Devastation's Birth

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - First Enemy

Submitted: December 11, 2012

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Submitted: December 11, 2012



God this tunnel seems to go on forever I thought somewhat dejectedly for probably the millionth time since we entered into the darkness. I turned to try and start a conversation with Hunter, but as I moved my foot fell into a small dip in the ground. I yelled out and fell, a second later I felt a hand upon my shoulder and Hunter's face inches from my own.

"Are you okay?" Hunter looked worried. He pulled me about a meter, so that I was now where I had been standing previously. "What made you fall?"

"I am okay," my voice was shaky and my blood was pumping. "I don't know, I turned around to say something and my foot fell into something."

"Turn toward where you fell so the light from the helmet will let me see." Nervously I complied.

There was nothing that should have made me fall, so Hunter and I walked over to get a closer look. As we grew closer we found that there were tracks in the ground. That was interesting as we had yet to see any kind of transportation in the tunnel.

"BLADE, is there any information you can give us about this tunnel?" I didn't really expect to get much of an answer from him but right now he was the only option. Then again what if I didn't want to know?

"This tunnel is called CA57, it was built in 1959 during the Cold War. It was meant to be a possible escape route for people who were important for national security and to allow the armed forces to moves supplies and troops discretely."

Wow BLADE really surprised me, he seemed very reluctant to give out information before Hunter showed up. I wonder if it couldn't be possible...a robot being jealous or feeling useless. As impossible as the thought seemed, the implications of what that would mean disturbed me.

"That doesn't really tell us much does it." Hunter seemed more agitated now, I wonder why he has such a problem with BLADE. I mean to be honest BLADE hadn't done or said anything that should upset him so much.

"It's more than you have contributed!" BLADE responded smugly.

"Alright ladies calm down!" I seriously was getting tired of this crap.

"BLADE is there anyway that you can find any service rooms?" I figured we could find a place to sleep for a few hours. Hopefully I could get some rest from those two fighting and maybe dig up some information.

"Yes there is a workman's living area about a kilometer ahead on the right hand side, it should have an indicator."

Good I thought, my body was aching and I needed to just go to sleep. We kept on walking though Hunter started to sing softly a foreign song. It was so beautiful and mildly uplifting tinged with sadness. After about fifteen minutes we saw a glowing green triangle.

The triangle was strange, it had one line on each side that stretched toward the middle where they joined with a circle at the center. I had never seen anything like that before. We walked toward it and found a door with no handles and only a key card reader.

"Let me take control for a minute and I will take care of this." BLADE told me.

"Okay" I felt my arms move without my brain saying anything, it was surreal to see my body move but to not have any control over it. The suit again stretched out like some sort of liquid and went inside of the reader. A second passed and the door slid open.

Inside there was a room that was huge, bigger than any house I had ever seen. There was living quarters off to the left, mess hall to the right, and a sign indicating that the command center was directly ahead. We went into the living quarters and picked out bunks that were facing the entrance.

"It is kind of disconcerting that the freaky coat is able to take over like that." Hunter said eyeing up the suit with a careful and menacing glare.

"Okay seriously what is your issue with him? You automatically disliked him without him ever saying a word to you!" I was really upset now, I mean sure BLADE was something that is a bit hard to get used to but this was just ridiculous.

"You don't know what I have had to deal with from things like him!" Hunter screamed at me while advancing menacingly.

"Then tell me!" I wanted him to talk to me so that we could understand each other.

For a split second Hunter seemed to consider talking before he looked away and his face hardened. "You know what forget I ever said anything." He told me in a much calmer and detached voice. "Why don't we go see if we can find anything in the C.O. (commanding officer) office."

I couldn't believe that he would just turn away like that, before I could tell him so he looked at me with a look that sent shivers down my body. I saw a determination stronger than the strongest steel, I saw a sadness so deep that I doubted one could ever find its end.

He led the way to the office while I tried to understand what had just happened, had he let me in or shut me out? My thoughts were interrupted by the office door being slammed open by Hunter. The office seemed like any other, except for the fact that there were papers strewn about the floor as if the former occupants had left in a hurry.

Hunter and I started to pick them up, I was wondering why the army would so suddenly and messily abandon such a strategic advantage. I reached down and saw the corner of a photograph underneath the desk. Intrigued I stretched out as far as I could and grabbed it, Hunter had come to my side to see what I was doing.

We both gasped when we looked at the picture. It showed hundreds of ships in the middle of some ocean. On the picture there were notes with numbers connecting to ships all over the place. The reason we gasped was not at that but at the fact that the picture was dated two weeks ago!

The army had know that there was someone coming! Why hadn't they warned the public? Why had the media not noticed anything strange? Hunter and I looked at each other and frantically began to pick up all the papers we could find. Only one paper seemed to relate to the picture. It was a hastily scribbled message on a small piece of paper.

"The enemy forces are moving closer, Region WC not defendable suggest execution of Insurance."

There was the triangle again, right where the signature should be. Hunter and I looked at each other wondering the exact same thing. What exactly was Insurance and who was the enemy? I mentioned my questions to Hunter but before he could respond we heard a loud scratching followed by hissing from Zane.

Hunter and I rushed out into the hallway and ran towards the doorway to see if there was an intruder. The door was closed but we heard a low growling coming from the other side, we looked at the door. It looked secure so we cautiously took Zane and made our way back to the living area to go to sleep.

"I can access the mainframe, the tunnel seems to have generators scattered in other service rooms." BLADE mentioned almost as an afterthought.

"Do it please." I couldn't stand knowing that there was something out there that I wouldn't be able to see if it somehow got in. I wondered if maybe there were security cameras that we could activate to get a look at whatever was out there.

"And see if you can possibly find cameras outside of the door." I told BLADE

"Okay" Just then the room light up and the left side of the screen in the helmet turned into a view of the tunnel. There I saw something that disgusted, terrified, and amazed me all at the same time.

There was what appeared to be coyotes but once I looked at them for awhile I noticed how strange they were. For one thing, they were all black and had red eyes. They were much more agitated than the timid and scruffy looking coyotes that occasionally made their way into the city. Then they did something weird that unnerved me, they sat in a line and stared straight at the camera

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