Sonic:Book 1

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Sonic looks at tails

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Sonic:Book 1

Submitted: November 30, 2012

Reads: 159

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Submitted: November 30, 2012



Author:Joshua Williams.Note:This books has new characters(Not real)And is not like the game and movie.Chapter 1:Regular old hedgehog.Sonic sits and plays Hunting unlimited 2012.Tails says\"Sonic heres the phone.\"Sonic says\"Hang up\"Tails says\"It's a job.\"Sonic says\"What kind.\"Tails says\"They said it's a hedgehog job.\"Sonic says\"I'll take it!\"Sonic steps outside.He feels a fast breeze.Then another fast breeze.He runs in the direction.He looks over.He sees a red and black hedgehog.They both look at each other.The mysterious hedgehog says\"My name is Shadow what's your's?\"Sonic says\"Sonic,i'm going to a job.\"Shadow says\"My job is evil.Well see you later.\"Sonic walks down the street.A black and red girl gives him a invintation.Later he comes to her apartment.He opens up the door.Sonic says\"Hello anyone there?\"Sonic opens up the door.He sees her laying on the bed.Sonic's eye widen.He hears a voice.She grabs him and puts him in the closet.He sees shadow.He whispers\"Oh snap!\"Shadow hears it.He says\"It sounded like it came from the closet.\"Shadow opens it.Shadow says\"Sonic.\"Shadow's eyes turn firey.His girlfriend says\"Hurry run!\"Sonic runs.Shadow runs to sonic and does a combo punch.He kicks sonic and runs.Sonic thinks wow.

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