Trouble in Tattoos

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The first 7 chapters of this novel will be updated rather quickly because those were the chapters posted on my AfterShock account before I had to close it down. After the first 7 chapters have been posted, I will be going back to once a week updates! I hope you are all enjoying this and it's not disappointing anyone! :D Can't wait to see what you have to say about this chapter :D

Chapter 3 (v.1) - 'Make it rain for male strippers.'

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Chapter Song: Ocean Drive – Duke Dumont (Original Mix)

I shoved the rest of the banana and honey muffin in my mouth as I climbed out of my car, shoving my handbag over my shoulder and the hot coffee in my hand. I placed the coffee on top of my car before bending into the car, grabbing my keys out of the ignition and shutting the door. I locked my car with the button on the key and shoved the set of keys into my handbag, grabbed the coffee and dashed for the entrance of the Saint Oak Valley Apartments building. I didn’t know much about Saint Oak Valley but what I did know was that was it was a really expensive place to live. There are houses here that I dreamed of living in but I’d never make enough to live in the houses I dreamed of. Well, until now because I’ll be able to make it rain for male strippers without batting an eyelid, if I make it pass the next two weeks.

I pushed through the circling door and was greeted with a very open, welcoming and flash lobby. The place was coloured with white, grey and black. Very modern and very sheek.  I could get used to walking into this on a daily basis. Unless I’m having a shitty day, then everything burn in hell for all I care. I slowly walked over to the front desk as my eyes tried taking in every inch of the place. It made me wonder what Travis’ condo looked like because if this is what the lobby looked like, I’m going to pass the fuck out when I see his place.

It took me ten minutes to get to the condo after I finally made my way to the front desk. I had to fill out a form for the apartment building management to know that I’m not some fan-girl sneaking in to try and steal Travis’ jocks or a lock of his hair. Apparently girls have actually tried to do that according to the girl at the front desk. Just proves that nowadays girls are crazy. I mean who would actually do that? Crazy people, that's who.

I stepped into the elevator, sipping on my coffee as I turned around and press the button for the top level. The elevator shitty music filled my ears as I groaned softly at it. I looked at my reflection in the elevator does. I looked slightly warped but I could still see myself pretty clearly. My brown and blonde ombr? locks draped down my chest; my make-up looked half-assed but neat and made my hazel look more awake than I had felt this morning; apparently the loose fitting tank top, jeans and ankle boots made me seem pulled together than I actually felt.

Ken had informed me this morning when he sent me an email that I was to dress in comfortable clothes but not clothes that made me look like a grub, not his words but that’s what I got out of it, and I was to sort through his emails and delete what’s not important. It seemed like I was going to have a very un-busy day while Travis slept all day until I get his ass up to get ready for the meeting that Ken wants him at. I was not looking forward to that at all.

I stepped out of the elevator, fixing my handbag up on my shoulder and walked down the small hallway to Travis’ door. I only knew it was Travis’ door because it was the only door in the hallway. I grabbed the key card that was handed to me before and slid it down the slit just above the door handle, the door unlocked and I opened the door. I shoved the key card back into my pocket as I stepped into the condo. I could hear the low buzz of a TV coming from somewhere in the condo which I wasn’t willingly to hunt down and turn off. As the door softly closed behind me, I looked around at the things I could actually see.

The place was fairly opening, somewhat welcoming and seemed like the ultimate bachelor pad. I mean what bachelor pad doesn’t have a stripper pole next to a dining room table? Three black leather couches sat in front of an oversized TV that seemed too big for the lounge room and one of the couches were occupied by two people. One of them being a girl with her boobs all on show and her blonde hair not even long enough to cover her chest. The guy, luckily enough, slept in a pair of briefs covering up his junk. I quickly turned away from them, not willing to look at them much longer.

To the left of me was a closed door and to the right of me was an arch way that showed me the kitchen. I instantly head for the kitchen, my heels making the loudest noise in the house that made me slightly cringe at how loud they were. The kitchen was modern with it’s dark browns and whites and stainless steel appliances. I sat my bag down on the island that sat in the middle of the kitchen which was very clean. But that’s probably because of a maid. There was probably no way Travis would clean up after himself when Daddy Dearest can afford a maid.

“Who are you?” I jumped as I heard the voice snap from behind me.

I turned around to face who the person who the voice belonged to. Standing in front of me was a chick that wasn’t the chick sleeping on the couch with her norks all on show. The girl standing in front of me was gorgeous; she was super model gorgeous. Burgundy hair pulled up into one of that half up, half down styles; chocolate brown eyes with traces of last night’s make-up surrounded her eyes and her body hidden under an oversized male shirt. Her arms were crossed across her chest and her body language showed me that she wasn’t happy that I was here and that she was trying to intimidate me which wasn’t going to work at all.

“Uhm, Amity Tate. I’m Travis’ new PA.” I said as I tilted head to the side a little. “Who are you?”

“Don’t question me. Does he know you’re here or does he even know you?” She questioned, attitude and dislike coating her tone like Magic Icing would an ice-cream.

“Of course he does. He met me yesterday and so did his father.” I fired back. “Would you like me to call Ken just so he can tell you that I’m meant to be here?”

She rolled her eyes. “Stay here, I’ll be back.”

She narrowed her eyes at me before turning around and walking out of the kitchen. I sipped on my coffee as I shrugged a little. I grabbed my phone out of my handbag and went into my emails. I quickly read over the email that Ken had sent me, making sure I knew everything that I needed to do today. I shoved my phone into my pocket as I decided to venture around house. As I turned around, I felt myself walk into something. The coffee almost slipping out of my hand but there was no way I was letting it drop, I'd rather not die today.

I stepped back and looked up. The bloke that was sleeping on the couch was standing in front of me and looking down at me. I hated the fact that I was short because that meant I didn’t look angry enough when I wanted to stare someone down. But how could I stare this dude down when he was giving me the smallest, welcoming smile I’ve had since I’ve arrived here.

“I see you met Lacey.” He said, his voice holding that ‘I’ve just woken up’ tone.

“Well I wouldn’t know her name seeing as I’m not allowed to ask questions, apparently.” I said as I watched the guy step around me and go over to a coffee machine.

“Does that mean I can be ‘Mystery Guy’ because you can’t ask my name and I only know yours?” He smirked at me.

I breathed a laugh. “Just because she said I’m not allowed to ask questions doesn’t mean I’m not going to ask them.”

“Damn, I thought I was finally going to be that guy.” He laughed.

I smiled as I looked over him once. Tattoos covered his arms and, what I saw, his chest; mousy brown hair that shot out in different directions; muscular body and he towered over me. But it’s not that hard to tower over my small five foot six frame.

“So, what is your name Mystery Guy?” I asked, trying to pop his bubble.

“Last name Guy, first name Mystery.” He said as he turned around and faced me with a child-like grin.

“You better not be fucking lying to me, Travis.” I heard Lacey’s voice come from somewhere in the condo. “I swear to God if you’re lying, we are so fucking done. Believe me, this will be the last time.”

“Would you calm the fuck down? Dad wants her here so fucking deal with it.” Travis snapped.

“Whatever Travis, I mean what I said.” She bit out as they stepped into the kitchen.

Mystery Guy and I looked over to the kitchen entrance to see Travis and Lacey standing into the doorway. Travis was leant up against the frame and Lacey just stared daggers at me. I ignored the urge to roll my eyes at her and her petty ways. I wasn’t here to steal her precious boy toy, I was here to do a damn fucking job. That was all and that’s what she needed to realize. But the thing I did realize was that Lacey was going to be a damn issue and she might have been the reason why old love before me quit the job. That or her and Travis had a two week fling that ended with her quitting.

“You’re early, Doll Face.” Travis said.

“No, I’m on time and you’re up early from what Ken told me in the email.” I said.

Travis laughed. “What is on today’s agenda?”

“I have to sort through your emails, deleting ones that are too old, replying to ones that need replying to, you know. And you have a meeting that you have to attend at two o’clock.” I stated as my eyes shifted between Travis and Lacey.

“Joyful.” Travis said as his eyes looked pass me. “You better me making me one of those, Sterling.”

“Goddamn it Travis, you wrecked it.” Mystery Guy, now known as Sterling, grumbled.

“What?” Travis frowned as I laughed a little.

“I had successfully been known as Mystery Guy to Amity for the last five minutes and now look what you did, she now knows my name.” Sterling said as he made another cup of coffee. “You’re a great friend.”

“Sorry man, should’ve said something.” Travis smiled as Sterling pushed the cup of coffee over to him. “I’m going for a shower.”

“Can I have your laptop first?” I asked. “I want to get these emails out of the way.”

“Yeah, it’s in the lounge room. Ster– I mean Mystery Guy knows the password.” Travis said as he winked at Sterling.

“Fuck you.” Sterling said simply.

• • •

I was sat on the couch, the couch that wasn’t used for Sterling’s pleasure last night, halfway through sorting out the emails and calling out to Travis when I needed to ask him something, when I heard the sound of patters rushing along the hard, wooden floors. I looked over to where the patters were coming from to see a horse sized, merle coloured dog coming rushing at me. My eyes widened in the slight fear I felt as the horse sized dog jumped on the couch next to me and ran it’s tongue up the side of my face. Instantly, a disgusted sound came out of my mouth before it turned into a laugh as I pushed the dog away and wiped my face.

“Dude, seriously.” I laughed as I looked at the dog and the sound of it’s tail thumped against the back of the couch.

“Shit, I’m sorry. Alfie doesn’t understand that new girls aren’t the faces to be kissing until he gets to know them.” The girl’s laughter made me looked away from the dog. "You'd think because Travis is his father, he'd have game but clearly they haven't been rubbed onto him."

“Alfie?” I chuckled.

“Travis wanted to name him something that you’d call a little dog for obvious reasons.” She said as she sat down and Alfie rested his head on my arms as soon as he got comfy on the couch. “You must be Amity Tate, the new assistant or baby sitter for Travis as I like to call them?”

“That’s me.” I laughed.

“Melody, or Mel, whatever you decide to call me.” She smiled kindly at me. “I’m so glad you didn’t get all pissy pants at me for calling you a baby sitter. The last one had no sense of humour at all. I swear she had a stick so far up her ass, she threw up all the humour that she held in her body.”

I snorted a laughed as I moved my arms out from underneath Alfie’s head. “Having no sense of humour is a nightmare to me. Why live life with no sense humour?”

“My thoughts exactly. I think I’m going to like having you around. I now have high hopes that you will last for months, rather than two weeks.” Melody said.

I placed the laptop on the coffee table in front of me as I leant back and scratched Alfie’s head. I looked over at Melody. She was in workout clothes and held a black leash and harness in her hands as she rested back in the couch across from me. Melody was pretty even without make-up on, I’d be jealous when I do see her with her face done if she does wear make-up; her light blonde hair was pulled up in a ponytail and I could see the light blue that coloured the bottom of her hair; her green eyes looking down at her phone as she tapped away from it before looking up at me and smiling.

“Have any tips to help me deal with Travis?” I laughed a little.

“If after all these six years I’ve known the bastard that I’ve learnt something, don’t let him try over rule you and be honest with him.” Melody smiled a little. “He can be a handful at times, so prepare yourself for that.”

“Okay, note taken.” I said.

“What are you doing on his laptop?” She asked.

“Haul of his emails. Ken wants his emails up to date from here on out so he doesn’t miss anything.”

“Alfie, come ‘ere boy.” Melody and I heard, followed up with a whistle.

Alfie just lifted his big head and looked over to where the voice came from before laying his head back on my lap. Melody laughed as she looked straight pass me. I turned in my spot to see Travis walking over to me and bent over the couch. His hands instantly scratching the big dog’s ears as he looked up at Melody.

“How’d he go at puppy school?” Travis asked.

“He did great. Kelly thinks he’ll graduate puppy school next month if he keeps up with how he is doing.” Melody said.

“Puppy school?” I asked with a slight frown.

“Yeah, he has to go because he was misbehaving.” Melody said.

“How old is he?” I asked.

“Ten months. He’s still young.” Travis said. "And a traitor."

Alfie looked up at him with puppy eyes in full blown action. He sat up and licked Travis’ chin, making Travis laugh at his action. Travis spoke him like anyone would speak to a puppy when you forgive them for doing something. Alfie’s tail thumped against the couch again as Travis cooed and patted him. I didn’t understand why Travis needed someone like me when he’s taken on the responsibility of looking after a dog. Surely he could look after himself. But then the thought of Ken saying he can’t show up to meetings popped into my head.

“Ten months old and he’s already that big. Jesus Christ.” I said as I leant forwards and pulled up the email I needed to ask Travis about.

“He’s a Great Dane, that’s why he is so big.” Melody said.

“That’s why he’s the size of a horse.” I laughed. “Travis, this email says that they want you to make an appearance at their club this weekend, Saturday night actually.”

“What club?” Travis asked as he climbed over the couch and sat next to me.

“Thirteen Oaks.” I said as I scrolled through the emails.

“Paid appearance?” He asked.

“Of course it would be.” Melody piped up. “Everyone would pay you to make an appearance.”

“Shut up you.” Travis said. “This is business between me and my personal assistant here.”

Melody laughed. “Right. I’m heading home for a shower.”

“I’ll come down later, after the meeting.” Travis said. “If I survive the meeting.”

“You’ll have Amity there, she can keep you alive.” Melody said as she stood up. “Good luck Amity, you’ll need.”

“Thanks.” I said as I looked up at her.

“If you ever want to escape Travis, just come down to my place. It’s on level ten, three-ten.” Melody smiled. "Well, until he moves. Then you'll just have to call me or something."

“I’ll probably take you up on that.” I laughed a little as Melody walked away with a smile towards me. I turned to Travis. "Move?"

"We'll talk about that later on or something." He said as his eyes moved over the email.

• • •

“Hurry up Travis, you’re going to be late.” I hollered out as I placed my handbag on my shoulder.

“You’re not his mother, stop rushing him.” Lacey bit out as she sat at the kitchen bench.

“I may not be his mother but his father is relying on me to get him there on time.” I said as I looked at her.

Ever since Lacey had seen me and Travis sitting on the couch, she had been hovering around ever since. That was over three hours ago. If Travis entered a room where she knew I was, she’d be there. It was like I would jump Travis and ride him until the cows come home if she wasn’t about.  Travis told her to fuck off at one point when we were talking about the appearances he was to make this month as I wrote them down on a calendar that hung on his wall. He only told her to fuck off because she was making snark remarks towards me and telling Travis that he’d better make sure she was added to the list of people he was bringing with him.

Lacey seemed very territorial of Travis. I slightly understood why because Travis is a good looking bloke and I would be too if he was my boyfriend, just not as much as her though. But that was until Sterling told me that they were just fuck buddies and then I didn’t understand why she was acting the way she was acting. I just summed it down to the fact that she saw me as a threat when I have no interest in Travis like that. This was business, this was my job and that’s all there is to it. Lacey just needed to cool her jets before they blew up. If I learnt anything about boys, I learnt that you don’t become all protector over them because that’s what turns them away from you. And it wasn’t me who was being a protector; it was Rick’s ex-girlfriend that was doing the protector thing.

“Still doesn’t mean you have to get on his back to hurry up.” Lacey said as she oh-so-casually sussed out her fake nails.

“If you haven’t noticed the time, it’s one-thirty which means if we don’t leave now, we’ll be late.” I said as I looked up the stairs that led to the second level of the condo. “Come on Travis, your father is going to kill me if I have you late to that meeting.”

“Maybe that will be a good thing.” Lacey said with a slight laugh.

I rolled my eyes and ignored her comment as Travis came bouncing down the stairs with Alfie right behind him. Alfie came over to me and nudged my hand. I gave him a scratch as Travis went over to the fish bowl that held keys and fished out a set of them.

“When will you be back?” Lacey asked.

“Dunno.” Travis shrugged.

“Do I even bother waiting around?” Lacey said as she hopped off the seat.

“Just go home, I’ll call you or something.” Travis shrugged.

“Whatever. I’ll call you since you won’t call me.” Lacey said as she grabbed Travis and pulled her to him.

“That’s gross, hey?” I cooed as I looked away and looked down at Alfie.

Alfie just wagged his tail more and my hand scratched his ear. As Lacey walked passed Alfie and I, Alfie just looked at her and I could hear the slight growl coming from him as she kept walking. I took it as Alfie didn’t like Lacey at all and on my beliefs, dogs are pretty good judges of characters. If Alfie didn’t like her, I don’t know even know how Travis was fucking her.

“Alfie hates her.” Travis laughed. “Let’s go so we don’t end up as victims in a murder case.”




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