The Silent Truth

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - CHOWWW!!!

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Submitted: July 20, 2011



Chapter Nine

Justin’s POV

Wholly shit I just stood up for Ashton, Hanna and Blake, I never thought I would do that. I never knew that any of them were gay or lesbian. Heck, I was hoping no one knew I was gay. I tried to hide it as much as I can, but I guess since I’m pretty much out, why not do something?

“Blake?” I say grabbing his hand in the hall way and stopping him.

“Yea?” He’s blushing a red in his cheeks and I giggle inside, he’s so cute.

“So, you knew I was gay huh?” I say pulling him close to the lockers and still holding onto his hand.


“Yea, I always figured. Gaydar is my thing.” He giggles silently.

“That’s cute. Anyway, tomorrow night, at eight, I’ll pick you up at your house and we’ll go see a movie?” I flirt squeezing my hand.

His hand squeezes back and he blushes a little bit more. “Yes.” He smiles.

I smile at him. We were exactly the same height so I tilt my head and kiss his cheek, in plain view of everyone who was in the halls.

“See you.” I let his hand go but he holds on, “What..” He whispers.


“Come to my house later. I’ll help you with your homework.” He smiles.

“ But you’re always the one who is in need of help? Or were you trying to get my attention?” I nibble on my lip and smile.

“I was always trying to get your attention.” Blake giggles.

“Really?” I say dragging him along like a little puppy.

“Yea, I’ve always liked you. Oops… hehe, sorry.”

“Why are you sorry Blake? You didn’t do anything wrong.” I stop and look at him. He was worried now. I put my hand on his cheek and look into his eyes.

“I just… I don’t know if you feel the same way.” He mumbles.

“But I do. Oh, I do Blake.” I wink and smile, Blake’s hand drops from mine and in seconds he kisses me, on the lips.

“CHOW!” Ashton and Hanna say as they pass by.

“I have waited so long for that…” Blake says. Instinctually I pull him close and wrap a finger around his pant buckles and smile at him.

“It’s happening so fast Blake… I came out today, stood up for friends and now, I have the hottest guy in the school.” I say.

His arms wrap around me making me shiver but it’s a good shiver.

“Doesn’t it feel great?” Blake asks.

“Amazing.” I smile and kiss him.


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