Trouble in Tattoos

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I was saving this until it's proper day to be posted but seeing as I'm heading beach camping tomorrow, I'm not going to be around to update. So here's the update and I hope you liked it!

Chapter 6 (v.1) - "Ms Palmer and her five daughters."

Submitted: December 28, 2015

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Submitted: December 28, 2015



Chapter Song: That’s How You Know – Nico & Vinz

“What did you want me to do?” I asked Travis as I walked into his closet.

“Dad wants me to donate clothes to a charity and because you’re a chick and I don’t trust Lacey enough to do it, I want you to go through all these clothes and toss whatever looks shit or not worn. If it has tags on it still, place it in the box. And plus, you’re a personal assistant, you’re meant to help me with this shit.” Travis said as he sat down on his bed.

“And what if I chuck something that you like and wear?” I asked.

“I’m not going to leave you in here by yourself, I did say help me with this.” He said as he pointed at the closet before looking down at his phone again.

“If you’re going to be on your phone the whole time, I'll chuck everything.” I threatened.

“Alright, fine.” He said as he tossed his phone onto the bed. “I want to get this done and over with and go get lunch.”

I almost rolled my eyes at him but I stopped myself because he was actually not going to be on his phone the entire time I got through his closet. I was actually wondering how many pieces of clothing I pull out with tags still on it. Travis is a rich kid so it wouldn’t surprise me if half of the clothes in this closet had tags on it. But I really can’t talk because I’m pretty sure I have shit in my closet with tags still on it. I have a bad habit of buying clothes that are on sale and never wearing them. I’m the biggest bargain shopper but that’s probably because I can’t have the rich lifestyle. Or I shop at Kmart.

So far, today had been a good day. Travis had slept most of it away, I wasn’t so tired like I had been for the past week and Lacey was not around to stare daggers in my back for helping Travis do something because like he said, it is my job to do this type of stuff. I just prayed I didn’t find shit that I didn’t want to find; like old holey jocks or something along those lines. I will be scarred for life.

I opened the closet door and almost fell over. I didn’t realize how big this closet actually was. It was like the three times the size of my bathroom. Shirts were hung up on one side of the closet and they looked like it was a tight fit for all of them to fit there; at the back of the closet were shelves that were filled with clothes that were folded and those too looked like a tight fit; draws sat underneath them and I’m sure they were packed; jackets and jumpers were hung up on the opposite side of the closet from the shirts and underneath the shirts, jackets and jumpers were lines of shoes. In fact, there were three lines of shoes exactly.

“This isn’t the only closet we have to go through of mine. There’s another one in the downstairs bedroom.” Travis said as he stepped into the closet.

“How do you own so many clothes?” I asked as I stepped in.

“It’s called I buy it all.” Travis shrugged. “You’re going to have fun when this place has to be packed up in three weeks’ time.”

“What?” I said as I looked at him.

“My house is almost done. Why would I want to stay here any longer than I have to if I have my own house.”

“But what about what Ken said when we first met? You know about the other ‘if you don’t want to move in with Travis we can organize an apartment’ thing.” I said as I walked out of the closet and grabbed one of the large boxes stacked in Travis’ room.

“We didn’t know how long it would take for the house to be built, that’s why it’s in the contract. But I’m sure a small sized house could be built down the property if you want that.” Travis shrugged. “And that’s not my idea, that’s my father’s before you start thinking I actually like you.”

“And here I thought we were actually starting to like one another. I thought wrong.” I fired back at him.

Travis turned and looked at me, he just smirked and winked before grabbing things out of the shelves that held his clothes and dropped them to the floor. I started grabbing shirts and holding them up as I looked at them. Out of the handful that I grabbed, I placed three back onto the rack and threw the rest into the box after taking them off the coat hanger. The shirts looked old, out of date and hadn’t been worn in five years.

I don’t know how long this was going to take but I could see myself having to go through all Travis’ clothes for the next three days, maybe, if I ended up doing this by myself. I still had to go through his emails from today but I guess they were going to have to wait until tomorrow. But right now, I needed to worry about going through his clothes and getting rid of older stuff that he owned and never wore.

• • •

Travis had disappeared out to lunch with Sterling and Destery two hours ago and I was still going on the closet I had begun with. So much for him helping me. I had managed to fill one of the boxes and I had high hopes of having this closet done within an hour or two. I’d probably have the one downstairs done in the same amount of time. Travis had helped a little and when I saw a little, he went through his jeans and one shelf that held his pants before telling me he was going out and disappeared.

It annoyed me that he did that because these weren’t my clothes to chuck. I needed to make sure I wasn’t chucking shit that he needed or still wore. But then again, he’d probably go buy the same thing if I did fuck up and throwing something out that he liked or still wore. Well, I wasn’t really chucking things because they will be going to charity.

I moved around the two boxes currently sat in the middle of the closet as I chucked the shirt that completely missed the box in. I grabbed a handful of jackets off the rack and started chucking some into boxes. Anything with an oldish looking tag, I chucked into the box. The only things with tags on it that I had placed back on the rack was ones that looked as though they were still new tags on the piece of clothing. I didn’t question why Travis had tags still on things because before my parents got a divorce, Dad always had things in his draws or closet that had tags on it. I think a lot of fathers do that but Travis isn't a father, still same shit, different smell.

As I placed the jackets I wasn’t chucking into the box onto the rack and grabbing another section of the rack, I could hear voices travelling up the stairs. First it was male voices and laughter and then I heard her voice. Lacey’s voice was clear as day, like she was standing next to me taking a jab at Travis. I cringed as I heard her yelling and making a scene.

“You blatantly flirted with that girl in front of me without even giving a fuck about how it would make me feel!” I heard Lacey shout.

“We aren’t together like that, Lacey. We’re just fuckin and shit.” Travis said to her and sounded as casually as no pants Friday.

“What’s next? You’re going to fuck that dumb bitch that’s your personal assistant?!” She shouted and I’m pretty sure she did that on purpose.

I stood staring at the wall with a simple 'what the actual fuck' facial expression on my face. I couldn’t believe that Lacey was asking dumb questions like that, actually I could believe that. Whatever is between me and Travis is strictly professional and there would be no way I’d jump right on in bed with Travis. And I’d quit before anything like that could ever happen. Travis has a zero per cent chance of having sex with me. Even the thought made me want to cringe.

I blocked out any voices coming upstairs as much as I could as I continued on cleaning out Travis’ closet. I was enjoying the quiet for the time that Travis had disappeared with the boys. But now he has returned with the boys and a screaming Banshee. I mean if it’s that bad with Travis, why does she stay? I had two guesses. One was because of his fame mixed with the fact that it’ll get her name out and two because Travis is loaded with money. I just hoped she wasn’t planning on getting him to marry her for the money reason. Any chances of that and Ken would have a prenup ready for her to sign as soon as she walked down the aisle.

But then again, she has her own money so I'm truly stumped on why she sticks around.

“You’re almost done.” I heard Travis’ voice, making me jump and hold the jackets in my hand to my chest as I spun around.

“You shouldn’t sneak up on people.” I said, still clinging to the jackets like they were my life support.

“I thought you would’ve of heard me consider I just shouted at Lacey to fuck off and cool down some.” Travis shrugged as he walked into the closet and start shifting through his shirts. “Could’ve thrown this one, Lacey bough it thinking I’d wear something with fucking flamingos on it.”

“I put back whatever had a newish looking tag on it. Go through it and chuck what you don’t want.” I said as I finally pulled the jackets away from my chest. “You closet is going to be half empty by the time I’m done with it.”

“I don’t care, goes to a good cause I guess and I’ll probably go buy more things next week.” Travis said as he tossed another shirt over his shoulder. “Let me ask you a question.”

I hummed. “What?”

“You’re fucking a guy on and off for over a year, would you assume you are dating?”

“Are you talking about you and Lacey?” I asked. “You just need to make it clear that you aren’t in it for a relationship, you’re only in it for a fuck and buck.”

“And I’ve told her that, Sterling told her that, Des and Melody too. Her mates as well but that fuckhead just keeps coming back.”

“Well then you need to stop going to her when you can’t get laid. There is such thing as Ms Palmer and her five daughters.” I said as I turned around and looked at Travis. “From where I stand and I’ve only been around for a week, Lacey thinks you’re dating her and that means to become protective when other girls are about, or when you flirt with someone in front of her gives her the right to kick off but you’re more concerned about living the bachelor life rather than having some chick hanging off your arm. If I was you, I’d fuck her off before it gets deeper than it already is.”

“So, pretty much find another chick to fuck when I can’t pull who isn’t a stage five clinger?”

I ignored the urge to roll my eyes at the man. “Sure, if that’s what you want to take it as. But I’d move fast because from where it looks, Lacey sinking in the claws and she’s not letting go.”

“You got any mates?” He asked.

I frowned and shook my head as I breathed a laugh. “I have mates but I’m not hooking you up with anyone.”

Travis laughed as he walked out the closet and left me alone to sort everything. Not that I minded because that conversation was just weird. Who knew Travis could actually hold a conversation even if it is about Lacey. I highly doubted he’d take my advice because fifty bucks says Lacey will be back in his bed by tomorrow morning and acting like Travis is the perfect man. The girl really needed to wake up to herself and see that Travis is a player and he’s playing the field until he can’t no more.

I’ve seen relationships like Travis’ and Lacey’s. Hell, I was fucking in one for six months. Unlike blokes, females need a clear understanding on where they stand. If it’s just for friends with benefits, then that has to be made clear. If it’s a relationship going slow, that needs to be made clear. Guys should just stop assuming that girls know what the relationship is because guys know how to tell a girl what she wants to hear but go off and fuck another girl the same night. I know girls do that too but in the end, they blurt out they don’t want anything or they do want something.

Relationships are complicated and it’s better to be single.

• • •

The sound of my phone going off made me jump out of my sleep. I rolled over, grabbed my phone to see a random number lighting up my phone. My eyes had to adjust to the brightness of it as I took in the time. It was four-thirty in the morning and I had to be up in an hour and a half. I slide the bar over and pressed the phone to my ear.

“If someone isn’t dying for a phone call at this hour, someone will die.” I bit out.

“No one is dying but I do need you to come bail me out.” Travis’ voice said as it floated through my head.

“What?” I frowned.

“I got arrested and I need you to come bail me out.” Travis said again.

“What… I mean how the fuck did you get arrested?” I asked.

“I’ll tell you when you get here.”

“And how am I meant to pay your bail? I’m not a walking bank like you.”

“Go to the condo, there’s a wallet in my top draw, grab the bank card out of that and use that. The pin is all four corner numbers anti-clock wise.”

I sighed. “I’ll be there soon.”

“Excellent. I’m in Saint West police station. ” Travis said and hung up.

I rubbed a hand over my face as I dropped the phone onto my bed. I wanted to disappear right at this moment so I could go back to sleep but no, Travis needs bailing out of a police cell and I’m the person for it. I kicked my doona off my legs and went to my closet. I got changed into a pair of jeans, a crew neck jumper and slipped my feet into the same high heeled ankle boots I wore yesterday. I grabbed my handbag, shoved my phone and make-up in it and walked out of my room. I swiped my keys and sunnies off the bench and left my house.

It was still dark outside and very quiet. I felt bad for starting my car at this hour and letting it idle. My car isn’t the silent type of car, it starts with a loud purr and idles with a purr. I don’t think my neighbours truly minded but at this hour, I’m sure they do mind if I just woke them.  I shifted into reverse and pulled out the driveway and took off down the street.

I wasn’t too happy about the fact that I had been woken to bail someone out. I mean it’s never happened before but I do hope it never happens again. I could still be peacefully asleep right now, lapping up all those precious minutes of sleep before having to get up. I swear someone will probably find me asleep at Travis’ laptop sometime today. And I’ll most probably be in a mood because I’ll be tired all day.

This wasn’t the start of the day I truly and actually wanted. And I’ll probably read all about Travis being arrested when magazines and shit get their hands on photos and report.




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