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My take on the world we live in today. From our failure in Economic value, to how humans developed ear lobes.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Entry "Science"

Submitted: December 10, 2011

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Submitted: December 10, 2011



I don't believe I remember the last time I saw a useful idea or theory on helping our planet since the day I was born. There has been discussion over preventing global warming (A ridiculous thing to try and prevent.), to smuggles. Snuggies are the most comfortable stupid idea the US has come up with since slippers! I actually dont have much against slippers, I own a pair myself! But let's take a quick moment to discuss thevother topic. The topic I would rather not agrees but figure in 30 years my opinions will change and become as deluded as George W. Bush, so I figure I should document my current thoughts and opinions. Consider this book a time capsule! Global Warming really is a topic very tricky to discuss, so let's put that aside for a sec and quote a song I haven't heard in years, \"Lovin'you! Is easy cause your beautiful!\". I'm really just trying to avoid the subject, entirely. It's as pointless as counting all the particles in the universe... However a subject I would like to talk a bit about would be evolution. Not just evolution of the earth, or humans, but of things of greater mass. Like take the planets for example. Each planet is like a marble, and space time is like a piece of paper. Each planet creates a dent in space time. Translation: Marble make paper dented. Each layer of adent in space time represents a layer of gravity. So the bigger the dent, the greater the gravitational pull. Now I'm not trying to turn this into a science lesson, so I'll cut to the point I'm trying to make here. If planets make dents at all in space time, the idea of them being there since the first second of the universe's existence. If they were there from the start, would space be built around them. Now I understand the flaws in my theory, like, maybe space time is psychical and can't hold the planets up anyway, but it's nearly all valid, and I have facts to back it up. I'm done for now, stay tuned.

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