Devastation's Birth

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First Battle

Chapter 8 (v.1) - First Battle

Submitted: January 05, 2013

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Submitted: January 05, 2013



"BLADE, can you project what I am looking at so that Hunter can see?" I was almost in shock and I wanted to make sure that I wasn't just imagining things.

On the wall across from me the images appeared, Hunter looked and his eyes went wide and his usual stoic face changed into one of horror tinged by fear. Zane jumped out towards the wall and went up to the images hissing.

"We need to figure out what we are going to do, it looks like the way we came in was the only exit." Hunter stated, his face now expressionless.

"Should we try to fight our way out?" I couldn't think of any other solution. I honestly did not want to fight as I realized I had forgotten my sniper rifle at the spot we buried Brendan.

"We don't really have any other choice, but we need to create a defensive position and find some more weapons first." Hunter moved into the hallway looking for the armory I assumed.

While he did that I started trying to find a toolbox or something so that I could use the metal bed frames to create a barrier in the hallway. As much as I looked I couldn't find one and anyway I wasn't sure how I would be able to get the beds apart.

"In case you haven't noticed I am an advanced robot, I amplify your strength and can weld too." BLADE interrupted sounding rather annoyed. I mentally slapped myself wondering why I had not thought of that before.

I pulled on one of the beds and was surprised when I pulled it out of the wall and was able to hold it without any great effort on my part. Hunter walked in with an assortment of automatic weapons and grenade and just stared in wonder.

I explained what I was going to do and he coordinated the process, telling me where to put each bed and where to weld them for maximum effectiveness. All this time the coyotes had not moved at all and Zane was growing ever more nervous.

We set up the bed frames so that they covered the floor to the ceiling but left enough room for us to be able to escape if the coyotes tore through the barricade. We laid the guns and extra ammunition on the floor where we could reach them quickly and decided we would sleep, taking turns to keep watch on the door.

After about hour loud bangs started, they came from the door. Hunter shot up with his assault rifle suddenly trained at the door. Huge dents started to appear, at the same time one of the coyotes jumped towards the camera and then the camera showed only static.

Hunter and I looked at one another then turned to face forward our guns at the ready. I looked over quickly and saw his eyes focused and his body was tense, with one gigantic thud the door flew out and I faced the intruders.

The first coyote ran into the hallway fangs bared and growling like the demons of hell. One bullet fired and it's head exploded, spraying bits of its brain all over. I shuddered knowing that for the first time I had killed.

The next three coyotes ran in but one turned and began attacking the other two with such ferocity that the other coyotes were momentarily stunned before the began rolling around biting at our protector.

Two shots rang out from beside me and the two coyotes that were attacking fell to the floor dead. I raised my rifle quickly to shoot the remaining coyote but Hunter's hand pushed the barrel of my gun down.

"Stop, I am searching his mind for clues as to their intent and origin" Hunter's eyes were glazed over and his voice echoed unnaturally. The coyote came up to Hunter and I and placed its head in Hunter's hand without breaking eye contact with Hunter.


This thing's mind was unlike any other I had ever entered before. Normally I found what could be described as a maze of sorts but this things mind was like a battlefield. Smoke filled my lungs burning my eyes as I stumbled through craters and an overpowering heat was tiring me out quickly.

Suddenly I found myself in its core, the place where one's true identity lies. It was a black orb that looked as if it contained a storm inside, complete with black ominous clouds and lightning. I hesitated for a moment then plunged in.

All around me flashes of white rooms filled with doctors stood around me. I was filled with rage that blocked out all thought and a sadness that made me want to die a thousand times over.

Then just when I thought I could never get out and that my sanity would become a forgotten dream, it all stopped. Everything was dark for a moment and then I saw it, that symbol that has been popping up everywhere.

I was pulled back suddenly but not before I saw his face..


I was shaking Hunter hard, he had fallen down and the coyote had just died. His breathing was shallow and he was shaking slightly. His eyes shot open and he looked frantically around the room his eyes full of terror.

He looked at me and suddenly my head felt like it was going to explode, wave after wave of the most intense pain imaginable wracked my body. Then it stopped and I saw Hunter had a look of shock and pain on his face as he stared at me.

"I'm sorry...I didn't expect what I found and I thought you were.." He trailed off and moved closer cautiously with a look of regret. My arms shot up and bright lights made my hands glow.

"Come any closer and I will kill you!!" BLADE had taken over and was trying to defend me. At least that's what it seemed like he was doing, maybe he just wanted to take the opportunity to get rid of Hunter.

"STOP!!!" I used every bit of mental strength to slam into BLADE and try to force him out. The light flickered and died as BLADE relinquished control to me. I was terrified about what I almost had done to Hunter.

As we both recovered from the incident we heard a noise emanating from the tunnel. It sounded like people, well like one person yelling and many steps following close. Hunter looked at me and motioned for me to climb up into the air ducts above us.

Just as we got up and shut the metal grate, a line of soldiers entered. They were divided into three groups and the man on point for each group led them in different directions as the others. They searched and upon finding nothing they yelled and a man in a much more elegant uniform entered with many more soldiers behind him.

He started giving orders and he knelt down to examine the coyotes. When he did I saw on his back and on the coyote's ear was that symbol again. The man stood up and looked all around and stared right up at the vent where Hunter and I were hiding in.

Just then more coyotes ran into the hallway and began to attack the soldiers. The men all descended into chaos as every man fired blindly and run at the same time. The coyotes tore the men and women apart, decimating nearly half of the troops before they all were killed.

The commander was dead, a woman stepped up, must have been the second in command, and took charge telling all the survivors to regroup and move out. In a matter of seconds we were alone once more.

Hunter and I jumped down after a couple of minutes each of us searching for anything the soldiers might have left behind but we found nothing. A sharp noise from the tunnel drew our attention. There stood one of the soldiers, his eyes wide and his mouth open.

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