Trouble in Tattoos

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GUYS!!! We're 46 reads out from 2000 reads! This is so fucking exciting. Thank you so, so, so much for reading and commenting. I seriously love you guys (in a friend kind of way because a romantic way would be fucking weird).

Also, I will be taking about a month, month and a half break from posting anything for this novel as I need the break from it. I love this story so so much but I really do need this break. But in this month (or month and a half) break, I will be catching up on reading and I will be throwing a contest!

Side note: I was going to make Travis and Amity kiss again but I'm saving that for another time ;)

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - "Even if I am in a wheel chair."

Submitted: February 05, 2016

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Submitted: February 05, 2016



Chapter Song: Kiss and Tell – You Me at Six

“Didn’t you have to turn there?” I asked Travis as we drove pass the building we were both living.

“Yeah, maybe.” Travis laughed.

I looked over at him with a look of curiosity. We had just left the place we had dinner at only twenty minutes ago. I thought we were going back to the condo but I guess Travis had different ideas of what we were doing. He looked so relaxed driving the car; one hand on the gear stick, the other on the steering wheel while his elbow sat on the edge of the car door and his eyes focused on the road. I watched as Travis’ pinky finger hit the indicator and we went onto the highway. I had no fucking idea where we’d be going at eleven o’clock at night, seriously I had none.

“Where are we going?” I finally asked.

“You’ll see.” Travis said as he put his foot down, shifted a gear and the car took off down the highway. “Just sit back and enjoy the ride, Doll Face.”

“Seriously, I thought we were going back to the condo.” I said.

Travis glanced at me before looking back at the road. “Think of it as a surprise from me to you.”

“Travis Carter handing out surprises, who’d of thought?” I laughed.

“I’m full of surprises, baby.” He laughed.

I rolled my eyes as I sat back and just watched the cars go pass us as Travis drove in and out of the minimum traffic on the highway at this time of night.

Dinner with Melody had been a right laugh. And I couldn’t get over how smitten Liam looked by Melody. Every time she laughed or spoke, it looked like he was taking it all in like it was going to be the last time he ever heard it. He was so sweet and nice to her, I was actually happy for Melody to find such a guy like Liam. It kind of made me want to have a guy in my life like that. Someone who looked at me like I looked at sushi. I guess, one day, that man will come along and sweep me off my damn feet and catch me in the process.

When or if  that time came, I was sure as hell going to sink my claws into the bastard and never let go.

• • •

After an hour was driving, we had pulled up into a dirt made carpark. Travis turned off the car but kept the lights on. I could really see anything in front of me but a thick, silver rail stopping you from going any closer to the edge. I climbed out the car at the same time Travis did and closed my door. I looked over at Travis as he leant into the car and placed his phone into the centre console of the car. I was actually shocked that he wasn’t checking his phone, he was actually removing it away from him. That was a surprise and a bit.

Travis closed the door of his car and started walking over to the railing. He looked over his shoulder at me and the way the lights had hit him, he seemed like he was sent down from the Gods themselves. The way the light hit the side of his face, shadowing the other half and a small smirk on his face, it was almost drool worthy. I shook the thought away and started heading over to him carefully so that I didn’t break an ankle. I mean if I did that, we’d be at the ER all night and I seriously didn’t want that.

Travis grabbed my hand as I stepped over the wooden logs that stopped cars from going any further to railing. He let go of my hand as we walked over to the railing. I looked out and my breath was taken. Below me was the city that belonged to Perth, all lights twinkling like stars in the sky. Down below, I could hear the sound of waves crashing. A light breeze blowing passed us, rushing Travis’ cologne into my lungs and dancing in my hair. I never even knew a place like this actually existed in Perth.

Travis stepped over the railing and sat down. He put out his hand and I took it, copying what he just did and sat down next to him. My eyes unmoving from the view in front of me. I’ve never seen something so pretty and mesmerising as this. I would never have guessed that Travis knew of a place like this.

“How’d you even know this was here?” I asked as I glanced at him but my eyes wanted to go back to the view.

“Got pissed off one night a few years ago when I was living with Dad still and just drove. That’s how I know.” Travis said.

“Always the way, huh?” I said as I glanced as Travis to see him nodding.

The silence fell around us and it was that comfortable, welcoming silence. I stared out the view, watching the lights dance in front of me and listening to the waves crash below us. It was probably the nicest and quietest place in Perth. And sometimes, the best spots are when people don’t know where you disappear too. Travis had scored lucky when he found this spot.

I looked over at Travis, his eyes already on me. A small smile found its way to my lips as I stared at him. I could see the side of his face where the lights shined onto him and shadowing the other side again. It seemed like a picture perfect moment, just like when he was standing in the shining light of the headlights. The wind played through strands of his almost shoulder length hair, his mouth set in a straight line and his light blue eyes staring right into mine. I found it hard to look away and I found myself wanting to lean in and press my lips against his but I refused to let myself do that. I tore my eyes away from his and looked back out at the view in front of me.

I knew if I allowed anything beyond a one arm hug, shit would go topside. I wasn’t going to allow myself to another notch on his bed. I turned my thoughts away from it as the city lights danced in front of me. The silence still sat around us and I wasn’t willing to break that silence. Plus, I seriously didn’t know what to say right now and I always had something to say at some point. I guess the silence was okay for now.

• • •

Travis and I hadn’t gotten back to the condo until about three A.M last night. After the not really awkward silence, we just sat and spoke. He told me about his parents, I told him about mine, he told me a little about his childhood and I told him I had an older brother. I had gotten to know a little more about Ken and Travis, strangely enough his mother too. He just got to know a little about my parents and about my brother. It was nothing really of importance, just the basic things you tell people. We had just really let the conversation follow and not let things get awkward.

When we had gotten back, I pretty much got so far as taking my shoes off before I fell asleep on the couch. By the time I had woken up, Travis was nowhere in sight and not in the condo. Not that I minded but I had felt guilty for not being up on time. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t get to bed until late and it’s pass the time you normally get to bed.

I had gotten up, went for a shower and got changed, cleaned up the make-up on my face and put my towel dried hair into a big clip so it wasn’t sitting down my back. I had breakfast, cleaned the kitchen and watched TV while going through emails on both my email account and Travis’, replied back to emails asking to Travis to make an appearance at a club and there was one about meeting up with a man called Joseph Mitchells, a big time club owner. I just left that one for Travis to reply to because I had no idea what I had to say back to that and I had no idea why a bloke like Joseph Mitchells would be contacting Travis when he wasn’t in the buying a club scene. I checked voicemails that I had missed, called back people that needed calling back and telling them that Travis, once again, was not making comment about anything they had.

I had a busy but not so busy day and the whole day, surprisingly, Travis wasn’t on my mind like the last week. I fucking enjoyed that.

I looked up at the time, it was almost five-thirty in the afternoon and I cursed as I realised that I was meant to be meeting my mother in an hour. Now that I lived with Travis, my hours had been cut down majorly. I still started at eight o’clock but finished at five-thirty in the afternoon on a week day. And I now only worked on a Saturday rather than Saturday and Sunday. Ken had given me more leeway because I am a live-in personal assistant to Travis. It was still weird as fuck that I was.

I closed Travis’ laptop and got up from the table. I dashed upstairs and went straight into Travis’ room. Clothes were on his bed and I seriously didn’t know why. I disregarded the clothes and went into the closet. I grabbed out a long, waist high skirt with a slit down the thigh, a long sleeved shirt that stopped just under my chest and showed a small line of skin. I grabbed a pair of heels with an ankle strap and got dressed. I did my hair, wiped off the old make-up and re-did it. By the time I was done, it was quarter past six and I had to leave.

Grabbing a small black bag with a chain strap, I went back downstairs and shoved both the two iPhones I had into the bag, my wallet and fished my keys off the table. I didn’t know where Travis was but I’m sure he’d work out that I went out when he returned back to his condo. I took the elevator down to the carpark and went to my car.

As I climbed in, Travis had pulled into the carpark. I don’t know if he noticed me but I sure as hell wasn’t going to hang out the window, yelling at him like some wild animal. I started my car with a purr and apparently that gained the attention of Travis’ as he climbed out the car. He looked over at me and I gave a small wave before putting the car into reverse. He smiled a little as he closed the door.

I looked behind me, reverse out of the carpark I was parked in and drove towards the exit as the sound of my phone binging at me sounded through my car. I sat at the exit of the carpark and grabbed my phone. There was a message from Travis lit up on my screen saying that he was going to Destery’s for the night and he’d see me tomorrow. I sent back an okay and not to break any doors.

• • •

Mum had hounded me with questions after questions. Apparently, her friend had shown her photos of me leaving the club in Melbourne with Travis’ arm wrapped around me and apparently, she didn’t like that and I never should’ve allowed a drunken man to do that to me. I had to stop myself from rolling my eyes as I explained that I was just getting him back to the hotel and I never asked him to put his arm on me. The answer seemed to shut her up. The other questions were about Travis, as well but I kept them short and simple and questions about how everything was going which I had answered more with longer answers. Those sort of questions  I had no dramas answering.

“Darius wants us to meet his new girlfriend.” Mum said as she placed the last piece of chicken into her mouth.

“He has a girlfriend?” I said, making myself sound shocked.

“He sure does.” Mum beamed. “Her name is Elena from what he had told me.”

“About time he got a girlfriend.” I laughed. “Maybe he’s whoreful ways will stop.”

“Amity.” Mum scorned. “But I do agree. I can never keep up with the girls he has bought to family events. I always forget their name or I call them the name of the girl before.”

“Don’t worry Mum,” I smiled at her. “Maybe this one you’ll be able to remember her name without calling her the wrong name.”

Mum just laughed a little as I grabbed the glass of red wine and sipped on it.

“When are you going to get a boyfriend, Amity?” Mum asked and I choked on the wine.

I quickly put the glass down and grabbed the napkin as I wiped my mouth. I dabbed my eyes, wiping away the tears that filled my eyes from choking on the wine. I looked at Mum with a look.

“Are you kidding? I don’t do boyfriends, Mum.” I said.

“If your brother who has more girls than he changes his underwear can have a girlfriend, I’m sure you can have a boyfriend. I’m sure any man would be happy to be with you.” Mum smiled. “Who knows, you could get engaged.”

If I was sipping on the wine, I would’ve died. I could see it now ‘Girl Dies by Red Wine’ all over the newspapers and news on the TV. Mum was actually kidding herself if she thinks I would get a boyfriend, let alone be engaged to someone. That is the joke of the year.

“There is no way I’ll be getting a boyfriend, let alone be engaged Mum.” I stated.

“I hope to see you walk down the aisle before I die, Amity. Even if I am in a wheel chair.” Mum stated.

I laughed. “This world will be long gone and in a million pieces before I even get married. And plus, I’m just focusing on my career. I am only twenty-three, Mum, I don’t need to worry about getting engaged. Let alone get into a relationship.”

“Don’t be like your father’s father. He was always so focused on a career rather than being married. That’s why Gran left him.” Mum said. “I don’t want that being your life, Amity.”

“Believe me, Mum.” I said as I leant back in my seat. “There is no man in my life right now that I’m truly interested in. And I honestly don’t think that will happen any time soon. So just relax a bit, maybe Darius and Elena will actually work.”

Mum sighed. “If you say so, sweetie.”

I just nodded.

Mum and I slipped into a casual conversation and of course, she bought up my birthday which was in five weeks. I didn’t want to talk about or even think about it, and really, I just forgot about it. I think, to be honest, I would’ve woken up on my birthday and not even realised. I’ve been too busy doing other things, thinking about other things rather than my birthday. It was just a birthday, that’s all it was and it didn’t really matter.

After speaking about my birthday and what I was going to, which I didn’t know what I was going to do, Mum and I left the restaurant before saying good bye to each other and going our separate ways. When I got back to the condo, it was quiet as anything and it was strange because I knew no one was here. I placed my bag and keys onto the dining room table and saw the piece of paper on the table. Travis’ cursive writing across it and I was actually shocked at how neat it actually was. It was probably neater than mine, really.

Travis had written down an address that was obviously Destery’s, another address that had the dry cleaners he used underneath it to collect the suit he needed and wrote down that Alfie was with Melody and Liam for the night. He signed his name and underneath it was a small sentence telling me to sleep in his bed for the night. I placed the note back done onto the table. If Travis wasn’t here, I was going to take full use of the damn shower he had in his ensuite and take full use of the king size bed, just after I change all the sheets and doona. I mean it’d be stupid for me not to change the sheets because god knows if he has changed them.

Without a second thought, I turned on my heel and dashed upstairs.

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