustrations made the victory that much sweeter. One of the kids was also pretty good, and put up quite a fight with Captain Falcon, but even he was no match for my egg toss meteor smash combo. I wasn’t a sore winner either. I acknowledged each kids attempt with a friendly “good game!” That night, I slept more soundly than I had all week.


For the next few days, I was going in a positive direction. I was slowly returning to my normal self. The weird thoughts quieted as I went about my days following the usual routine. Even my doctor could sense a change in me. After a few days of progressive recovery, he called me into his quarters. I didn’t think anything of it, he was just going to assess me like he always did. I took a seat across from him and folded my hands on my lap.


“Hello Josh, do you know who I am?”


I looked at him in confidence. “Youre my doctor, Dr. Sepabodi.”


He smiled slightly. “And why are you here?” He waited patiently for my answer.


“To get help with my illusions and delusions.” I stated matter-of-factly. He was impressed, and actually, a little surprised. He didn’t except such a drastic change to happen so fast. Then, he said the words I’d been waiting to hear since I set foot in the dreaded place.


“It pleases me very much to say this Josh.” He smiled widely. “I think we can discharge you now. We already contacted your parents. They will be here in the morning.”


I was ecstatic, and overwhelmed with emotion. “Really??”


He laughed. “Yes. Pack your bags tonight.” I shook his hand with a firm grip.


“Thank you so much!” I shouted back as I paraded out the room. I was so happy I skipped down the hall in jubilee. Everything was finally returning to normal! I thought. The once bleak future that faced me looked sunny and bright. I thought about my cats, and how I missed cuddling with them, the fur brushing up against my cheek. I pictured my brother, and how I would finally get to play videogames with him again. Most of all, however, I thought about returning to my home, a place where I felt safe and secure, with parents that loved me unconditionally. I even missed school, and wondered if I could  possibly make up so much lost time. One thing was for sure, I was never returning to that place again…


I was up bright and early the next morning, just brainstorming the endless possibilities that would be my first official day at home. Should I check my Facebook first? Or should I play some pokemon first? Either way, I had to make enough time for my schoolwork. I took a quick whiff of my armpit. Ugh, repulsive. One thing was for sure, I was due for a shower. But not under a weak and faulty showerhead. I was due for a hot and steamy shower in my own bathroom. My showerhead had multiple options on it. Not only could it fuel a steady stream of water, but it also could produce more powerful and direct streams of water that pinpoints sore muscles and applies pressure to them. It almost felt as if the water was giving you a massage. The very thought made me antsy; with so many things running through my mind, waiting was the hardest thing to do. But, before I knew it, I was in their car, on my way back home. My mom turned her head toward the backseat, like she always would when she had something to say.


“Its so good to see you doing better Josh!” She was relieved. After two weeks of suffering depression and bargaining with God, it seemed he had finally answered her prayers.


“Yeah, I’m definitely feeling better. And I was so sick of that place, I was started to lose it.”


My dad looked at me through his rearview mirror. “I bet.”


The drive was short and sweet, and as we passed familiar sights of my hometown, I smiled. Never had I been so excited to see a Kroger in my life, but as we passed it by, I knew I was back. I was convinced that this was it; the struggle was over. As we coasted into the driveway, I unbuckled my seatbelt and prepared to hop out. Once the car was parked I bolted for the door, excited to see my kitties again. Kali cried as she trotted cutely and nudged her furry face against my leg. I scratched the scruff of her neck as she purred. My parents emerged behind me as Kali took off running. Mom laughed as the cat scurried across the tile floor, her back claws scratching the floor as she slid around the corner.


“Jeez cat!”


“RUN KITTY!” Marty belted out in a cartoony voice. He was in good spirits, I could tell. They were both pleased to have me back, and as I unpacked my bags, I felt a tear trickle down my cheek. To think, I would actually sleep in my own bed tonight, not an uncomfortable hospital bed. The room was spotless and inviting; my mom must have cleaned in there to prepare for my homecoming. The smell was a pleasant, lemon fresh scent that wafted up my nostrils. I collapsed on my bed and enjoyed the sense of security that came with wraping myself up in my comfy, polyester sheets. Then I thought to myself: why am I dirtying my clean sheets? I should take a shower.


I unwound myself and hopped out of my bed, heading for the bathroom for some much needed lathering up. The granite floor greeted my feet as I stepped on its cold surface, and the porcelain throne welcomed my arrival as I sat proudly on its ring. How exciting it was to have my own bathroom again, I thought, as I flushed and quickly disrobed myself. I slowly turned on the faucet, the rushing water flooding the basin, as I waited for the temperature to reach the perfect warmth.  The shower head forced a steady stream of warm water as I pulled the nob and stepped in. The water  trickled gently down my face, soaking my hair and tickling my skin; it filled me with a sense of tranquility. Oh how I missed a good quality shower. Steam filled the air, and soap  mixed with the hot water, as I washed myself down thoroughly. The wet hair hugged my skin, as I let out a satisfied “Ahhh.” The world seemed so insignificant when I was alone in my shower. Just me, and my thoughts.


My pajamas clung to my skin as I hung up the towel I had used to dry myself off. In the living room, my brother was busy reading a rather dark story he had written for school. Our newest cat, Bella, hid precariously inside the white laundry bin, while Kali watched her from the outside. They stared at each other for a long time. Not only were they similar in size, but they were similar in temperament. They seemed to fear each other, and even mimicked each other to an extent. My brother was deep into his paper as he read it with passion.


“And so, the woman, troubled and tormented, stared deep into her mirror. A shadow stared back at her, grimacing with evil eyes.”


I looked at Kali, who stared at the shadowy Bella. Bella, in the absence of light, did look quite evil. This couldn’t have been a coincidence. Bella was Kali’s shadow. But then, what about the other two cats? I observed quietly the cats mannerisms. I remembered a videogame I played growing up, and related it to the situation. The game was called Kingdom Hearts, and the premise was that when something or someone loses their heart, they produce a heartless. The empty husk that is left behind in absence of the heart is called a nobody.


Now, Cali isn’t always nice. She bites even her owner, so she must have produced a heartless. That heartless is Bella, and Kali’s nobody is Baby. Yes! I figured it out! It all makes sense now!


I turned to see a sleeping Nadia, adorably curled up in a ball. I had reached a problem in my outrageous theory: What significance did Nadia have in all this? I knew all too well how strong my bond was with my mother, and I knew I shared a similar bond with my cat. Maybe Nadia is mom in cat form!


I reached another problem. If Nadia was the cat form of my mom, who was the cat form of kali, baby, and little bella? I went down a list of people I was close with and tried to imagine who acted like my cats. My brothers current girlfriend was Carley, who was also a character from iCarley, a show I liked to watch. Freddy, another character from the same show, reminded me a lot of my brother: dorky, intelligent and techsavvy. I decided they were all one of the same. Baby was Carley who was Kalis nobody and Kali was Sam, Carleys friend from the show.


My mom watched as I stared at the cat, motionless.


“Josh? Are you ok?”


Her voice snapped me out of my train wreck of thoughts.


“Oh, yeah I’m fine.”


She seemed a little worried regardless. I hadn’t said a word for the past 10 minutes. The more I look at the cats, the weirder they looked. Almost as if they could morph into a human at any time. I needed to stop thinking. It was making my mania resurface, something I didn’t want. Still, I wondered why this was still happening. I decided to hide it from my mom, hoping it would just disappear. Instead, I said goodnight and went to bed. I turned into a cocoon of blankets and enclosed myself, devoid of any light. With any luck, I would awaken as a strong, mature butterfly. 

Submitted: January 28, 2015

© Copyright 2021 Joshua White. All rights reserved.


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unmasked delusions

Yes finally, home! Haha. I love the ending but then I'm thinking "Oh no, what's going to happen now?" Also, I liked how in this chapter you added video games as a little part of the story- especially the part about Kingdom hearts it was unique and gave the story a more realistic feeling if that makes sense. Another great chapter- as always I'll be waiting for the next. Good job

Wed, February 4th, 2015 1:20am


Yes, im glad you caught that reference!

Fri, February 6th, 2015 10:55am

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