After; What Happens Next

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Shiva, a captain of the guard in a city, possibly the last on earth, after great wars is determined to find a better life beyond the city. Before she has a chance to sneak away a man comes to the city injured and weak. Where did he come from and can he help her. Please give only constructive feedback this is my first story.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - After; What Happens Next

Submitted: February 07, 2013

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Submitted: February 07, 2013



Dec. 18, 2043

My name, Shiva Forester, my job, captain of the guard. I do not know where I'm living anymore; the great wars have ended much of what we call civilization. I do not know if there are cities beyond this one but I'm not holding my breath. My job these days consists of taking a group of men to the surrounding areas of the city to look for life trying to enter the city or possible danger. In the last 8 years I've seen nothing, because I believe there is nothing, not since the resistance fell apart. Our leader, the one who is the one, came here 8 years ago following the great wars promising change and a better life; so far we've had nothing of the sort. Men will leave into the woods to hunt and never return or women will go to collect water and fruits and still not return themselves. This is something my troop has been looking into, finding bodies, now we have yet to find any trace of any of the missing people which leads me to believe something or someone must be out there and they must be stealing these citizens. I cannot explain it and the one who is the one refuses to acknowledge the fact it's happening under his nose. I intend to find out what's really going on and if there is anything beyond the outskirts of the city. I live here year round on top of a hill with no company but a few horses, it's a lonely life and I'm determined to find better life somewhere. I'm the outcast here because I am a working woman; I have no children and no husband, why would I need those things? There is no guarantee that they'll live. Now I must take my leave and do my evening patrol to again find nothing but a quiet setting of hills, deserts, and hills.

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