Trouble in Tattoos

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I know right? Another update! Holy shit, I'm on a roll. I just was bored and decided, what the hell, let's write chapters and this chapter came and I was too excited to hold off posting it because this chapter NEEDED to happen! It was meant to happen like chapter 22-24 but it just happened. And trust me, there will be more drama to come, trust me! We still gotta find out who stabbed Amity ;)

Just a friendly reminder: 11 Chapter to Go

Chapter 19 (v.1) - "I don’t go poking my cock around."

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Chapter Song: Under the Influence - Elle King

For two days now, Travis has tried speaking to me. But every time he came into the room, I pretended I was asleep and he’d walk out of the room, whispering a cuss word. I wasn’t ready to hear his excuse, not yet anyways. I may be acting like a psychotic girlfriend who was cheated on when I wasn’t but I feel I had every right to make him feel like shit.

I had been foolish for sleeping with him, foolish for falling for the bastard and foolish for taking this job. I wanted to quit and pack my shit but the truth is, I didn’t want too. I’d truthfully miss Travis and the rest of the shit that came along with him. I couldn’t honestly bring myself to utter the words: I quit. And it was starting to become well aware that I smitten by the bastard even after him sleeping with Lacey the same night he slept with me the second time around. And the feeling were harder to fight off than I've ever felt for someone before.

I stared at the TV, another episode of Kath and Kim. Normally, the TV show would have me watching with an amused smile on my face but right now, I wasn’t even laughing at Kim acting like a two year and I always laughed it because it was hilarious. The only time I moved from the bed was to go to the bathroom. Nurse Harriet had come round yesterday and changed the bandages, showed me how to put one on myself as well and when she asked what was wrong; I lied and told her I was just tired. I had dodged everyone’s calls and texts, refusing to speak to anyone.

I was in slight depressed mode.

Slowly, I pulled myself up to sitting position and kicked the blankets off.  I swung my legs out of the bed and let them hang for a minute before I stood up and made my way over to the bathroom. I was able to walk a little faster than sloth pace. When I got to the bathroom, I closed the door and went over to the corner bathtub, put the plug in and turned the taps on. Sitting on the counter top was bath products and I settled for the strawberry smelling bubble bath stuff. The rest of them smelt horrible. I squeezed more than enough into the bath and sat on the edge. I couldn’t stand for too long or I started to hurt.

I couldn’t wait until I was fucking healed.

I watched the bathtub fill up before getting back up and going into the room. I grabbed my phone and went back into the bathroom and got undressed. Standing in front of the mirror sideways, I started to slowly take the large patch taped to my back off. Nurse Harriet said was able to shower properly without the bandage on rather than have a quick shower to try and stop getting it wet. I threw the bandage into the bin and slipped into the warm water with a sigh.

Bubbles moved around me, covering my whole body expect for my shoulders, face and hands. I turned the music on and just sat in the bath listening to it as my foot reached out and turned the tap off. I hadn’t had a chance to use the bath, hell; I didn’t have the chance to take full advantage of the double head shower across from me. I was hoping today would be the day Darius rung me and told that they know who decided to dip a knife into me. But I just had to play the waiting game like everyone else.

A knock on my bathroom door startled me and made the water move around me. Turning in the bath slightly, I watched as the door opened and Travis’ blue eyes and tired features came into view. I swore under my breath as I looked at him. I didn’t think he was actually home because I hadn’t really heard anyone come pass the room since last night. Travis stepped into the bathroom and closed the door behind him as I turned away from him, glaring at the silver bathtub tap.

“I know you don’t want to talk to me, so just listen.” Travis said.

“Who said I didn’t want to talk to you?” I asked, still not turning around and facing him.

“Do I really need to answer that?” Travis asked and I shook my head because he was right. “Just listen to me and I’ll leave you alone until you come to me or you can leave, if you want. You can quit if that's what you want.”

It was then that my heart gave a painful squeeze. You can quit if that's what you want. The words circled around in my head. I couldn’t quit, the contract wouldn’t allow me to quit until six months came and I took a choice in quitting or staying. Right now, I think when that mark rolled around; I’d pack my things and disappear out of Travis’ life. But there was a small voice inside of me that whispered I was lying to myself.

“I can’t quit.” I mumbled, speaking to the bubbles more than Travis.

“I can get you out of the contract if you want to leave.” Travis said and I could hear the hint of regret in his voice for even saying it.

“What do you have to say, Travis?” I asked as my fingers moved through the water slowly.

“I didn’t sleep with Lacey. And I’m not lying, that’s the truth.” Travis said and I glanced over my shoulder at him. “I already told you that that shit was over. I haven’t slept with her in weeks; you’ve been the only one I’ve slept with.”

“Then why did you say it then if you didn’t sleep with her?” I questioned.

“Because that’s what she thinks happened and I just went with it. It was easier than trying to tell her something else. I don’t double dip into girls, Amity, I never have and I never will. The only person I had sex with that night was you before you were stabbed.” Travis said, his eyes staring into my own and I couldn’t look away as much as I wanted too. “I like you Amity, not this ‘you are a good fuck’ way.”

I frowned. “How can I believe you Travis? I know the past you and Lacey hold and it’s hard to believe that you didn’t sleep with her.”

“Because you can either take my word for it, or I can show you that I didn’t fuck Lacey that night.”

I turned around in the tub and faced him, pulling the bubbles closer to me to cover everything. “I don’t even know if I can take your word for it. She seemed pretty fucking smug over the fact that you fucked her again. Her claws are still in you, Travis.”

“I haven’t spoken her since the blow out at the condo until yesterday and the weekend. I’ll show you my texts if you really want.”

“I don’t want to see your texts; I’m not a pyscho girlfriend.”

Travis moved away from the door and walked over to me before falling to his knees. He rested his arms on the bathtub edge and he was close enough to me for his cologne to wrap itself tightly around me and my head to spin. My eyes locked with his and under his spell. As much as I wanted to look away, I couldn’t. I didn’t know; want to look away from him. I could see the pleading and regret swimming his blue eyes that seemed a shade darker than the icy blue I was used to seeing.

“What if I want a pyscho girlfriend?” Travis asked suddenly.

“What?” I squeaked, my breath caught in my throat.

“I’m serious, Amity. I’m not lying to you about not sleeping with Lacey the same night I slept with you. I don’t go poking my cock around at every vagina.”

“Why… How come all of sudden you pull this?”

“It’s not my way of trying to pull the wool over your eyes, Doll Face, if that’s what you’re thinking. I like you and as much as I try to not like you, it just hits me tenfold. I’ve told you more shit than I’ve told anyone else. I’ve never told anyone about my parents, besides from Sterling and I told you that. Took you to my hiding place. And you’re going to meet my mother tonight.” Travis smiled a little.

“This feels like you’re hiding something.” I said softly.

“I’m not holding anything. I’ve told you the truth; I have something that can back up what I said. I’m being one hundred per cent honest and making myself feeling I’m in some chick flick moment which I never fucking do.”

I looked away from him. “Is it cause you feel bad because I was stabbed?”

“I feel bad you were stabbed, of course I would, but it’s not because of that.”

“Why would you want me as your girlfriend? That’s crazy.” I said as I looked back at him to see the smug look on his face and I couldn't help but allow the butterflies to errupt in my stomach over the fact he wanted me, of all people, to be his girlfriend. “Why so smug?”

“Because who wouldn’t want you on their arm? Look at you. You put up with my lazy, stubborn ass every day and yet you still had sex with me and calmed me down that night.”

“I calmed you down by kissing you? How does that even work?”

Travis shrugged. “Just does.”

“I don’t know Travis.” I mumbled as I looked down at the very light pink bubbles around me.

“I don’t need an answer straight away. I just want you to forgive when you're ready. And I still want you to meet me Mum.” Travis said as I felt his finger go under my chin and face me towards him. “Please?”

“You swear to me that you didn’t sleep with Lacey, look me in the eyes and say you didn’t.” I said as my heart got caught in my throat.

Travis kept my eyes captive. “I didn’t sleep with Lacey. I never slept with Lacey; I just went along with what she thinking to get her out of my house. And I’m sorry that you heard it and I’m sorry I hurt you.”

I just nodded and Travis took the chance to lean forwards and press his lips against my forehead, lingering for a moment before getting up and walking out the bathroom, telling me that we would be going to meet his mother in an hour.

• • •

I stood staring at myself in the wall sized mirror in the back of my closet. I was in a loose fitting black maxi dress because I couldn’t wear what I would normally wear because I’d just hurt myself. My make-up was kept to a minimum and my hair laid draped around my shoulders. I really needed to see the hair dressers seeing as my hair needed trimming and the brown and blonde ombr? was starting to bore me. I had the same hair colour for almost six months now and it needed changing.

And I questioned myself on why I was going in the first place.

Turning away from the mirror, I slipped my feet into a pair of strappy flats and walked out of my closet to my bed. I sat on the bed, did the straps up on my flats and went over to the bathroom to spray perfume on myself. Once I was done, I trailed out of my room with a pain killer in one hand and my handbag strap in my other hand. Moving around so much, more than I had done in the last week, was starting to pull a toll on me and the pain killer was needed.

When I got to the bottom of the stairs, Travis was by the door, talking into the phone. I snuck past him and went into the kitchen. I chased the pain killer down with water as Travis came into the kitchen. He stood just by the bench in a maroon button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up and the top three buttons undone and showing his colourful chest tattoo; the bottom of the shirt was tucked into a pair of skinny jeans that hung though and held up by a simple black belt and a set of those men ankle boots that ended with a slight rounded point and laced up.

“I wanna show you something before we go.” Travis said as he shoved his phone into his back pocket. “Mum’s already there so we’ll just be fashionably late.”

“What do you need to show me?” I asked as I placed the glass into the sink.

“Just come with me. Please.” Travis said. He still had that pleading look in his blue eyes.

I gave a nod and let him lead the way. I hadn’t really forgiven him yet, I mean it’s a struggle to forgive him especially cause of what happened. I wanted to forgive him but I also wanted to make him beg for forgiveness. Even though it was apparently a lie, I was still hurt and I still angry at the point of the lie. He should’ve never gone along with it and now Lacey will think she’s won him back and she’s never going to leave.

Travis and I walked out of the kitchen, through the garage and into another room that I thought was storage but it wasn’t. A dozen sized average screens showed different parts of his house, some moving, some staying still. Travis sat down and looked at the screen right in front of him. He tapped on a few keys and the screen in front of him changed to a bedroom. Travis turned and looked at me.

“Sit down.” He ordered and stood up.

I followed his order and sat down in the chair. He leant over me and his finger hit a key. I watched the screen’s picture start to move and I found myself seeing Travis walk into the room with his hand wrapped around Lacey’s arm. He was dressed in the Toga costume he had thrown out and Lacey was dressed in some skin tight black dress. He sat Lacey down on the bed and took a step back from her before crossing his arms.

Lacey said something but there was no sound to hear it. Travis shook his head as he looked like he was laughing at whatever she just said. She frowned before speaking and standing up. She stabbed a finger into his chest before wrapping her hand around his neck and pretty much forcing herself on him. Their lips touched for a moment and my heart squeezed painfully for a minute. Travis pushed her away, taking a step back and shaking his head. Lacey put her hand into her handbag and pulled out a white stick and you’d have to be stupid to know what that was. I frowned as she smiled smugly at him.

Lacey stumbled a little, clearly showing that she was drunk. Travis looked frozen in spot as he looked at the stick in her hand, the pregnancy test in her hand. I didn’t want it to be true, I didn’t want him having fathered Lacey’s baby if she was truly pregnant.

“It’s not my baby.” Travis said from behind me, like he heard my very thoughts.

“How… How do you know?” I asked.

“She claims she is two months along and two months ago, before you came along, I was in Queensland and going to New Zealand. The dates she is saying, I wasn’t anywhere near her. I rang my Mum, telling her and asking her for help. She did the dates and there is no way the baby is mine and I highly doubt she’s pregnant.” Travis said, quietly but angrily.

“Then how did this lie of sleeping with her come along?” I asked with my eyes still on the screen and watching Travis point at Lacey angrily, mouthing the words fuck off before he stormed out of the room.

“Because she kept saying that we did and I gave up trying to tell her differently. She was here because of that pregnancy test; I needed to make sure the baby wasn’t mine.” Travis said as he squatted down next to me. “I didn’t lie to you earlier, Amity.”

“I know.” I nodded.

“This isn’t my way of making you give me an answer. Take your time with that, I just wanted you to know the truth before you hated me even more.” Travis said as his fingers gently massaged the base of my neck.

“I have to think about this, Travis. Okay? Let’s just get this stabbing mystery out of the way first.” I said softly as I looked down at my hands.

“Okay.” Travis said and I glanced up at him. “Let’s go before we’re even more late to this dinner than we already are. Mum’s keen to meet you.”

“What about her fiancé?” I asked.

“I’ll explain on the way.” Travis said as he ushered me out of the small room.





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