Noboraska Island: 3

Book by: Just Average 96


Researchers continue finding evidence trying to come to a conclusion after the discovery more than thirty years ago.

But what changes are next?

Chapter1 (v.1) - Noboraska Island: 3

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Researchers continue finding evidence trying to come to a conclusion after the discovery more than thirty years ago.

But what changes are next?

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Submitted: August 31, 2014

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 31, 2014



Chapter 3


New York City, New York, April 5, 1953. Andy Corral, New York’s well known talk show host for “The Corral Show,” which aired once a week on Wednesdays at seven.  Currently he is preparing to interview to interview Barry Newman, one of the scientist who found the found of the first species the scelidosaurus appearing in the Jurassic population. Andy did not say much while he was getting his hair in the green room short but wavy brown hair and his skin was pail from feeling anxious to interview him. He admires his job and getting to know many people analysing their well-known works in the newspapers. But never has he felt so anxious for this one. Biggest story going viral and he is now finding himself on a mission to grab as much detail and find answers on the science to an island with such a healthy ecosystem into a such a mystery.

He was wearing a well-tailored made Cable stitch sweater and green olive dress pants. He was told by his producer he only had two minutes before he needed to be on stage. The two minutes would feel like seconds for Andy when he entering the stage from behind some black curtains after having his name announced. His studio was always a full house, even for tonight. Andy walks over to center of the stage while the a cameraman pointed at him when the red light went on signalling the show is now live and filming.

Andy stood in center stage in front of two brown design French Club couch Chairs and a round coffee table sat in between the chairs.

“Thank you, thank you,” Andy said proudly taking the acceptation of the applause from the audience. 

“So glad to have another full house on this special night.” He continued as the audience was silent. “I mean, I every night is special for me when I do the show and doing it with a wonderful audience like all of you, and meeting some amazing and inspiring guest. But tonight, is the night that only made me gets some sleep for three hours. The reason for is to why I am still peppy and cheerful. Is the good magic of caffeine! Or else my guest would be getting interviewed by a grouchy troll. And no one wants to be or talk or just see a troll, and none of you are any definitely would like see when I a walking, talking grouchy troll!” Andy paused while the audience laughs. “It’s no joke!” Andy smiled when the audience laughed again.

“But anyhow, why I only got three hours of sleep is the reports, the theories, all surrounding this island that had a beautiful and literally a peaceful environment anyone that anyone in our human kind has laid eyes on. All turned into this mysterious upheaval which was picture in a dinosaur lovers imagination. Now this image in not only in imagination but its imagination coming alive, no it’s the eagerness and a competition for scientist to try and but all theories to an end and allow to cherish of what a miracle the earth has been received! Now ladies and Gentleman with us tonight to have gotten the opportunity to experience the gifted miracle! Form Sandusky, Ohio who was the first to find the Sceilodsaurus in the population change to the Jurassic period! Please welcome, Dr. Barry Newman!” the audience gave him a warm applause as a man with spiked ginger hair in a blue fannel suite and pants. He looked about six inches tall and in his mid-thirties and white colored skin as he gave Andy a firm hand shake with a grin.

He sat on the right chair beside Andy to his left as they faced the Audience. Andy not deciding to make himself feel comfortable sits on the edge of his chair facing Barry to begin the interview.

Andy- “How are you tonight, Barry, good?”

Barry- “More than good I’m thrilled to be in Manhattan talking to you about a dream I thought would never happen in reality.” they paused as the audience applauded for a second.

Andy- “News is going viral, more than ever when research has reopened involving I change which has been said a period change in the population of dinosaurs. Can you give us your answer on this occurrence, especially for the people who don’t have an idea?”

Barry- “Well Andy, there are three periods in an era called the Mezoreic. In the Mezoreic era there were three periods. Frist came the Triassic, than the Jurassic, and last the Cretaceous. Currently we have moved on into the Jurassic period. Where in the Jurassic there are massive changes in the appearance of the species and climate change. Where in in the Triassic the temperatures where very dry and the Jurassic the humanity was more wet and more plant life were able to photosynthesise successfully. Were the species were diversifying changing to more Carnivores and Herbivores, body appearances developing and adapting to the earth’s environment.”

Andy- “How did it all change?”

Barry- “It was said to be extinction. Not the extinction most of us are aware of which killed of the dinosaur era. It was extinction caused which was said involving global warming from carbon dioxide being - released in the atmosphere. It killed many vertebra groups like the aetosaurus, phytosaurus and the rauisuchians.”

Andy- “Very interesting, do you think this could be the same effect to the change on Noboraska?”

Barry- “A possibility, only further visual evidence can tell.”

Andy- “What do you mean by when you said visual evidence, now I am aware of that you want to see the evidence but what do you want to see that would be convincing?”

Barry- “The changes in the cretaceous, which in the beginning of the Jurassic, the continents all formed together in one supercontinent, called Pangea. By the middle Cretaceous, North America, and Europe separated. Which most of the most the earths land masses was separated by oceans. But that change is not what we would include in this scenario due to because this is focused on one particular island. Other changes involved in the ecosystem. Like the earths temperatures developed into seasons, cooler winters and hotter summers, and also Oaks and Magnolia known which developed into the growth of flowering plants and grasses.”

Andy- “Very well, now can you give us an intake of your species you have been studying?”

Barry- “The scelidosaurus, a theropod dinosaur known for its armoured body and was placed in the Ornithischains subgroups like the Anklyosaurus and the stegosaurus which are also well-known for their armoured body appearance. This dinosaur was first discovered in 1850 in Dorset, England but it did not receive its name ten years later by Richard Owen. This three feet herbivore had one particular difference compared to other herbivores. It never chewed its food. It only swallowed. Due to the fact its jaws can only move up and down only, because in order to chew your mouth should be capable of moving side to side. Now from my studies as of now I was able to get a view when I was watching it one morning eating some shrubs, and what I have noticed from when I got a good view I saw as scientist say. Can you take a guess Andy?”

Andy-“It only moved its mouth up and down.”

Barry- “Correct-”

Andy-“Pardon me to interrupt but so you talk about how the Jurassic was formed due to an carbon dioxide being released into the earth atmosphere and you talk about how the cretaceous came about. When I asked you if you believe these scientifically predictions evolving the Noboraska island, could be the cause that could happen in reality with the increase in humidity and the growth of new a new ecosystem, you stated it could be possible. Now I got ask you, why?”


Barry- Thinks for a moment. “Well as I mentioned all the appearance from the species are the same as built from the collected fossils. The period change was a result it happened in order from the Triassic to the Jurassic. No affect as we studied in the species metabolism. The animals are adapting to the environment and seem to be embracing as if they know that they are alive and can roam free under their will again. Andy what I am trying to get a cross is. Is crystal may be the cause for this and Jacqunia is the creator.”

Andy- The audience spoke to each other and Andy put up a hand for silence. “What is your reason?”

Barry- “Why was the island lonely. Why was it once described as the lone green island? It can’t be the island surviving extinction by the end of cretaceous of the Mesozoic era has returned to the Triassic, and moved on to relive the Jurassic. There’s something in the crystal causing it to know the periods in order, the humanity changes, the ecosystem changes. It should be determined that the solution may be lying beneath us.”

Andy- sighed and turned to his producers at the front of the stage letting him now it’s time. Andy rises from his chair.

Barry- followed Andy’s action.

Andy- “I’m afraid that’s all the time we have. Thank you, for being on the show, Barry.” Andy once again shook his hand.

Barry- giving him no comment walks off the stage giving the audience a wave as they applauded him.


Ever since the show, more scientists are willing to take the chance of the crystal. Archeologists have begun to dig more than dozens of areas around the island. No reports of success,

“Nothing but the earth’s ground,” one described it when interviewed on their attempt. But archeologist are still determined somewhere the crystal lies buried from the belief carrier of Elridos being passed down to Jacqunia. But on day twenty five on the new decade in the 20th century, January 25, 1960, a new change was about to occur. Ever since the show, more scientists are willing to take the chance of the crystal. Archeologists have begun to dig more than dozens of areas around the island. No reports of success,

“Nothing but the earth’s ground,” one described it when interviewed on their attempt. But archeologist are still determined somewhere the crystal lies buried from the belief carrier of Elridos being passed down to Jacqunia. But on day twenty five on the new decade in the 20th century, January 25, 1960, a new change was about to occur.

Three Archeologists from Arkansas prepared to spend the limited week hoping a new year would bring hope to their luck. All three of them had on their tank tops and shorts above their knee caps, soft white socks and steel toed boats. “Shit,” one said while they prepared the tent on a sunny clear day under the shade in the forest. “Like were camping in a stove.” He said. “What does the thermometer read?” another asked to a man.

A man was holding a hand held thermometer that he hand hanging on a hook on the right review mirror on their jeep. “About 33 degrees,” he says. “Talk about a hot temperature for January,” one of them said. Each one of them pulled out a shovel from the back of the jeep carrying their digging supplies. “Gentleman,” one said as the others listening while he stood by the tent with his shovel. “Keep in mind came here for one determined reason. We’re not digging for a bounty. We are digging for change to give us an opportunity to make Jacqunia, an honored creator. Let us all begin.” The three went to separate places to start digging a hole. It was not for long until they heard the sound of crunching bushes causing them to pause their activity. The hear more crunches again until they saw a tall looking about a seven feet tall lizard walking in front of them. The lizard like animal paused in its tracks to look at the archeologist. The archeologist froze like statues staring at the animal. The animal looked at them until it made a high raspy noise sounding like a dying crow and runs and sprints off until it was no longer seen. “The hell kind of a species was that,” one muttered. “Don’t know, all we need to know is we to be alert of them at all times,” one answered. Just then a voice called from behind the archeologist saying. “Atlascopcosaurus.” A group of five approached them looking well into their forties. “What is it?” one asked the man who called out. “An Atlascopcosaurus,” he repeated as they have approached the team. “Seven to ten feet herbivore lived in the early cretaceous. It had slight body weight to give it the speed to avoid its predators.” he continued. “Allow me to introduce ourselves.” The mean went in order from him to the right in his group. Jim Flowers, along with my good friends, Emily, Nattily, Eddie, and Roland. We all have the love for paleontology ever since we were children growing in Winnipeg.” The three archeologists only grin without shaking hands with any of them.

“I’m Phillip, to left is Rodger, and my right is Travis. Were archeologist from the state of Arkansas.” The one in the middle said. “This may sound silly for me to ask but are you all here in search of the wish maker?” Jim wondered. “We in fact are, why do wonder?” Travis says. Jim pointed to a tree behind them standing fully grown around six feet away in their vision.

“What do you see on that tree?” Jim asked them. The archeologist turned their heads to the tree where Jim was pointing. “Yes,” Phillip answered turning his head to Jim. “What do you see on that tree?” Jim quizzed them. “Blossoms, it’s a magnolia tree,” Rodger said. “Yes, my point is they did not start forming until the beginning of the early cretaceous.” Jim explained. “So did conifers, like beech trees. Conifers began to exist. Us paleontologist say that the cretaceous had seasons, cooler temperatures in the winter and hotter in the summer. But it’s very hot for a winter’s day. Our guess is the humidity has not developed to the changes yet.”

“Was this spotted before?” Travis wondered. “From the past reports since law on research was launched none of these where in no existence yet.” Jims said. “But that’s not all what we have found. You three must be looking for the wish maker?” The three archeologists nodded without a word spoken. “Come with us, we need to show you something and give us your intake.” Jim advised. The archeologist did not comment and decided to the follow the other group through the forest. They noticed much growth of fern bushes, and cycads while they walked. Until the groups stopped pointing to his right while the rest turned to see a dead animal lying on its side. The animal had small and slim looking bird with a narrow head and its conical teeth looked like it was a carnivore. The bird had flies observing its dead body.

“An Ornitholestes lived in the late Jurassic.” Jim announced “We believe it died of natural causes because we found no traces of bite marks left behind from a predator.” One of the archeologists, Philip, went over to observe the body resting on his knees studying the teeth. “Its front teeth are larger, than its back.” he said. “For handling its prey,” Jim told him. Phillip rose to his feet. “Jim, why did you bring us here?” Jim only responded to Phillips question. “Look at the head,” Phillip studied the head for a second waving some flies away. Jim continued walking as he led the way of the group. The three archeologists were not a hundred percent sure of what Jim is showing them but feeling curious as they followed him.

The walk felt and hour have passed as they walked into an open space of the forest to another dead animal. This time it appeared much more colossal size looking around eighty feet. They group walked up approaching the animals’ head where five other people are standing around the head of the body.  By the size of the body and the red on the top of its head where its nasal is located looking like it was a male.  “Take an observer of this brachiosaurus. And tell us what you notice.” Jim told them. The three archeologists linger around the brachiosaurus. The brachiosaurus is lying lifeless on its stomach while the study the entire body. “Judging by the corps it does not look like it has been dead for long.” Rodger stated. “Think about a predator would have dug into by now if was longer.” Jim immediately responded. “It passed away while we were walking by. As we searched we came across the Ornitholestes It’s why we were in a rush to find folks like you three to give us your prospective on what the cause could be.” Jim explained. “But there is something we noticed while the brachiosaurus was dying.” Phillip and the other archeologist turned to Jim.

“What happened?” Travis asked as they are desperate to know. Jim went on. “We were here, when we saw the brachiosaurus lying there. But beside it, standing as the Brachiosaurus was lying on its death bed. It was not its young. It was another species. That other species was looking at the brachiosaurus which it appeared to be a stegosaurus but it blades where much smaller so then we assumed it was a Dacenturus the first of the stegosauridae family. It was looking at the brachiosaurus as the brachiosaurus looked back. They were moaning to each other as if they were communicating to one another, until the brachiosaurus, perished.” Travis turned to the brachiosaurus studying its body appearance. “You said communication?” Jim responded nodding lightly saying. “Yes,” Travis rubbed his forehead while he and the archeologist thought. “Is anyone a doctor?” Travis requested. A woman approached Travis. “I am a trained doctor on animals. I have taken this trip to find the effects of illness this island may carry.” Travis requested to the doctor. “Do you have anything to inject with a sample of blood?” The doctor went into her bag pulling out a kit. The kit was carrying six small glass tubes and six needles protected with charcoal foam, yellow rubber gloves and a few cotton balls where kept beside the charcoal foam when she placed it on the ground already five out of the six had blood inside of them.

“I have been collecting the blood from five other dead animals to examine their cause of death judging the bacteria. The animals I have collected blood from all happened to be from the Jurassic period.” She said as she puts on her walks over to the Brachiosaurs stomach area gently poking the needle into its side as the blood flowed into the tub of the needle. “You should their DNA.” Travis advised. Everyone looked at Travis, “Yes please tell us your intake.” Jim begged. Travis continued. “It’s DNA may be the cause for your story you told us. It could be the animals’ intelligence having an increase of understanding not only each other but with a different genus. And the way the process in the development of growth. The case is many of us are predicting is what are looking for.” As the doctor finished she added in on Travis’s explanation. “It’s why I am taking it to the test lab back at home. Hopefully have a useful result.” The doctor packed its belongings into her kit after she squirted the blood into the last empty tube.  The archeologist left Jims group going back to continue their digging. The kept the digging for another six hours once and a while pausing when they heard something pass by their area. One point they ducked in their holes when it was deep enough in case if one the dinosaurs passing by were a carnivore, having to do it at least three times that day. But the end of it all was unfortunate. Nothing but they found nothing but the dirt and the holes were as deep up to their waist. “Do you think those paleontologist believed or theory?” Rodger asked the others as they packed away the shovels in the jeep for the night. “Sure they would, they seemed desperate to know.” Phillip said. “It’s been a nerve wracking day with these creatures. Let’s get some shut eye and save our energy for the morning.” The night approached as no stars danced in the sky nothing but a quarter-full moon. The three archeologists lay asleep in their tent in the peaceful night, at least for the moment that is.

Phillip awakened to a feeling an odd feeling. Of something negative and preventing him from getting any sleep. Phillip rubbed his eyes and blinks twice to wake his vision to a hundred percent. With caution he carefully crept outside of the tent. He looked around walking slowly than a turtle as his heart was racing. “Phil!” Travis whispered to him poking his head through the tent. Phil said nothing only beckoning his hand for Travis to stay in the tent. “What are you doing?!” he whispered again. “Hush, my instincts is warning me.” Phillip muttered. Travis stared at Phillip bewildered. “What do you reckon?” he questioned. “Where going to be in for danger,” Phillip muttered again. Soon enough Rodger joins in with Travis. “The hell is going on?” he questioned. “Phil, you look like you just saw a spirit what’s the matter with you?”

Phil said nothing and glanced over to the back of the jeep where the shovels lay. He quickly went to pick them out of the jeep and tossed one to Travis and Rodger. “Take these and stand with me.” He ordered. Travis and Rodger take the shovels and stood with Phillip. Phillip pointed to the fern bushes behind the tent. “Get your shovels ready.” He advised. “I don’t get it Phil.” Travis mumbled. “Hush.” Phillip silenced Travis eyeing the fern bushes. “Wait,” Rodger says. “Is that a set of eyes I see in between some fern leaves,” Before Rodger and the others studied the fern bushes for a moment holding up their shovels like baseball bats leisurely stepping in inch closer to the ferns. But before they can react something pops out of the fern bush knocking Rodger to the ground when he tried to swing his shovel at it instead having the shovel knocked out of his hands. It is an animal looked around seven feet tall and is a carnivore tearing into Rodger with its sharp teeth as Rodger screamed in agony. Phillip and Travis looked on in fear as blood spewed from his neck which cut Rodgers screaming. Its feet had razor sharp claws as the three on its right were digging into his lower torso. Phillip and Travis wanted to escape but turned around to see two more animals which appeared to be the same size creeping towards them. Both having there shovels ready but panicked to swing as the other two animals attacked one of them as they screamed hoping someone would hear their cries until the animals began tarring into their flesh.

Jim and his group were at their camp site. Were nearly half of Rodgers neck was bitten off and claw marks deeply cut in his lower torso. Phillip’s right cheek has lost some muscle tissue and down near his rib cage, and Travis has gotten his right foot taken as his Fibula and Tibia showed and his right shoulder was bitten off losing a right mass of tissue almost showing his clavicle. “Jesus Christ.” Jim murmured feeling his stomach turned as three sea paramedics placed the bodies in a body bags. “I met them yesterday, Jose, came back this morning. There they were, lying with the flesh torn out of them.” Jose Marvin. A sea captain has been departing scientist to Noboraska for the past twenty-two years out of the seven places available for boat travels to Noboraska.

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Turbo, Columbia

Kingston, Jamaica

Santo Antao, Cape Verde

Bridgetown, Barbados

The docks were both owned under by both the French and American government due to its max one week law passed from the congress and agreed by the French was for less hours spent travelling giving scientist more time to take advantage of the one week limit opportunity and boat helman appreciating the choices for less obstacles to worry about in the open waters of the ocean despite when the ocean wave are rough at times. As Jim spoke to Captain Jose Marvin, who takes scientist from Fort Lauderdale was not the first time he was called back to the island in his twenty five years of service. He got the call from Jim at five in the morning when he reported to him about the bodies of the Arkansas men. Now the sky looking around that the clock it has struck one in the afternoon, Jose has travelled since five that morning. He never was a morning bird. But he’s gotten used to the feeling of getting the early morning energy before the crack of dawn. Total of eighteen or twenty hours when it’s a voyage to Noboraska and back. Most of it is depending on the oceans conditions. Sometimes the least he travels to Noboraska is eight hours. Thankfully, it’s not daily travelling for him. Each dock customized for available and only travelling to Noboraska is once or twice every other week allowing the boat helmans to get their rest. Despite Marvin’s early morning rise he was wide awake and sick of the scene of the dead bodies even though he has seen this happen before. “I’ve seen this before, but it’s a picture that will always have me scarred.” He said to Jim. “Just last month, I got a report of something similar to this.” “I think I know who made the attack.” Jim said. “Who?” Marvin questioned. “A Raptor,” Jim answered. “What’s your reasoning?” Marvin asked getting interested to know. “If you looked at the bodies and noticed the scratch cuts and how deep it cut into them. From my standards it appears to be from the sharp claws of a raptor.” Jim explained. More deaths have were reported involving an attack of carnivores more occurred in the last five months into the years of 1961. The graph below shows the number of deaths that have occurred from the Triassic, Jurassic, and into the early cretaceous recorded by mid-1961 headlined by the French and the US Governments. 



As mentioned about the DNA, it was reported that every Dinosaur she tested was contained only DNA. The deaths were stated as natural causes when no bacterial was found. Now let us ask ourselves, why human DNA? Does it convince us that a crystal can be the cause for such a result? This evidence tells us its research studies are fare from being over. Chris Banner studied the Egyptian life for forty years commented in his blog.


“Elridos Gunera disappeared peculiarly when finding out Dyminus has passed. It made civilians assume he has stepped down so soon from the Pharaoh position. Rumours have spread involving his disappearance whom he never was seen again in Kitoguna. He was so sadden he never wanted to see another day, died of thirst when hiding, and while hiding he died of natural causes. His body was never found either. To this day we still have no conclusive answers to Elridos. Only other case we have our instincts still attached to is the Wish maker. Was Jacqunia the “New protector” of the wish maker? Our main goal is to answer the question, who is the one who requested the Mesozoic life to have change?”


But due to the death increase the law made its move. This became brought more attention to the day of the Jacqunia disappearance then it was before. Nearing almost thirty years since the disappearance, not a trace if what he has left behind. It was remembered about the wish maker. Which was never believed it exist even when Nefaranio has failed to convince the truth was lying in front of their eyes. More issue lead more involved the federal parliament, the death ratio increases in Noboraska by 62% since 1939 shutdown. It was officially announced in 1968 passed by the US Congress under the federal law and French republic. The Congress passed the law in English translation stating.





If any individual finds the lost wish maker or any traces due to the Jacqunia disappearance will receive a $200,000 bounty. The maximum stay is now between 3-5 days and a 30.00 payment charge per day while on the island. No other changes have occurred to the previous stated law.



The law fired many complaints due to the fact of the payment. Stewart Vines, an environmentalist discussed in an interview with New York Times. “It’s understandable to know the reason behind the restrictions from the government. It’s a shame when you have to face payment charges to do a research.”


© Copyright 2016 Just Average 96. All rights reserved.

Noboraska Island: 3 Noboraska Island: 3

Status: Finished

Genre: Science Fiction



Status: Finished

Genre: Science Fiction



Researchers continue finding evidence trying to come to a conclusion after the discovery more than thirty years ago.

But what changes are next?
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