The Silent Truth

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Chapter 17 (v.1) - Tears fall down

Submitted: February 28, 2012

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Submitted: February 28, 2012



Chapter 17

Blake’s POV

I grab Justin and pull him into my room and sit him on my bed and stand in front of him.

“I told my parents.” I said while playing with the zipper on my letterman jacket.

“How’d it go?” Justin asks grabbing my hands and looking up at me.

“It went, as suspected.”

“Is that good or bad?” he questions.

“Well, my Dad had a heart attack; not exactly, but my mom was actually okay about it. I think my Dad just thinks that I was going to be all girly, you know?”

“But you’re not?” He drawls out with a confused expression on his beautiful face.

“I can be sometimes; I just think that I tried to hide my inner self for so long that I finally slipped up once Ashton and I broke up that he kind of assumed after you first spent the night here and we both ended up on my bed. Justin-“

“What?” He blinks and looks at me, he was crying.

“Why are you crying?” I quickly sit down beside him and use my thumb to rub his hand.

“I just wish I was strong as you are, I am so scared to tell my parents, I lied to them about why I had to move schools, I always have lied Blake. I keep so many secrets from them. I am absolutely terrified of telling them, if you met them, you would understand. It’s all about God in my house. He is our creator shit keeps coming up, and my parents are against gay marriage, gay people, just everything that has to do with what I am.” He chokes out the last two words and then hides his face in my chest sobbing. I slowly rub his back and whisper loving words to him.

“Justin, you’re strong. So very strong, you are an amazing boyfriend, you are a good baseball player, you are popular with girls too, you can pick me up when I’m down. You are constantly worried about others that you never really question yourself. I am not trying to be a jerk Justin, I love you, and I want to make sure my baby is feeling amazing.” I gulp. Did I say too much?

“I love you too, I know I don’t pay much attention to myself, I hated my life before you, putting on a fake smile every morning was so hard, I am in love with your smile, your lips, just everything Blake, if I lost you, my life would be over. I seriously hope that this relationship will never end; all I can say is that you have helped me through so much. And I will, I promise I will; I will start thinking about myself too, I will try to gain more confidence that way I can tell my parents.” Justin says looking at me again with swollen eyes and blotchy red cheeks.

I kiss Justin lightly, but he holds me close and says ‘thank you’ between every little peck.



Hello sweethearts! I am so glad to be back, i have no idea how long but I decided to update. :) I know its short, i couldn't make the type bigger either because booksie is being stupid like always. ;) Anyway, so as you can tell im not trying to end it quickly. I know you all love this story and i know i do too. :) I am writing another book called 'Who Told' if you haven't read that yet. It's about two guys though. I haven't gotten very far but it has the same storyline pretty much. I am very happy about that one too. Anyway, comment, fan and like my chapter :) I will update on the ammount of comments, reads, whatever when i have time. :D

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