life at its worse chapter 2

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the party is on and diane and alexea are gonna have blast but there is bit of a twist

Chapter 1 (v.1) - life at its worse chapter 2

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life at its worse

chapter 2

diane wakes up with a stretch,and a muffled yawn.diane sees the room is empty so she gets up,and goes to the kitchen down stairs.alexea looks up from eating breakfast,and offers diane a bacon egg and cheese biscut excaclty what alexea was eating.diane excepts it she sits down on a stool close to the counter diane speaks softly "good morning,did you sleep well?"alexea replied after swallowing a bite of her biscut "i sure did,so you ready to go out and get the supllies for the party?"diane replies almost immediatly "HELL YEAH!" alexea and diane run up stairs grab clothes put them on do their makeup and run outside to the car and diane gets in the drivers seat and alexea in the passenger seat........


after a few minutes they arrive at the store with their credit cards ready they each grab a buggy and head diffrent directions.diane heads to get a cooler and a beer case.alexea goes to get some swim suites and some dresses for the party then grabs a pair of flip flops and high heels.they both then end up on the same isle the snack isle, they each gor lots of snacks then headed for the checkout they bought the stuff and acked it in the trunk of the car.alexea got in the rivers seat this time and headed for the beach condo.they arrived after 30 minutes.alexea screams "spring break baby!!!" diane laughs and unpacks the car.she gets every thing ready.....


while everything was setup it was dark out it was 7pm diane and alexea started texting invites to their friends and after 4o minutes the place was packed with the stereo booming and alexea dancing her ass off.diane was up stairs getting ready then she came down, and went straight to get a beer.after about three beers she was dancing away on the floor.after she got tired of dancing she went to look for kristian she saw him arrive but she had to get ready she goeson to the patio and spots kristian right away kissing on her other friend emily he spots diane and gets away from emily "diane!! its not what it looks like i promise" diane had tears welled up in her eyes "then what is it?!it looks to me as if you are ceating on me!!" before hehad time to replie she was running up stair to her room slammed the door and locked it.she sat on her bed with hands over her eyes while she was crying.there was a knock on the door but she didnt answer instead someone had a key and got into her room it was kristian "baby im so sorry i really am." diane has anger shoot through her body "dont call me baby!!we are over!!i dont want to see or talk to you anymore!!get out of this house!" kristian turned away and walked out of the room ten the house got in his truck and drove away.after months of not checking her facebook she had a feeling she needs to check it.she goes to kristians page and finds something she really didnt want to see "kristian webster started dating emily drake 3 months ago." she closed her phone and cried her self to sleep.


diane woke up to the sound of alexea saying "wake up!!hereis meds for the headache and water for dhydration!" diane took the meds and drank the water.alexea spoke softly "so whats up with kristian he looked pretty upset when he left."diane started to cry again and through the sobs she said "" she started to sob even more.alexea hugged her "it'll be ok he is a bastard" which made diane giggle a little.alexea spoke again "youll find someone better than him".diane looks at her "do you really think so?" alexea blurts out "puleeese gurl i know so your so much better than him".diane laughs "i sure hope so". alexea speaks in reagular tone "so we are having a all spring break party so im gonna invite some cute guys youll maybe find attractive".diane spoke "ok.but i have to go to work so let me get dressed ill see you after work"


after just a few minutes of driving she arrived at the cafe she works at.she walks in put on her apron grabs a note pad and pen then signs in her manager speaks "your late like always" diane ignores her and walks to a table with a old couple looking at a menu.he speaks soft "may i take your order?" the old couple replies "a diet coke and bacon egg and cheese biscut for both of us" diane replies "so two of each?" they reply "yes please" diane walks away and grabs two cups and pours diet coke in them and grabs the biscuts and freshly makes them. she lays their order down. they reply "thank you".she then spots a booth with a guy about her age she walks over shyly and asks "may i take your order?" he replies "yes.ill have a root beer and a biscut and gravy" diane replies "ill have it donw in a minute" she walks away and melts inside thinking "omg drop dead sexy his voice and everything" she fixes his order and gives it to him and replies "there is a party at my condo on the beach if you want to come"she writes the directions and leaves his table.



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