Engraved in Stone

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Throughout time, there has been regret. There has been sorrow, sadness, and discomfort. But if a world wishes not to loose its bad memories and ultimately learn from its mistakes, it keeps everything its gone wrong with. In the darkest ends of man's domain lies secrets and memories, all touched with sentamental value, Engraved in stone.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Engraved in Stone

Submitted: November 26, 2011

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Submitted: November 26, 2011



Its really troublesome to me, looking at how bad its gotten.  How much the world we live on can't let go of what its seen in the past.  Regret slowly turned into a moral, and it seems as though each moral must be remembered throughout the ages.  The statues have reached a point, where their almost breaking into our civilization.  Anymore misfortune can put the human race into a state of isolation, and then we'll all turn to stone.  Engraved in each statue, is a memory, or a state of unhappiness, the world uses to live on.  Feeding off the energy of learning and misery, combined together for its own selfish fuel.  Its a pity how much we've ignored it, and it's warnings, and continued to fight on and cause contraversy.  Were only hurting ourselves, and helping this planet grow is the one thing we need to refrain from doing.  If anything, it should be letting us grow.  We cannot flourish, or roam as we please without running into one of these cursed statues.  I cry almost every time the sun goes down below our floating land, and I know it only brings us further into apocalyptic state.  Were surrounding ourselves by this mess, resorting to living so close to the clouds, hundreds of thousands of feet up in the air.  People are dying of suffaction, and dehydration every morning.  Or atleast what we call morning, days shorter, nights longer.  The water source up in the sky is so scarce, weve had to make much travel back down to our homeland to fetch it.  The land below us is nearly fully inhabited by these wretched, souless fiends to mankind.  I've given up my work, but I can't stop my research and theory.  I have no idea what we are going to do next.  Checkmate US, its our move now.

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