Trouble in Tattoos

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - "That single-stick-my-dick-in-every-vag lifestyle."

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Chapter Song: Lazy Eye - Silversun Pickups

Travis and I pulled into the carpark of Carter Records and climbed out the car. I almost kissed the ground as my feet planted down on them and held my weight up. Travis was zipping in and out of traffic, stayed above the speed limit for most of the time expect for when he pulled up to red lights. His taste of music was good for rock music which I’m not a massively huge fan of but I'd be lying if I said I didn't like it. I looked over the sports car that Travis decided to drive and watched as Travis put his leather jacket on.

“Do you not know how to read speed limit signs?” I asked as I closed the door and started to walk around the car.

“You said we were going to be late. Don’t want Daddy to kill us now, do we?” Travis mocked.

“If you weren’t so busy in the room with your precious fuck buddy, we’d have been early.” I said as I started walking towards the entrance of the building. “We have five minutes to get into the building, Travis.”

Travis just chuckled from behind me as we walked into the building. Cameron was sat behind the desk, in business attire. His brown eyes went from me to Travis and from Travis back to me. I pursed my lips at him as I came to a stop just a little way from the front desk. I looked over my shoulder to see Travis too busy tapping on his phone to even pay attention to what I was doing. I could strip down naked, do a little naked dance and get dressed and he wouldn’t have noticed or known a thing.

“What room, level, I don’t know, do we have to be?” I asked Cameron.

Cameron laughed a little. “Room six on level three. It’s easy to find. The elevator is down the hall, you’ll see it.”

“Thank you.” I smiled as I started walking. I looked over my shoulder to see Travis still standing in spot. “Travis.”

Travis looked up at me. He gave me a child-like smile before he started walking. I turned away, rolling my eyes as I kept walking and spotted the elevator. I jabbed the button with the arrow pointing up and the doors opened in front of me. Travis and I stepped in and I pressed the level three button. I eyed Travis through the warped reflection in the elevator doors and focused on listening to the crap elevator music playing.

I felt the need to snatch the phone out of Travis’ hand and place it in my handbag, on silent, until the meeting was over but I ignored that little voice telling me to do so. The elevator dinged and both Travis and I stepped out. We both quickly walked down the hallway and I found room six. I knocked on the door before opening and found myself being stared at by five different men and Ken. Ken didn’t look too happy and neither did the other men staring at me. I inwardly cringe.

“I’m so, so sorry he is late. He took his time.” I said and looked at Travis who was on his phone once again. I quickly snatch the stupid fucking iPhone out of his hand, put it on silent and tucked it into my bag.

“That’s my phone.” Travis bit out.

“And you’ll get it back when the meeting is over. Sit down.” I said and pointed at the chair. My eyes went back to Ken. “He’s here and I’m sorry we’re late.”

“Try not to be next time.” Ken said. “Just sit down next to Travis.”

Travis and I sat down in the two spare seats opposite Ken. Ken continued on with whatever he was saying as Travis slumped in the chair. I felt like a mother, rather than a personal assistant that I was actually hired for. Taking his phone off him and confiscating it and now, elbowing him slightly and give him a look to say sit up properly. Funnily enough, he didn’t sit up but I earned a glare. He was pissed off with me already and it’s only the first day. I was in for hell if he’s acting this childish already.

It had made me wonder what I was in for throughout the next fortnight. Was he always going to be this damn fucking childish and not acting his age like he should be? I mean it’s okay to be childish sometimes, it makes life less boring. But when you have to be adult, you have to be an adult. He can’t just sit there on his phone the whole meeting because that’s just disrespectful towards his father and embarrasses his father in front of these five blokes. Even I would be embarrassed if he had sat there the whole time, texting or whatever he does. I bet he was just playing a fucking game.

I glanced over at Travis; his head was resting against the palm of his hand and his elbow resting against the arm of the chair. His face looked like he had a mixture of being slapped and boredom. I know meetings can be boring but why couldn’t he just fake being interested, it’s not that hard to fake being interested in meeting. I’ve done it before. I’ve even faked being interested in what my mother has been saying to me. I think I’ve actually mastered pretending to be interested.

I looked back at Ken as he listened to one of the men speak about what was going on. I had no idea what they were going on about seeing as I wasn’t listening and Travis’ phone had buzzed in my handbag four times already. Well, I think it was four because that’s what I felt vibrate through my foot where my handbag was resting against it. I didn’t question why he was on his phone all the time. Especially now that I have felt how much his phone has gone off in a small space of almost ten minutes.

• • •

The meeting was over and Travis had not fallen asleep surprisingly. Ken had asked Travis and I to stay back cause he needed to talk to us and I feared this talking. I feared it because Travis was late and it was my responsibility to get him here on time. But hopefully, Ken would understand how his son works and when I say how his son works I’m meaning he was too busy fuck ass-ing around with Lacey in his bedroom. I wouldn’t say that to Ken however because that’s just embarrassing that I even know that and more embarrassing that I was the one hearing all the giggles and squeals coming out of Lacey’s mouth.

It was a horrible experience.

Travis was leant back in his chair, his face facing the ceiling and his eyes looking at the ceiling. We both sat quietly, not saying anything to one another and just allowing the voice of Ken’s and the men he was saying good bye to and thanking for coming to the meeting fill the silence between us. I’m pretty sure I heard him apologising for his son’s lateness. Which I really do think that Travis should’ve of been the one apologising to Ken when we finally turned up. It shouldn't have been me saying sorry.

I looked over at Ken standing by the door, his hand on the man’s shoulder as he shook his hand and said goodbye. Ken closed the door and came over to me and Travis. He sat in the chair diagonally across from Travis and rested his hands on the table as he laced them together. His eyes looked at Travis before looking at me and I couldn’t help the tight lipped smile that came to my lips. I'd probably call it my 'this is awkward' smile.

“Travis.” Ken said, his tone showing all father authority.

“Yes, father?” Travis said and looked at his father.

“Can you tell me why you were late?” Ken said. “I’m sure Amity told you what time you had to be here at.”

“Lacey was over.” He shrugged his shoulders.

“You cannot allow that girl to make you late to such things. If I have to, I will ban her from going there during the week and only allowed there on the weekends. I have warned you about it before, Travis.” Ken said.

“I know, Dad.” Travis muttered. “We just lost track of time.”

“Losing track of time is no excuse, son. You needed to be here at ten to two so that you were not late. How are you going to be if I ever hand this company over to you?” Ken asked; his eyes glancing at me quickly before going back to Travis who was staring down at the table with a frown.

“I’ve told you, Dad. I don’t want the company. Hand it over to someone else but me.” Travis bit out. “I don’t want to be in charge of this place, it’s not where I want to be.”

“And where do you want to be?” I blurted before I could stop myself.

Travis looked at me from the corner of his eye. His light blue eyes seemed darker than usual and an emotion that I couldn’t put my finger on as they met mine. I looked away; embarrassed that I had allowed myself to ask a question. I didn’t even know the kid all that well which meant I had no reason to ask him where he wanted to be in his life.

“It doesn’t matter where I want to be. All that apparently matters is me taking over this fucking company, right Dad?” Travis snapped.

“Travis, we have spoken about this before. You need to pull your head in before you do take this company over. I need you at meetings so you know how they work and I need you to start being on time. That’s all I have to say. I’ll see you tomorrow morning at the meeting. It’s at nine o’clock, please be here at ten to nine.” Ken said as he stood up. “I’m sure you’ll be able to get him here on time, Amity?”

I nodded. “Yeah, I can. I’ll try to make sure he is here on time.”

“Don’t let him over rule you.” Ken said before standing up. “Be on time Travis, please.”

“Whatever.” Travis said as his father started for the door.

Ken left us in the room alone and I felt the sudden awkwardness that sat around me. I almost jumped as Travis stood up and stormed out of the room. I had the feeling that was something going on between Ken and Travis that was just waiting to explode but I also had the feeling that Travis wouldn’t say anything to jeopardise the lifestyle he currently is living. Even if it is using Daddy’s money.

I quickly stood up and dash out the room, pushing the strap of my handbag onto my shoulder. As I exited the room, I saw Travis step into the elevator. My walking turned into a jog and just as I got to the elevator, the doors closed. I let my head drop as I exhaled loudly and swore at the doors. I pressed the down button and waited for the elevator to come back up. I just hoped I caught Travis before he took off on me.

Within moments, the elevator door opened and showed me an empty elevator. I quickly moved into the elevator and finger jabbed the lobby button over and over again, trying to make it hurry up. The doors closed, I went down and the doors opened again. I quickly walked out of the elevator and ran down the small hallway that we had walked down earlier. I prayed that Travis hadn’t left yet as I almost sprinted out of the building. I stepped onto the sidewalk out the front of the building, I watched as Travis took off out of the carpark.

“Fuck me.” I groaned. "You son of a bitch, Travis."

I pulled my handbag off my shoulder and dug into it. My eyes landed on Travis’ iPhone which made me groan inwardly before grabbing mine. I dialled the taxi number and ordered a taxi. First day on the job and I’ve witnessed a grumpy ass Travis, a bossy father and leant that when Travis is pissed off, I have to beat him to the car.

• • •

I paid the taxi driver and told him to keep the change as I climbed out the cab. I walked into the building and went straight to Travis’ condo. I had Travis’ phone in my hand so that I could hand it over to him as soon as I saw him. There was only four more hours till I could go home and I honestly wished it would hurry up so I could. As I stepped into the condo, Alfie barked at me which made me jump back into the door causing it to slam shut.

“Jesus Christ, Alfie.” I said as I looked down at him and only got his tail wagging excitedly in response.

I gave Alfie's ear a scratch as I noticed the condo was really quiet before I heard the sound of footsteps rushing down the stairs. Alfie ran off to the direction that the footsteps were coming from. I followed in suit after Alfie. I placed my handbag on the couch as I walked passed it. My eyes looked at the stairs just as Travis came into view. He didn’t look as pissed as he did before but he still looked angry. I held out his phone as he came in arms’ length. He snatched the phone out of my hand and went to work replying back to people.

“Do I need to put you on that list of people coming with me on Saturday?” He asked.

“Uhm, I really don’t know.” I shrugged.

“Whatever, I’ll put you on anyways.” He said as he looked up at me. “How’d you even get back here?”

“Called a cab after I watched you take off out of the carpark. I’m surprised you did considering I had your phone.” I stated.

“Should’ve walked faster then, hey?” Travis said before turning around and heading for the stairs.

“Travis?” I said, stopping him on the bottom step and making him look at me.

“What?” He said.

“Where’s your bathroom?” I asked.

“There’s one just off the kitchen and there’s one upstairs, first door on your left.” He said and continued going up the stairs.

I made my escape to the bathroom that was off the kitchen. As soon as I got into the bathroom, I closed and locked the door behind me. I was still annoyed at the fact that Travis and his tantrum had left me at his father’s building but I was still wondering what is actually going on between Ken and Travis. From how their conversation went before everyone basically went their separate ways, Travis has some idea where he wants to be and that place is not his father’s company. And Ken doesn’t want Travis doing what he wants to do. I mean I do see why Ken would rather Travis doing hiss job, Travis does use his father’s money for his pleasure and lifestyle. But I also see Travis’ side, Travis wants to be doing something he likes to do, not something he didn’t want to do.

I washed my hands, the cool water soothing just a little. Whatever was going on between Ken and Travis, I wanted nothing to with and plus, it’s none of my business. I wanted to do my job, that’s all I want to do. Getting involved in family drama is something that does not appeal to me in any way, shape or form. I mean who would want to get involved with family drama that isn’t your family? If someone does, that’s just fucked up. Especially when it has nothing to do with you.

• • •

The last two days had been okay. I spent majority of the days getting through all of Travis’ emails and now, it was only in date emails and confirmations for Travis appearing at things. I have to admit, Travis has made a name for himself in all the clubs. If I wasn’t doing the emails, I was running errands with Travis, dodging paparazzi and I had managed to get him to the meeting early the other day. Ken was surprised and Travis was in a mood. On the plus side, he actually put his phone away and didn’t touch the thing the whole meeting. We didn’t want a repeat of what happened the first meeting we attended together.

I was sat at Travis’ dining room table, his laptop in front of me and going over the couple of emails that had been sent to him this morning and last night. Some of it was just shit but one of them was another club appearance for next Friday. Travis had told me yesterday that any club appearances come up, say yes if he didn’t have any other appearance on that night. I grabbed the event planner book and the pen that sat next to me and opened it to that day. Travis had three appearances that week; one on Tuesday, another on Thursday and another on the Saturday. Now, he has one on Friday. How he hasn’t killed his body organs yet is beyond me.

I scribbled down the name of the club, what time to be there and a reminder to email the club owner on how many people he would be bringing with him. Once I had written that in and replied to the email, I got up and went on the search for Travis. I hadn’t seen him all morning, I saw Melody when she came to collect Alfie earlier for his puppy school. Melody had taken over the puppy school days because Travis always missed them and Melody felt that a big dog like Alfie needed training and walking every day. I’m meant to be going with her this afternoon when she takes Alfie for his daily afternoon walk.

As I walked up the stairs, I could hear Lacey having a chop about something. I followed the voice because without a doubt, Travis with her.  Over the last two days, I had grown to dislike Lacey. She’s disrespectful and keeps expecting me to go get her a coffee from the little coffee shop across the road. She didn’t like it when I said no because I wasn’t her personal assistant. After I told her that, she told Travis to tell me to do it; he just laughed at her before walking away. Lacey seriously didn't like that which just caused an arguement.

I knocked on the door where Lacey’s voice was hiding behind. I almost jumped back when Lacey swung the door open and gave me her best grumpy look. I looked passed her and straight at Travis who was lying in his bed with his hands behind his head; shirtless and the blanket covering from his hips and below. I had to ignore the urge to shutter and walk back in the other direction when it clicked what had just happened in here.

“What do you want Amity?” Lacey snapped at me.

“Well obviously not you.” I smiled at her. “You have a club appearance next Friday so you’re going to have to tell me who you want there by Thursday.”

“How many is that now?” Travis asked.

“What? All up next week?” I asked.

“Yeah, has to be at least five now.”

“No, it’s four now. I don’t know how you haven’t killed off your body parts yet with how much you drink.”

Lacey laughed. “It’s like you care.”

I looked at Lacey. “Actually, it was a simple statement, you twit.”

“Go away, you annoying whore.” She growled and slammed the door in my face.

“Well then.” I said as I walked away.

That girl needed to take chill pill and keep in mind that I don’t want her precious fuck buddy, I’m just here to do my job that I was hired to do. I feel the girl has so many insecurities that she’s starting to see me as a threat. Well, she started seeing me as a threat on the first day but it’s only getting worse and worse as the days go by. If I was a bloke, I would’ve fucked her right off by now seeing as she has nothing to fear about with me being around. It’s strictly business.

As I came down the stairs, I heard the front door open. It wasn’t until I made it to the bottom step that I saw who it was. Mr ‘I want to be known as Mystery Guy’, Sterling was the one who walked through the door. He grinned at me as he was almost at the stairs were I was stepping off. I’m not going to lie, Sterling is something good to look at and I wouldn’t get sore eyes staring at him majority of the time. Eye candy for Amity without any touching.

“Four days and you’re still here. I think you might just make it.” Sterling laughed as he leant as the staircase railing.

“Don’t hold your breath. I could be outta here exactly on two weeks.” I smiled.

“Let me guess? Little Miss  Pyscho is intimidating you with her pyscho-ness?” He asked as I stepped around him.

“Only so much one can take with one thinking they are trying to steal their boy toy.” I laughed as I headed for the kitchen.

“She’s always been like that.” Sterling said from behind me as I kept heading towards the kitchen. “Ever since Travis first hooked up with her, she had stuck to him like a leech but without trying to take his money because she has her own money.”

“I guess you’ve been around for a while then, huh?” I said as I stopped at the fridge and grabbed the bottle of water I had placed in there.

“Known Travis for about ten years, childhood mates you could say.” Sterling said as he sat down and grabbed his phone out of his pocket. “Lacey showed up about a year and a half ago and has never left. Travis only keeps her around for when he has no one else to get his end away with and Lacey knows that but still thinks she can tame him.”

“I’m guessing she's the reason why the last one made a run for it?” I asked as I untwisted the cap on the bottle and took a swig out of it.

“Nah,” Sterling laughed as he ran a hand over his hair. “She left because she fucked Travis, it was a two week fling and it didn’t end so well when Travis told her he wasn’t interested in her.”

“Asshole move from Travis, dumb move from the girl.” I stated.

“Something like that. She was just like Lacey, thinks they can tame the bad boy but in reality, it’s him who needs or wants to change for them. He doesn’t want to change for a girl and have that relationship status there. Well, not yet anyways, he still wants that single-stick-my-dick-in-every-vag lifestyle at the minute.”

“So when he’s thirty?” I laughed.

Sterling laughed. “Give it about three years; he’ll be twenty-seven by then and his player ways will settle down and then when that time comes the right one will come along if he hasn’t already fucked her best friend.”

“That’s… That’s one to put it.” I laughed.

“Are you coming tonight?” Sterling asked as he tapped on his phone before looking up at me. “Travy put you on the list.”

“Not sure I want to spend even more time with Travis and Lacey more than I already do. And I really do like my sleep and seeing as I’ve been up since earlier than seven o’clock this morning, I’d rather be sleeping.” I smiled.

“Oh come on, Melody and I will be there and you can meet the rest of all us lovely friends.”

“Not tonight. There’s still four other club events he has this week coming so maybe one of those.”

“What time do you finish today?”


“Sweet, you can come get food with me then because without a doubt Travis will be able to.”

I frowned. “Why?”

“Because Lacey would rather him go out and have food with her before we go out. It’s the same shit every weekend and Melody has a date tonight.”

“You know, you barely know me and you’re inviting me out for food already. Seems like a date.” I smiled brightly at him as I watched his face fall into panic mode. I couldn’t help but laugh at the poor dude who left himself wide open for taking the piss out of. “Relax, dude. It’s a joke, I was joking.”

Sterling just stared at me and shook his head. “Do not do that to me, ever again. I swear I almost had a fucking heart attack.”




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