The Silent Truth

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Chapter 14 (v.1)

Submitted: November 24, 2011

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Submitted: November 24, 2011



Chapter 14

Blake’s POV


It had been a week since we had started at our new school and today is Halloween. I can’t believe that tonight I will be able to dress like whatever I want and not get called mean names! Plus, I can wear my costume to school.  Justin was wearing a green crayon costume, Hanna was wearing a blue crayon, Ashton was wearing a pink crayon and lastly, I was wearing a red crayon. We did that as the gay pride colors, however because we weren’t all together in our classes it sort of clashed.

It’s about six pm. right now and we’re all about to go out in our costumes, most people won’t understand the colors but all of our new friends who are in the LGBT club at our school are very supportive and understanding, so when we came into school today they cheered for our colors. We officially knew that we were accepted and not just trash.

“Justin, where are you?” I walk around the perimeter of the house outside.

“Over here Blake.” I hear and walk toward it, Justin jumps right in front of me quickly screaming.

“AH!!” I scream loudly, quickly falling onto my butt.

“Babe,” Justin laughs loudly falling to the floor beside me. “Ha-ha that was probably the funniest scared face in my life.” He kisses me while I’m trying to catch my breath; I’m guessing as an ‘I’m sorry’.

“You scared me.” I push him off me and tower over him while he is looking up at me with a cute little smirk on his face.

“I’m sorry, I was playing.”

“It’s okay…” I stand up and put out my hand, he grabs it but I barley pull him up when I let it go and run giggling.

“Come back here Blake!” Justin screams.

I see Ashton and Hanna holding hands on the porch, I run and hide behind them and whisper to them what happened. They giggle and smile.

“Blake they can’t save you. Muhahaha!” Justin walks up the steps and I back up against the wall and bite my lip and giggle inside. I know what he’s going to do and I want it as much as he does. Ashton and Hanna move out of Justin’s way and Hanna presses Ashton to take a seat on the steps and they share a kiss, then quickly look back at us. Justin is licking his lips in front of me, he stalks forward and puts his arms on either side of the door and kisses my lips, and down my neck nipping it lightly.

“Bad boy…” I whisper and grab his bottom and pull him closer to me.

“Your crayon is touching mine.” Justin whispers into my ear grinding his hips with mine.

“I told it to stay calm; I guess it doesn’t want to listen to me.” The girls snicker.

Justin winks at me and kisses me, his arms loop around my neck.  

“Aww how cute!” The girls coo.  

I chuckle and pull away from Justin and rest my forehead against his. Thinking back, I had always looked at Justin from afar, wanting to do this, wanting him for myself, and I finally have him and Ashton has her dream girl. Life is perfect, for all of us.

“Come on guys, let’s go back that candy!”

“I already have my candy.” Hanna winks at Ashton who blushes and hides her face in Hanna’s neck.

“As do I, but I could go for a sugar daddy.” Justin winks at me.

“You mean the candy right babe?” I spank his butt lightly as the girls get up.

“Of course, what were you thinking about?”  He questions.

“Oh nothing.” I laugh it off and grab his hand.




As I walk with Ashton tonight, she seems to be more on edge than ever. I squeeze her hand lightly; “What the matter?” I ask silently.

“I love Halloween, but just the whole haunted house, scaring people thing just isn’t me. I’m scared really. I know I may be strong in everything else but tonight is the night were I would love to be at home instead of outside.” She looks at me.

“I’m here though, and the boys are right behind us, we’re very safe Ash, I promise.” I kiss her cheek.

“Okay. I believe you, but if the zombies come get us, it’s the boys who die first.” Ash jokes.

“All right then! Blake, Justin, zombies are going to eat you tonight.” I yell back at them. They gasp and giggle silently, Blake runs up to Ash and grabs her around the waist walking like a duck with her; “I forgot you were scared of this, I’m sorry.”  Justin loops his arm around my waist and does the same waddle.

“I will be okay.” Ash says

“Good.” Justin untangles off of me and grabs Blake and Ashton grabs ahold of me.

We walk up to the door with a bunch of other teens, children and babies.

“Trick or TREAT!” everyone yells when the house owner opens the door.

“How cute!!”

****Home**** Ashton****


I’m sitting on Hanna’s lap while Justin and Blake are sharing a pack of gummy worms. I watch them as Justin takes a side of the worm then Blake takes the other and they kiss while tearing it in half.

“Stop watching them, let’s have our own fun.” Hanna whispers into my ear.

I turn toward her and kiss her pushing her down onto the couch lightly and holding up my own weight.  I kiss her down her neck, her head lolling off the couch.

“Oh shit!” I hear Justin screech. I look up and glare at him fiercely, quickly going back to Hanna.


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