...as long as I am laughing with you

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A section by section love story, following two kids throughout their lives. (Based loosely on my own life; some sections are going to be verbatim.)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - ...as long as I am laughing with you

Submitted: June 19, 2011

Reads: 150

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Submitted: June 19, 2011



It was October. The sun was just starting to set, and the early evening air still held just a touch of it's summer steam; some of the last fireflies of the year were twinkling in the dusky light. I braced myself as I climbed the three cement stairs that led to the front-door landing, gripping the spirally, swirly metal hand rail until my knuckles turned white. I heard a car door slam right before an engine roared to life.

"Bye, call me when it's time to leave." Mrs. Lynda Cotti called through the open window as she cranked her ancient station wagon into reverse and backed out the long driveway onto the main road. Still standing on the front stoop of the pale yellow house, I looked up at Benjamin Cotti and shrugged. He sighed and reached out to press the door bell. I forced myself to let go of the hand rail and clasped my hands awkwardly in front of myself. I heard a faint jingle permeate the house, followed by the sound of muffled footsteps nearing the door. I inwardly groaned; I hated coming here. It was a Wednesday night, which meant that this was a meeting of our Junior High-school youth group in our youth pastor's house. His house was right around the corner from the church, and it could be reached through a connecting field that was on the church property.

"My dad isn't home yet; you're the first one here." A girl of medium height swung open the front door, not even bothering with a hello. Christina; our youth pastor's daughter and my arch-enemy. Her light blond hair was thrown up into a sloppy bun and her pale blue eyes were circled with a thick, black liner. She was dressed in a tight grey t-shirt and a pair of light-wash skinny jeans that made her look like she had curves where she had none. I sighed and walked through the front door with Benjamin at my side. "Just sit down," Christina was saying. "Everyone else will be here soon." As soon as she turned around to flaunt into the kitchen, I rolled my dark blue eyes at Benjamin who answered with a roll of his own chocolate brown eyes; I managed a small smile. We plopped down into two of the pale yellow bean-bag chairs that littered the corner of the living room, and listened to the sound of the ticking clock on the bookshelf above the flat-screen. I leaned into the soft chair and rested my head against the wall. If it wasn't for Ben and Gracie Cotti, I wouldn't ever even come to these meetings. Christina had more or less recruited all of my friends to her side, and would constantly provoke them to make fun of me with her. Other the Ben and Gracie, I was alone.

"We could just make a run for it before anyone else gets here," Ben, who hated coming as much as I did, said after a few minutes. "and just hide in the church until it's time to go home." He slid off of his bean-bag and sat cross legged on the floor. I leaned forward, rested my elbows on my knees and pulled my feet closer to me, squeaking my sneakers against the polished wood floor.

"I'd be up for that," I had started to answer before Christina came back into the room, holding a red plastic cup in her hand. Her eyes darted towards us and I could see her sizing us both up as we stood.

"Claire," She said sweetly, taking a sip of her fizzing drink. "What grade are you in?" I bit the inside of my lip to keep from groaning; she'd played this game many times before. Every time I saw her, without fail, she had some sort of insult waiting up her sleeve.

"Seventh," I said evenly, rolling my eyes because she already knew this. "I'm twelve, just like you." I clarified for the hundredth time.

"Mmm," She sighed and shook her head as if she were about to give us heart breaking news, and wasn't sure how to go about telling us. "Well actually, not quite like me." She said triumphantly. "I believe that I was born in January and you were born in, what was it again? May?" She stuck out her bottom lip and pretended to look sorry for me. "At least I look like I'm already in high-school. You look like you're in fourth." I bit my lower lip and Ben grabbed my hand, giving it a squeeze. 'Fourth?!' I thought angrily. Normally her insult was that I looked like a fifth grader; obviously that was no longer good enough. I thought about my appearance; my dark blond curls fell loosely to my shoulder, unruly as usual. I was wearing a simple green t-shirt, jeans with flower patches and plain white sneakers. Maybe I couldn't pass for twelve, but I knew that I didn't look like a nine-year-old.

"Well at least I act my age," I hissed through my teeth. "And don't wear a bra even though I have nothing to put in it." I heard Ben snort next to me, but I didn't look away from Christina. Her eyes had narrowed into slits and she'd placed her hand on her hip, taking another dainty sip of her soda.

"Freak," I heard her mutter under her breath. "You and your little boyfriend can just be weird alone." I quickly let go of Ben's hand, forgetting that I had still been holding it until that moment. I felt color flood my cheeks as Christina sauntered out of the living room and back to her lair, satisfied with her recent kill. I blinked back tears before turning on the balls of my feet and running out the front dor, across the front lawn and into the small field that connected to the church, leaving Ben alone. I heard him call my name through the door, but I ignored him and kept running.

He was NOT my boyfriend.

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