Trouble in Tattoos

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It's a short chapter because it's sort of a filler and we all know it's short when it's a filler hahaha

UPDATES WILL NOW BE SUNDAYS AND WEDNESDAYS! I will be doing double updates seeing as there is only 8 chapters left to the novel. I've almost finished writing it on my laptop, I have 4 more chapters to write!


Chapter 22 (v.1) - "Cut my nuts off and choke me with them."

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Chapter Song: Make it Rain - Ed Sheeran


As much as I wanted to stop Amity, I couldn’t. Darius had organised for her to go see Laura, much to his disagreement too. I knew Amity just wanted answers, I mean I would too if it was my best friend who stabbed me. I didn’t even try to tell Amity that what she was doing was a wrong move because it would just hurt her more than the stabbing did but whom was I to tell her what she can and can’t do? She’d probably kick me in the fucking nuts and run off while I lay on the floor in pain.

I looked over at Amity as we pulled into the prison. Her now blonde hair was pulled back into a high ponytail without a hair out of place, thanks to Melody doing it; her hazel eyes surrounded by make-up, her cheeks a light peachy colour and her plump lips stained a dull brown. She was dressed in black tight but loosing fitting dress that stopped just underneath her knees and a pair of black heels on her feet. I think it was her way of showing and mourning the death of her friendship with Laura, there was no way they were going back to friends after this.

“You right?” I asked as she held her phone tightly.

She gave a nod. “Yeah, I’m okay. Never been to a prison before.”

“It’ll be okay. Closest I’ve gotten is a cell at the cop station. But Darius and I will be with you.” I said as I brushed her face with the back of my hand.

“I just want to know why, that’s all I want to know. Why she did this to me for a hundred grand?” She said before looking at me. “I didn’t do anything wrong to her. Maybe I didn’t spend enough time with her.”

“You can’t blame yourself for her doing this, she was the one who gladly accepted Lacey’s offer. Both of them can fucking rot in prison for all I care.” I said as Darius’ car pulled up next to my own. “Your brother is here, come on.”

The one thing that kept me from getting into a rage on mode was the fact that I had actually manned up and told Amity, in some words, how I felt and actually asked her to be my girlfriend. I mean asking her to the way I did was kind of weird but it worked I guess. I know I probably won’t be the best boyfriend but doesn’t mean I can’t try. Right now, though, she needed me more than I needed her. She had no best friend anymore that she could turn too when I was pissing her off. I mean she had Melody but Laura was her best friend.

So far, for three days, I hadn’t done anything to make her regret her choice. And I had even been running around after her like she had been doing for me for the last, like two, three months. It was actually crazy thinking those few months ago; I would’ve never thought I’d be the one with feelings for someone else. It’s always someone having feelings for me. Maybe I had gone soft, who fucking knows. I didn’t regret it.

But going soft I do, in a way.

“Alright, so we have a fifteen minute time frame so you need to ask everything you need within those fifteen minutes because that’s all I could get you. You’re not even meant to see her before court but I pulled the right strings.” Darius said as he slipped his arms into his suit jacket. “Are you sure you want to do this, Am?”

“Yeah, I need too.” Amity replied as she gripped my hand.

Darius’ eyes went to our hands and a ghost of a smile sat on his face as he grabbed his brief case out of his car before shutting the door and locking it. From the times that Darius and I had met, he seemed like a pretty good guy and very protective of his sister. He already warned me that if I hurt Amity, he’s going to cut my nuts off and choke me with them. I’m pretty sure he is serious and it’s not an empty threat.

No wonder Amity is serious when she threatens you.

We followed Darius into the prison and signed in as visitors. It wasn’t long after that that we were moving through the prison into the visiting room. The whole room was just tables and chairs, a guard sitting at the desk and watching us move to a table and sit down. Amity’s hand had not left mine and she held onto tightly, I almost thought she was going to break my hand. Darius quietly spoke to Amity and Amity just nodded in response to what he was saying. Darius looked up at me with a slight frown and gave me a look of worry. I just shrugged my shoulder a little.

The sound of a door opening made us all look over to where it was coming from. Walking into the room with cuffs on her wrists and a guard by her side, dressed in orange was Laura. Her eyes focused on me, then went to Darius and then went to Amity. Tears instantly filling her eyes as she looked at Amity. I turned and looked at Amity and I couldn’t get a read on her. I couldn’t tell if she was pissed or upset, she looked emotionless.

“Fifteen minutes, Mr Tate, that’s all you got.” The guard said as Laura sat down in the chair.

“I think we won’t even use all those minutes.” Darius said, his tone showing the anger he held inside of him.

“I’ll be by the desk just in case she is going to try anything.” The guard said.

“I-I wouldn’t d-do anything to her.” Laura stuttered out.

“You can’t do anything to her inmate, even if you tried.” The guard growled before he trailed off and I smirked a little.

Laura looked at me as my face pulled into disgust. The bitch was going to try and worm her fucking way out of this and somehow get Amity to forgive her but that was not going to happen. I’m pretty sure Amity has wiped her hands clean of the scum in front of us. And even if she did, as much as I'd hate to be that boyfriend, I wouldn't allow Amity to be friends with the mongrel. And I had a feeling, I'd have Darius backing my case on it too.

“Amity,” She whispered. “I’m –“

“Don’t even try.” Amity spat. “You’re not sorry.”

“I am, I truly am. I should’ve never have done it, it was wrong of me to do it.” Laura said as a stray tear fell down her cheek.

“Why did you do it? For the money? What did I do wrong to you?” Amity sneered.

“For the money.” Laura whispered.

“What?” I said with a disgusted frown. “Did I just fucking hear that right?”

Laura nodded. “I was behind in rent, I couldn’t afford to live; the bar wasn’t giving me enough hours and went Lacey offered the hundred grand, I just… I don’t know, I just jumped for it.”

“All these years of friendship and you threw it away for a six digit fucking number!” Amity growled. “I can't believe you! If you were so far behind in fucking rent, I would’ve fucking helped you!”

“I’m so sorry Amity, I am.” Laura cried. “I… I know this…”

“Oh fucking save it.” Amity growled as she stood up, pushing the seat away from her with a loud scrapping noise and her hand letting go of mine. One of her manicured hands pressed against the table as she pointed the other hand and a finger raised at Laura. “You are fucking dead to me, you hear me? Don’t ever contact me again, don’t ever try to apologise to me for a move that you made. You are nothing but a waste of fucking space. I hope you fucking rot in hell, you vile fucking cunt.”

Amity moved away from the table, Laura looked as shocked as Darius and I did. I have never heard Amity talk like that. I’ve seen her pissed off but that… That was just murderous and to be honest, Laura fucking deserved that. Amity had every right to be murderously angry at her. Laura had stabbed her for a load of cash because of her rent and job hours situation. Amity would’ve given her the side of the bed that I now warmed at night if she had just asked her.

Hell, Amity probably would've paid six weeks of rent for her without asking for it back.

“We’ll see you in court, Laura. Hope you like prison.” Darius growled before following his sister out of the place.

I just shook my head at her before turning on my heels and rushing after the two siblings.

• • •

I had to take time to myself. I needed to be away for that little bit to let things sink in and I think Amity needed the space too because she disappeared into her room when we got back home. From Lacey paying Laura to stab Amity, Laura stabbing Amity and Amity’s outburst, it was a fucking lot to take in right now.

I mean the whole thing was a lot to take in because who would’ve thought that Laura would’ve stabbed Amity because she was behind in rent and low on funds? To me that just screamed lies; I think that was another reason as to why she did it in the first place. Maybe jealous, maybe anger, who the fuck knows? Only Laura truly knew that answer to the question floating around in my head.

From the first day that I saw Laura after Amity was stabbed and we didn't know who had done it, I thought something was off and I guess I was right along. I would’ve never uttered those words to Amity because I would’ve ended up slapped across the head and probably lost my manhood by Amity’s bare hands.

I stepped over the wooden bench and sat down in a slouch. My eyes staying on the city. The sun was setting into the distance, spewing its colours across that sky. It was better at night but no one would find me here if someone went looking for me. My phone was in the car and if anyone was to try and ring me, it’d just ring out until they reached voicemail. If it was important, they’d ring that Hamster Fucker Cameron.

My hand held my head up by my forehead as I pushed my hand into my pocket and pulled out the back of cigarettes. I placed one between my lips and sparked the end of it. I knew smoking was bad but right now I need it to calm down before I hunted Lacey down and slammed her head into a wall until she stopped breathing. My anger towards that girl was volcanic. It would explode over if I saw her right now. I exhaled the off-white cloud from my lips and my eyes looked out at the city behind the black sunglasses that sat on my face.

I don’t know how long I had sat on the bench for but the sun had gone down and the darkness surrounded me. I had my mind go blank for the time I had sat on the bench just staring at the city as the lights in the buildings started to light up. I had shifted some time ago and laid on my back just staring up at the sky and its stars that were slowly being covered by the storm clouds rolling in.

I almost jumped when a set of head lights shone on me, the gravel crunching underneath the car tyres and the low purr that I knew too well. I turned my head to see Amity climbing out of the car and closing the door behind her. She left the head lights on as she made her way over to me. Her hazel eyes seemed darker than usual, today’s make-up smudge a little under her eyes and her body hidden under a black coat that reached just under her hips.

“Thought I’d find you here.” She said as she stood over me.

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

“Looking for you. I did try calling but it went straight to message bank.” She smiled a little. “So, I went to Sterling’s first, then Destery’s and then I came here. I figured you’d be at one of the spots. It’s almost seven-thirty, you know?”

“Nah, my phone’s in the car. I didn’t want to be bothered.” I said with shrug as I reached out and grabbed her soft hand and held it gently in my fingers. “You shouldn’t be driving, should you?”

“I’m fine to drive; I picked the only car that was auto.” She laughed a little.

“Smart girl.”

“I know. Now, come on, it’s cold out here and it’s going to rain soon. Apparently there’s a severe thunder storm heading over.”

“I like the rain.”

“Well, I don’t cause I will without a doubt get sick. Now get your ass up and get it in the car.”

“Yes boss.” I smirked at her.

She rolled her eyes playfully before turning on her heel and going back to the Range Rover. She stood on the side of the car, the top of the door underneath her arm and her eyes on me. I could see the playfulness in her eyes as she looked over at me. My heart jumped a little.

“If you don’t hurry up, I won’t give you sex for a week.” She smirked.

“You wouldn’t.” I said as I shot up from lying down.

“Try me, pretty boy.” Amity laughed as she got into the car and started it.

I shook my head with a laugh and went over to the car I had come in. She may be in a good, playful mood now but it wouldn’t last long. I knew it was just a burst of random happy mode and I didn’t expect it to last longer than it has. I wouldn’t even touch the sides of happy if I was her. I just really couldn't wait for the day where all of this blew over and she was back to being the girl I first met who put me in my place.




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