The Fire Only Glares Brighter

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A man, a woman, a town, and a legend. Deep in the outskirts of Gingsville lies a dark story. Something so evil no one dares speak of it. A young man will move into this town for simple business, and will soon find out of the pure evil tales of Gingsville. And has yet to find how he is a part of the prophecy.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Listening to the Birds

Submitted: November 25, 2011

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Submitted: November 25, 2011



I looked over the shining, metal windowsill above my bed. The sun rays glared off the beautiful buildings of New York. I could see everything from high up in my hotel room. I saw the people walking, the cars driving, and the birds singing in the trees. It was a true joy to hear the birds singing in the morning. I heard them chirping at such a high pitch, delicate notes sounding from their throat. Battling so peacefully, they were. It confused me, how could they work out a problem in just a simple song? It made me laugh, thinking about how silly it would be if humans were to find a solution in that matter. But perhaps, we'd be better off doing what is known in the social world as foolish, than what we all call gruesome. I was getting too distracted, but than again I had all day to enjoy my last few days in the city. For I would be off to Arizona soon, to the small town of Gingsville. Nowhere on the map, I had no clue of how I would get there. I had a long way ahead of me, and I had no intention of getting sidetracked again. I was still barely clothed, feeling the cool breeze blowing through the window touch my bare skin. It blew the curtains back, it was a very strong wind. I got up from my bed, and through on my suit. It was time to start packing, I had no times to waste. Tomorrow, I breathe fresh air for the first time.

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