Trouble in Tattoos

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Please note: I have no idea how a prison sentencing is worded, I just went off Law and Order stuff haha. I don't even know if Western Australia has a state prison hahahahaha!

This is also the last update until I finish recovering from my surgery, the hospital placed me in for tomorrow afternoon so yeah, I'm a nervous wreck so mind the shitty editing on this chapter!!


Please Note: This novel was stolen by a Wattpad user (LittleTiger_Kitten) and due to that, this novel had to be changed from 'The Rich Man's Temptation (TRMT)' to 'Trouble in Tattoos (TiT)'. It is still the same novel, nothing has been changed expect for the summary. It has only been done to try and hide this novel as best as I can. Please, if you do see it posted anywhere and not under the name 'AnarchyBlues', report it and alert me of it! It's all I ask.

Chapter 23 (v.1) - “Only when it comes to ugly men like you.”

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Chapter Song: Worthless – Bullet for my Valentine


It had been a week since I had found out that it was my so called best friend that had stabbed me for a load of cash. Since then, I didn’t know what to do with myself. It was hard to come to terms with. Some parts of the days, I was in denial about it because I didn’t actually think it was true or even happening but other parts of the days, I filled with a rage so bad that I wanted to walk into the prison and punch her in the face for doing so. Then there were moments where I just zone out.

Darius had been checking up on me every afternoon by calling me, he stopped in once; and he had also kept me updated on the court date which was happening today. He had got it in quicker than I had thought.

Lacey had been taken into custody three days ago. Her court case wasn’t until next week which I had the joy of attending even though I seriously didn’t want to see that mongrel’s face. I don’t know the actual reasoning behind Lacey wanting me dead but I’m sure I’d find out soon enough. Any money, it all came down to Travis and I just hoped he didn’t blame himself for it because he wasn’t the one who slipped a blade into me. I hated Lacey more than I have ever hated anyone in my life before. I mean I did dislike the girl but now, it’s pure raw hatred.

The same hatred applies for Laura.

I was shocked at my anger the other day. I’ve never dropped the C-Bomb on anyone. I called people other names but never the C word. That was shocking but I didn’t regret the words I spoke or the anger I held and still do hold inside of me towards her.

I stared at myself in the mirror, taking in the black pencil skirt, the grey button down blouse and that stupid black blazer I wore for when I had the interview for this job. If I had known that some weeks down the track I would be stabbed by my best friend because of an ex-lover of Travis Carter’s, I never would’ve taken the job. I would’ve run the other way and kept fucking running until I was so far away from it all.

I slipped my feet into a pair of black heels, grabbed my hand bag and left the room.

Downstairs, I could hear Darius, Travis and Sterling talking. Travis and Sterling were coming as mural support as they said, I honestly would've been okay with just Darius since my parents weren't coming. I walked down the stairs and into the entry way of Travis’ house.

Darius stood with his back towards the door, his hair brushed back without a hair out of place and wore a dark navy blue suits. Travis stood just to the side of him, his dark brown hair done to the normal style he does these days; he wore black slacks and a white button down shirt that covered his tattoos expect for the ones on his hands. Sterling stood against the wall frame, his arms crossed across his chest; his ashy blonde hair pushed back and his green eyes meeting mine. He wore similar to Travis but grey slacks instead of black ones.

“You good?” Sterling asked me as I drew closer.

“Yeah, sort of.” I nodded a little.

Darius walked over to me and wrapped an arm around my shoulders and gently pulled me into his side. “She’ll be locked up by the end of today for quite a few years.”

I just nodded. “Let’s go before we’re late.”

Darius gave a nod and we all headed for the door. Travis’ hand grabbed mine and I looked at him. He lent forwards, pressing his lips to my temple before moving back and giving my hand a gentle squeeze. Darius went to his car as me, Travis and Sterling went to Travis’ car. The court house was about an hour away from here and it was going to be one hellish hour. Nervous, metal butterflies fluttered in my stomach, my heart racing and my mind was swirling with thoughts. I had no idea how many years Laura would get or Lacey but I hoped that it was more than six years.

“It’ll be alright, Ami.” Sterling said as he lent forwards and rested a hand on my shoulder before giving it a gentle squeeze.

“Here’s hoping.” I said.

• • •

“Has the jury reached a verdict?” The judge asked as he looked over at the group of men and women.

All eyes went to the jury. My breath in short pants, my heart humming louder in my ears that it had the entire time I had been sitting here. My eyes moved from the jury to Laura who had had her head hung most of the time, her shoulders hunched and her wrists bounded by silver hand cuffs. I had to stop my eyes from looking at her with a glare with the wish of her dead floating around in my eyes.

“We have, your honour.” The woman said as she looked up at the judge.

“In the charges of attempted murder of Miss Amity Tate, how do you find?” The judge asked.

My breath got caught in my throat as I stared at the jury once more. Every fibre in me had come to a standstill. This was one of the most intimidating things I have ever been through; one of the scariest things I have had to witness. I never once thought that I’d be the one in a court room waiting to hear the sentencing of a girl I had called my best friend, the sister I always wanted.

“We find Laura Black," The woman said as she glanced over at Laura and back to the judge. "Guilty."

The woman sat down and all eyes went back to the judge. The judge looked over the paperwork in front of him before looking upwards. His eyes went to Laura before he looked over at me. He looked out at the people behind us. Laura’s mother was sat at the back of the court room, anger and sadness in her eyes. When she had made eye contact with me, she gave an apologetic look but I turned away. I didn’t have it in me to speak to Laura’s mother right now. Maybe in the months to come but not now.

I needed time to heal emotionally before I could actually really look her in the eye. I wasn't angry or hurt at her, it was never her fault and I am not just going to become vicious towards Ms Black because of her daughter's actions. That's just not the type of person I am.

The judge’s eyes landed on Laura and stayed on her. “I hereby sentence Laura Black to a maximum of fifteen years in Western Australia’s State Prison with a minimum of twelve years.”

Laura’s choked sob filled the court room and I let out a breath of relief. Darius’ head turning caught my attention and I looked at him. A small smile on his face as the judge slammed the hammer down and Laura was moved out of the court room in a sobbing mess. We were told to all rise and I rose to my feet on two shaky legs. The judge left the court room and we were all free to leave. Once we were outside of the court room, I wrapped my arms around Darius, thanking him for what he had done. He just told me it was his job and he’d do it all over again for me. I let go of Darius and turned around.

“One down, one to go.” Travis smiled and I nodded.

Travis came over to me and his hands went around my waist. My hands sat lazily around his neck as his lips met mine. I felt like a slight weight had been lifted off my shoulders but there was still one because Lacey was still not sentenced yet. Darius had told me that she, too, would be going to prison for some time and we wouldn’t hear from them ever again.

“Come on, Melody left me a bunch of messages asking me what the go was.” Travis said.

“Amity?” I heard my name be spoken.

I looked over my shoulder to see Laura’s mother walking over to me. Her eyes red and slightly puffy. I unwrapped myself from Travis and faced Laura’s mum. She stopped a little in front of me, gripping her handbag tightly in her hands. I brushed my hair out of my eyes as I looked at her, I was still getting used to the darkness off my hair.

“I am so very sorry for what has happened, I wish I could’ve stopped her from doing what she has done.” She said.

“Don’t apologise, it’s not your fault. It’s her fault.” I said.

“I know.” She nodded a little. “I’ll let you go, that’s all I wanted to say.”

Before I could speak another word, Laura’s mother quickly walked away from us. I followed her with my eyes until I could no longer see her. I turned back to Travis and smiled a little. I felt bad for Laura’s mum, something like that must have broken her heart. Her daughter being sentence to at least twelve years in prison would’ve been a sad thing for her. I brushed the thoughts away as Travis’ laced his fingers through mine and gave it a gentle squeeze.

“Let’s go get drinks, we’ll get our minds of this shit for a little while.” Sterling said. “My shout, even.”

Travis laughed. “You’ll shout one drink and we’ll have to pay for the rest of our drinks. You’re a tight ass, mate.”

“Only when it comes to ugly men like you.” Sterling smirked.

I just laughed as little as I shook my head.

• • •

I laid on my stomach, my arms up underneath the pillow and my head facing towards Travis. His fingers brushing softly down and up my bare back. His hand held his head up and his mess of hair flopped to the side and covered his hand. His blue eyes staring into mine. Both of us not uttering a word as we just stared at each other. I guess you could say we were having one of those moments. It was strange but comforting.

After we had a few drinks down at the bar down the road, Travis and I had come back here and Sterling went home with some blonde haired chick. Since we had gotten home, we had stayed hauled up in my room and making a mess of the sheets. It was now two in the morning and we had gotten home at nine o’clock. I had some pain in my side but nothing that I couldn’t handle.

“You’re like a male rabbit.” Travis grinned.

“A male rabbit?” I laughed.

“You started all of that, all four times.” Travis said like he wasn’t the blame.

“Don’t point all of that on me, you jerk. You started it if I remember correctly. It’s not like I can kiss down the length of my own body.” I laughed again.

“Shut up, you loved it.”

“And what if I didn’t?”

“What am I still doing in your bed, then?”

I just laughed as I turned away from him. I swung my legs out of the bed and looked down at the ground. Travis’ shirt was sitting by my feet and I bent down and picked it up. I wrapped the shirt around me and escaped to the bathroom. I climbed into the shower.

As I stood in the shower, I let all thoughts I had pushed away come to my mind. A part of me felt sorry for Laura, I felt sorry for her because she thought she needed to do dirty work for someone else to survive when she wasn’t sure how to ask someone and her mistake landed her many, many years in prison. Another part of me was so angry that punching a wall until my hand was bloody wouldn’t even dull out the anger that was held towards both Lacey and Laura. And the hatred that I felt. I just hoped that I’d be able to let go of most of the anger I held towards both of them.

I knew that I would never forgive them. Something like this is unforgiveable. I would never have it in me to accept an apology from either of them. I knew I would never get an apology from Lacey because the bitch was out to get me from day one. She did stick to her words that day I walked in on her and Travis having that screaming match where Travis was almost about to beat a woman. I should’ve watched over my shoulder every time I was alone but I never thought about it if I’m really honest. I just brushed her comment aside like it was nothing because I didn’t want her affecting me like she had already done before.

I sighed as I quickly washed myself and climbed out the shower, wrapping the white plush towel around my body. The only thing I could do now was move on from everything that had happened over the last couple weeks. There was no point thinking about it more than I had. Both of them will be behind bars by the end of next week and I’ll never see them again. I won’t have to worry about them coming after me to finish the job.

I looked at myself in the mirror. My hazel eyes starting to show light back into them and my dark locks sitting messily on top of my head; the strands that had fallen out were wet and stuck to my skin. I turned away from the mirror and went into the room. Travis was laying on his back, his eyes closed and his breathing steady.

“Are you done in there?” Travis asked, his eyes still closed.

“I’m done.” I said as I smiled a little.

Travis’ eyes opened and sat up before kicked the sheet off him. He was completely starkers and my eyes instantly went to that stupid mower man that sat just near his manhood. I shook my head and turned away as he walked over to the bathroom. I swear it was going to take time to get used to that stupid mower man.

I went into my closet, got dressed and went climbed back into bed. I settled down in the sheets and fixed the pillow up and sighed as I closed my eyes.

Tomorrow’s a new day.

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