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Chapter 19

Ashton’s POV

A couple days later I am walking into school and see Hanna and her new girlfriend kissing each other, almost like they wanted to be in each other’s pants, I just walk by and want to cry but Austin and Blake are beside the door to their first classroom holding hands and conversing with the fellow kids in the GSA, which is the Gay, Straight Alliance club at school.

“Hey guys.” I say with a fake smile.

“Hey Ashton, you look so cute today.” One of the girls says and wraps her arms around my waist, kissing me on the cheek.

“Awe thanks sweetheart.”

Her name is Destiny, an unusual name here, but it’s cool because I actually like her, and she’s a grade younger than me. She’s a sophomore whereas I’m a junior, her description would be very developed because there are no flaws on her, and everything was perfect.  Her hair was bleach blonde with pink highlight in it, her body had an hourglass shape to it and her boobs were perfect. She was about my height which is 5’6 and what was even better was that she knew I liked her. I feel bad getting over Hanna so fast but I really like Destiny.

Today, Destiny was wearing a mini dress that clung to her body in the right places, it’s a highlighter pink color and her hair is in small ringlet curls that surround her face and drop down her back. I lightly finger the curl and smile at her.

“Cute curls hon.”

“Awe, thanks babe, I thought you would like them.” She smiles and grabs my hand and laces her fingers with mine. She acted so much older than she was, only sixteen compared to my seventeen.

“I love it, maybe you could do mine sometime?”

Her face lights up and she’s jumping up and down now; “Really? You want me too?! Are you serious? Like, me coming over to your house?”

“Yea, is that okay with you?” I ask.

“That sounds so much fun! When can I come over?”

“I don’t care, really you could come over today if you want and spend the night that way if it needs fixing tomorrow you can.” I wink at her and she blushes, she got my pun.

Everyone in the group is looking at us faking throwing up and gagging.

“Oh stop you guys.”

“We just can’t believe how fast you got over Hanna, that’s all.” Michel says after shoving a piece of gum into his mouth. He was the best definition for gay, he was girly, actually he wanted to be a girl, he had ashy brown hair, and blue eyes with some mascara and eyeliner on, it looked cute on him. He was petite too, which made Blake and Justin want him as their little child, he was our only freshman male in the club as well.

“Well it should be her whose feelings should be ripped apart. She made a bad decision, but I am glad she did at the same time because I really like someone.” I smile and giggle.

“Who is it?” He asks getting right up in my face.

“None of your business Michel.” I push him away.

I pull Destiny away from them after kissing Blake and Justin on the cheeks.  “So, will you come over tonight?”

“After school okay? I will go home and get my curler and some PJ’s.” She looks at me as she squeezes my hand and in the coroner of my eye Hanna and the bitch walk past me and in the sexiest voice I could muster I whispered into her ear “You won’t need them” and I nip at her ear lightly.

She giggles and cups my face and kisses me, electricity rises in my body and I kiss back, wrapping my arms around her neck and her hand drifting down to hold my waist.  I couldn’t believe I was kissing her, and she was a pro, she knew what she wanted, and she was hungry for it.

“SEXY!” A group of people have circled us. I incline my head to the side after kissing her one last time and look sideways at her then partly at everyone else.

“Wow.” She whispers and she kisses my neck lightly, she needs to calm her inner tiger and hold it for tonight.

“Calm down sweetie.” I say grabbing her hand and pulling her to her class.

I ruffle her curls a tiny bit and smile at her. “I didn’t expect that, but that was good.” I giggle lightly.

“It felt like the right thing to do…” She giggles, and then adds: “Will I be getting more later today?” with a blush.

“Of course babe, see you after school.” I squeeze her hand, kiss her cheek and head into the direction of the sun where my next class has its back too.

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:O please don't end this book! I am absolutely in love with it. Your an absolutely amazing writer! To tell you the truth I wish I could just keep reading on an on! What happens? Does hanna and Ashton get back together? KMU!

Sat, June 30th, 2012 8:51am


Haha, i am so glad you like it! :) Well, hun, i can't really tell you what happens next!!! :D Sorry

Sat, June 30th, 2012 9:13am


Awesome haha. I like destiny a lot more than Hanna haha

Sun, July 1st, 2012 12:19am


Haha. :P Nice, thanks :D

Sat, June 30th, 2012 5:20pm

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