Leave Me Be (On My Own)

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A teenage romance is never normal. It's a rollercoaster ride that never lasts the full summer. Is the heartache really worth it in the end? Two opposites attract and in the end it comes down to does the nerd and jerk really want to say that they loved each other?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Leave Me Be (On My Own)

Submitted: March 22, 2013

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Submitted: March 22, 2013



~Chapter 1. Do


I looked around the small English class; it was advanced so not many idiots were in it. I had a knack for education, at least in the English department, science was a bit too much but I’d manage. I would have to. Getting college courses done in high school was one of the few options I had to going to college. My family was lower middle class and I had to work for things, end of story, and no discussion.

So this year’s classes included; college English, world literature, pre-calculus, biology AP, Chemistry, animal science, Spanish, and then a free room to get a quarter of my work done. It sounded busy, but it had to be done. The fun I got to have been a driver’s license, Spanish club, year book club, drama club, and the newspaper club. I was going to get into college with no help! So what if I was going to be a little overwhelmed my junior year, the seniors were freaking out and they didn't have a fraction of my whole schedule. I had another year to stress through besides my junior year. Senior year would be just as busy.

Ms. Benotte smiled at me, "Are you ready for this year?" I smiled and nodded, "I had done some summer work so I wouldn't be too overwhelmed with this year, so I think I'll be fine." She laughed, "Don't forget the SATs, ACTs, grants, and scholarships you need to work for." I joked halfheartedly, “I’m more worried about forgetting to breath." Ms. Benotte agreed, "You took a big bite this year but you'll do fine with all of us supporting you."

I agreed, but really, I didn't feel like anyone was supporting me at all, let alone helping me. I watched as some more students came in, they were all serious seniors, which intimidated me slightly, but they all were either really nice or really quiet and only focused on work. My favorite type of room, no one would bug or distract me.

The bell rang and as Ms. Benotte began to read off the attendance list a sophomore boy crashed into the room and interrupted, "Hey, I'm here." He was a lanky boy, but clearly a boy none-the-less. Ms. Benotte looked up from her list, "This is college English, I think you are in the wrong room." The boy laughed, his dark blue eyes hateful, "Are you saying I don't look smart enough to be in this class?"

Ms. Benotte looked startled at him, "Is this a mistake?" The spiky, black haired boy shook his messy head and sarcastically said, "No ma'am, my mom said she wanted me in college English. She said I'm sort of a genius and I know I'm cute. Ladies, that’s you're cue, flock all over me." He held his hands out dramatically.

I didn't know any of these girls personally but I knew none of them would appreciate the remark. Not knowing the class clown in particular, but I gathered enough to know he would be annoying and he was on the borderlines of a 'gothic' or better described, 'emo'. He would fit in with Taylor, a girl that sat on the side that was dressed in all black. The boy wasn't wearing black, but he just had that type of group he hung around with and dark, strange taste.

Ms. Benotte sharply asked, "What is your name?" He smirked, "James Chime." Ms. Benotte nodded, "Alright." She went on calling names that I didn't know and then she started talking about her classroom expectations, "I hope there will be no more interruptions and everyone will act maturely. This is a college class and I want to treat it with dignity, if we can't act our age then you'll be out of here." It was directed at James, obviously. She continued, "Classmates are here to learn. This is a writing class, so we'll be doing many essays and papers."

I could hear James talking quietly to Taylor, "Ah man, my mom totally tricked me. I thought this would be an easy class I could pass with no effort." Taylor looked at him coldly; they must have had bad history together, "Go bug somebody else." Johnathon frowned. I heard he was a bit crazy, but it was worse when he was emotional. I sighed, wondering how he would ruin my first class each morning.

The teacher talked all hour as we mostly took notes on specific information about essays. It was tedious and boring, dragging out for ages, but the bell did finally ring. I gathered my stuff and headed out the door. I was one of the last people out and in my misfortune; I got into James’s way. He yelled out angrily, "I'm walking here!" I turned, facing him, blocking him from the exit.

I gulped and gripped down on my overall emotions to draw out my frustration, "I am too, and can’t you be a little considerate? If you don't like being quiet and listening to the teacher all hour, you should change classes, because you'll end up in a terrible mood everyday if you don't. Honestly, then, no one would want to be around you!" He shut his mouth and watched me as I walked away.


I wasn't thrilled to be dealing with James, the spoiled brat, another day and in the morning to top it off. It was a cruel punishment that no one deserved. Even when he had no one to talk to, he still found ways to be annoying to everyone around him. Everyone did their best to ignore him, it was tougher for me. Maybe I'd be lucky and he would take my advice to exchange classes.

Of course he didn't. He would do anything to bug me. I sat in the back left and watched him come in, with a small spring to his step. He was going to purposely annoy me again, that's what he normal did to people. He likes to start fights. He blurted out, "What a wonderful morning, Joanna, where's your happy face?" He sat down in the back on the opposite side. He glanced my way, locking eyes with me until the bell rang. Joanna never answered him and he didn’t seem to notice either way.

Ms. Benotte clapped her hands together, "Yesterday gave me inspiration. I want a story about your partner. I want you to find something interesting about them and then I want you to make a story out of it. I want you to get to know your partner and I want this story talked between the two of you. I'll pick the partners." I frowned as I listened to the names she called, "Joanna with Jani, Marcia with Patrick, Lee with Lily, Tommy with Cynthia, Alice with James, Lanie with Trisha, Tiffani with Kelly, Brittany with Luke, and Patricia with Taylor." I frowned, had I heard right? Did my name suddenly changed?

I walked up to Ms. Benotte and quietly asked, "Why am I paired up with James?" She gave me a small smile, "I saw the way you stood up for yourself and he seemed to respect and actually hear you. You too will be the best. I have high hopes." With that, she pushed me back to where I came from. I went back and massaged my head, positive I was going to get not only a headache but a bad grade. Maybe even a felony for what I was going to do to that clown.

Like he hadn't believed it either he asked from across the room, "Who am I paired up with?" Ms. Benotte said my name and he nodded. He looked my way and began to come over to me. He sat in the desk in front of mine and spoke my name so softly I wondered if I was hearing things. The classroom was quietly discussing. The topic was open for debate, but I imagined, the best writer would get the best grade.

He grinned at me, distracting me from the other conversations, "I'm glad I got matched up with you." I narrowed my eyes, "Why?" He shrugged, "I looked at everyone's writings and I got to say yours was the best. Maybe you'll give me a good enough stories that I won't completely bomb out of this class and I won't even have to write." I rolled my eyes, "So tell me a dark secret that I can write about." He smirked playfully, "That's not very creative."

I demanded, "If it'll get the job done, I have a feeling I won't be going all out on this one." He frowned offended, "Hey, the reason you got into this class was because you could turn anything into an interesting story." I shrugged, "How did you get into this class exactly and how did you look at our records?" He laughed bemusedly, "I'm supposed to be smart, but this school is lame, they leave all the records just lying around for anyone to pick up and look at." It was true, the normal classes were upsettingly slow, but I had a hard time believing he had the ability to really notice and pull off this class.

"Do you get good grades?" I asked sounding interested. He laughed, "I pass. The secret is to do the bare minimum." Because that's all you have to do, or because you're that slow? I frowned, looking him up and down, and finally saying, “How do you get away with that?” He laughed doing the same but stopping on my boobs, he seemed frozen there, unable to talk.

I slapped him and it went silent as everyone turned to stare at us. I didn't dare look at them, so I just kept looking at him. His eyes held nothing more than cunning. He covered smoothly, looking at them bravely, "We're thinking about doing a dramatic play. Wasn't that convincing?" Everyone murmured and went back to their previous conversations.

He turned back to me and messed with his jaw, in shock. The students buzzed with more enthusiasm. I whispered, "Why did you do that, you saved me?" He straightened, caught off guard, "How were you going to do my homework if you got kicked out of class on the first day?" I sighed, "I thought you were a gentleman but obviously I was wrong. I don't want to get to know a jerk like you."

The bell rang and everyone ran through the door, I shot up with them but before I could leave, he grabbed me by the elbow and turned me around. He hesitated, "I have to get this project done and so do you. So I'll try to act...decent." I shook my head, "I'll just make the story up." He begged, "Please!" But I turned and left him, not saying another word, getting lost in the mix of the crowd. It was something I was a pro at.

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