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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Hospital Visit- Good or Bad?

Submitted: June 22, 2012

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Chapter Five

When the realization that I had just crashed my car hit me, including the air bag that broke my nose and made me bite Wyatt’s lip so hard it completely went through, I opened my eyes and my cars front bumper was almost to my windshield. The other car had really bad rear end damage and the driver was already out, arms crossed and eyeing us with visible flames in her eyes.

Wyatt was holding his lip which was bleeding in a really large amount and he looked really pale, scared to say the least.

“Are you okay?” I say as a drop of blood fall into my lap from my nose.

“My lips busted thanks. Other than that I think you pressed the gas you dumbo.”

“I think I did too, and my nose is broken, and the girl out there is going to kick my ass I think.”

“Your ass is already shot, do you know how much your parents are going to be pissed off. You probably just got awarded the worst kid of the year award.” Wyatt slips off his shirt while saying this and presses it to his lip. I decide to follow his action but for my nose.

“WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO MY CAR!” I finally saw the woman beside my window and I open the door slowly. My hands were unbelievably shaky and I didn’t know if I could stand up right or not.

“I’m so sorry, it was an accident.” I stuttered.

“What were you doing? Texting? Tell me!” She screams.

Cars are now slowing to watch us and the campus cop is walking toward us. Wyatt is outside of the car beside me looking at the girl with a sorry expression.

“I wasn’t doing any of that.” I say silently.

“He was kissing me.” Wyatt says and then cries in pain and spits blood out onto the floor.

“What… is that true?” The campus cop- Officer Rye asks looking at us both. I nod and look at both of their faces.

“I accidently hit the gas instead of the break when he kissed me. I am so sorry. I will get my insurance to fix this.”

“Okay, well I am going to have to get both of your guys information that way I could put it into the body shop and the records. Son, next time don’t even have your car on while you’re with your boyfriend.”

“Is there a way afterward we could get a ride home?” Wyatt asks.

“You both can’t go home, you’re both hurt, and an ambulance should be here in a few seconds. Ma’am, do you need an ambulance?”

“No, I’m fine. Will you please take me to the local rent-a-car?” She grabs his arm in a flirtatious way and I want to throw up. Wyatt spits again right next to her feet and I want to laugh, but now is not a good time to get my ass into more trouble. More flames come out of her eyes as she snarls at him and I grab his hand and pull him to the ambulance that has just pulled up.

The woman EMT looks both of us over and confirms that I do in fact have a broken nose and Wyatt will need five to six stitches in his lip. They load us into the ambulance and leave the sirens off but make me lie down because my nose is bleeding a heavy amount and take us to the hospital which is about two miles from the school.

“Hunny, we need your parent’s number so we can contact them once we get to the hospital.” The female EMT says giving me a towel to put over my nose and then one to Wyatt who is holding my hand with his life.

“Are you going to tell my parents what happened in the car accident?” I ask her while the male driver turns into the hospital lot.

“Yes, we have too. It’s necessary since you are underage.” She smacks her lips and opens the back door while helping me out, making me stay still until we get inside. Wyatt is still beside me as they roll me in and were put into conjoined rooms.

While Wyatt is being assessed by the doctor I hear him crying and whining, I know he is not good with doctors, never has been and I know that they scare him. I wish I could hold his hand and make him better, but I know that I can’t.

“Wyatt, it’s okay.” I say but he’s sobbing and I know he can’t hear me.

“Son, I need to put your nose back into place.” My doctor says as he hands a nurse the bloody towel.

“How bad will it hurt?” I whimper.

“A fairly good amount.”  His facial expression was bland and his eyes were too big for his face. His lips were a really dark pink and he was really skinny. He wasn’t anorexic skinny, just, in simple terms- he was ugly. I just noticed then how rude I am inside my head and close my eyes and bite my lip as he snaps it back into place, it made me black out for a few seconds but when I came around Wyatt was sitting beside me.

“Where are they!?” A near distant voice says. I recognize that voice anywhere. It’s Wyatt’s mother.

“Were in here mom.” He sighs and gets up to get her.

“Are you okay baby?! I was so worried. Where is Christan, is he okay? You guys are in so in trouble! What happened?” Wyatt enters the room and he comes and sits beside me again as his mom checks me over and talks to both of our doctors.

“Can I have a minute alone with these boys?” His mom asks and my stomach drops instantly.

“Sure.” Everyone leaves and we’re all one.

“So, would you guys like to tell me what is going on here?”

“I crashed my car…” Was all I could say.


“I kissed him, and he pushed the gas instead of the break.”

“You kissed him…. So that makes you, what?” She’s looking at us both with anger and sorrow and I don’t know what to do.

“I am gay.” I speak up.

“As am I mom.” Wyatt says.

“Are you both dating?” Her posture slouches and her eyes are fixated on both of us.

Wyatt grabs my hand and looks at me. “Are we?” I laugh but no words will come out of my mouth to say yes or no.

“We are mom. “ He says and looks at me in the corner of his eyes. My heart skips a beat and even though it’s just his mom, she doesn’t have to pay my insurance and I have a feeling my mom won’t like this; my relationship at all.

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