The Silent Truth

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Chapter 12 (v.1)

Submitted: November 24, 2011

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Submitted: November 24, 2011



Chapter 12

Blake’s POV


“Are you okay? Hanna just text me saying that when she drove Ashton home that she was bawling her eyes out.” Justin asks me as I pop out of my gaze on my locker mirror.

“Oh, um, yea, I’m fine.” I say quickly wiping my tears before he can see them.

“Liar, I saw that. Come here.”  Justin says turning me around and pulling me into his strong embrace.

“I like this school, I know people, I don’t want to start off at the bottom again, heck not many gay people are at the top though. So what should I be excited for?” I exaggerate and look at him with teary eyes.

“Be excited for a new beginning; be excited for a life that no one will give a fuck about.” Justin says planting a kiss on my lips.

“Mm…. Babe, I am just so messed up.”

“No you’re not.”

We walk out of the school, Justin’s arm around my waist and mine around his. I felt safe here, protected.


“Just leave me alone.” Ashton growls at me.

“No Ash, I know you. If I let you be you ‘ll grab a knife and start cutting so no way.” I grab her and push her down onto the bed and sit on her waist.

“Get off me Hanna.” She says flatly.

“No.” I play and start kissing her neck and lips.

“Mm…stop….why’d you have to know my weak spot.” She asks and finally kisses me back and flips me over so I’m on bottom.

“Because you know mine too.” I tell her as I grind my hips into hers as she kisses me quickly.




My arms wrap around Hanna and my hips grind into hers as our tongues tangle together. I have no idea what my life would be like at this moment if Hanna hadn’t moved back, I think about it.  I’d probably still be okay, still inside the closet, still with Blake, still lying in my game and studying my ass off.



I pull Blake into the back of the car and fall on top of him and kiss him fiercely.

“Baby boy, I love you.” I tell Blake and pull out my pocket knife and cut his blaster off him.

“I love you too.” Blake says quickly.


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