My Big Accident

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Jay's town is the only town that didn't ban vampires and she's going to fight until they're gone. Until one day she meets one particular vampire who changes her days of being a vampire hunter.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - My Big Accident

Submitted: June 02, 2013

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Submitted: June 02, 2013



 My phone buzzed in my back pocket. New message. I pulled it out and read the message that I got from Eli. "I'm outside, it said. I smiled a little and hopped out of bed.

 I ran to my closet and pulled out my hunting outfit. It was a black V-neck shirt that cut off at the belly with black skinny jeans and black knee high boot. I let my long black hair fall onto my back. I looked sexy.

 I went to the window and began to climb out.

 "Where are you going?" someone asked. I turned around annoyed and looked at my 12 year old sister, Brianna in the eyes. She smiled evilly. 

 "None of your business, Bree. Go back to bed," I demanded.

 "I hope you're not going to hunt vampires," she said. "It be a shame if Mom found out." I rolled my eyes at her.

 "I'll bring you back some  vampire teeth," i promised. Her whole face lit up.

 "Yeah!" she cheered. "You got yourself a deal...but it's not my fault if Mom finds out herself." I rolled my eyes and then jumped out the window. My hair flew back like a comet's tail. I lightly landed on my feet, collapsing down to one knee. My hair fell over me like a curtain hiding me from the world around me.

 Finally, I stood up and I looked into his eyes.

 "Hi," he whispered. I smiled.

 "Hi, Eli," I said, back. He placed his hand on my cheek. It was warm and soft. Then he gently kissed me on my lips. The kiss didn't last long but I wish it did. He pulled away and let out a soft chuckled.

 "I'll race you," he said.

 "And you'll lose," I teased. He gave me a sexy half smile and took off running. I ran after him at even a faster speed. My running wasn't as fast as vampires but I was getting there. I practice all the time and I'm getting faster everyday.

  Eli is my partner in crime and love. We met when we were only 5 years old. I was sitting in my back yard playing with my toys when a man had came out from the darkness. I was only five and I had a crush on him. There was no telling how old the man was probably. Maybe 30 or so but he was handsome!

He had blonde hair that was so light that it was like snow. It fell lightly in his face, matching his liquid silver eyes. He was tall with broad shoulders but he was lanky and elegant. He held his head at a slight tilt, which made him even more handsome.

"Hi," I breathed. I did the only thing I could ask at the age of 5. "Do you wanna play dolls with me?" He let out a soft chuckle and he let his head fall to the ground. I swallowed hard and just gave him my best smile.

"Aren't you a little too old to be still playing with dolls?" he asked, with a lot of humor. His voice was so soft and velvet like.

"I don't think I'm too old..." I mumbled. He threw back his head and let out another laugh. His snow white hair bounced happily on top of his head. I didn't like the man anymore. "You're very rude, you know!?"

  Before I could even blink again, the man was across the yard in a second and had me roughly by my shirt. I screamed for my mother but it was no use. 

"Look at me!" he demanded. I did what he said and I looked into his eyes. His eyes seemed to glow even brighter. It felt like I no longer had control over my body. I went limb in his arms. I watched as two long delicate fangs grew into his mouth. My head told me he was a vampire, but I didn't want to believe it.

Then there was a loud noise and the vampires eyes darkened to a gray. He dropped me and I landed on the ground. The vampire fell over lifelessly. What happened?

"Whoa!" someone gasped. Standing only a few feet away was a small boy who looked about my age. He had midnight black hair with dark chocolate eyes. And in his hands was a gun. "Wow! This gun is more powerful than I thought!"

"Oh my! You just killed him!" I cried.

"Well if I didn't kill him he was going to kill you, Baby Girl," he said. I frowned. 

Eli explained to me that night about vampires and how our state is the only state in America that hasn't banned them yet. I asked my mother about the vampires and she forbidden me to ever see Eli again or go anywhere by myself. My dad knew I was still seeing Eli and training to be a vampire so he gave me a sword for my birthday. Especially made for killing vampires. Then he died the next day... because of a vampire.

Ever since I've been revenging my daddy's death and trying to get the state to ban the vampires. Now we're not the only ones who let those leeches into our homes. A lot of other states have done it now too. But I will fight until they leave.

We made it too the bush where we keep all our weapons. I only have the sword but Eli has a bunch of other weapons. Including the gun, that he killed his first vampire with...the one he used when he saved me.

"On the way here, I saw those leeches hanging out at the old factory again," he said, he was panting hard when he said that. I wasn't panting at all. That's the reason why he's so slow. He doesn't know how to control his breathing.

"Again!? How many times do we have to tell them?" I said, angrily to myself.

 "It's a different batch this time. New vampires," he said. Newborns! I love fighting newborns! They're so full of energy and it makes the hunt even more fun. I slipped my sword into my right boot and I looked up at Eli. He was loading his gun.

"Come on! You're taking too slow," I complained. He was still trying to catch his breath when he finally got down loading the gun.

 "Stop whining! I'm ready," he said. I rolled my eyes at him and we started for the factory.


"There they are" he whispered, softly. I peaked around the brick way. There was only 3. One of them was heading inside the factory building.

"I'm going to go check on the food," he said. Anger boiled up inside me. There was humans here too!

"NOW!!" screamed Eli.

"Eli wait!!" I yelled. He charged towards the vampires, rapidly shooting his gun. They dodged the bullets, swiftly. I guess I'll just attack now...

I came out of hiding and attacked the vampire with red hair. I could tell that he was a newborn based on his eyes. They were very bright and seemed big, wide with curiosity. I brought up my sword but he tackled me hard to the floor. He hissed in my face and I could see how long his fangs were. They almost reached the bottom of his chin.

  I got a good grip on my sword and thrust it into the vampires chest. His eyes darkened quickly and I let out a smile of satisfaction. Then the vampire coughed and blood splatted all over my face.

"EW!" I cried, pushing the lifeless but heavy body off of me. I tried to wipe the blood off my face but it just smeared. I felt like vampire bait.

  I looked over to check on Eli. I expected him to be watching me, with some goofy smile on his face but he wasn't. The vampire had him by his neck and I could see Eli's eyes were silver like the vampires. Mind control.

  I took a few steps towards them then launched my sword. It stabbed the vampire right through the eye. It dropped Eli and he fell to the ground. I ran over to retrieve my sword. I pushed my boot on his head and slowly pulled the sword out, clean. Then I bent over and snagged the fangs out of the vampires mouth, for Bree.

 "Dang it, Eli! Don't look into their eyes," I said, to the sleeping Eli. He sighed silently in his sleep. I guess, I'm going to have to drag him back home...again! I rolled my eyes as I began to pick up his body. When I bent over, my ears was filled with a loud hiss.

I twirled around with my sword up. But my hand was caught in the cold grasp of the vampire. Then, like a rag doll, he slung me across the lot and I slammed into the brick wall. I let out a scream and there was pain everywhere...I was certain I had broken something.

 I couldn't find my sword and I couldn't get up. I was going to die. I saw the vampire coming closer to me. Come on, Jay! You have to get up! I tried but every move just brought me more pain.

 The vampire had reached me and grabbed me by my shirt roughly. I screamed of pain but the vampire didn't care. He had brown hair that swept across his forehead in a rather swift way. His eyes were bright and I knew he was either well fed or a newborn. His pale skin glistened in the moonlight and it seemed to reflect in a way. He was handsome...but all vampires had unspeakable beauty but this beauty gave me a different feeling.

Then I felt something slowly dripping down my stomach. Blood. The vampire looked down at my stomach, seeing the blood dripping down slowly. He's going to kill me. His grip on me softened and he bent down to my stomach. He's not going to kill me?!

  I watched as he looked at the blood on me. What was he doing? Then he leaned forward and began licking up the blood. Oh no! He is going to kill me!

He placed his cold hands on my stomach as he lapped up the blood. My breathing became fast and my heart began to race fast. His grip became stronger and he pulled me closer to him.  My nails dug into his shirt and I tried to pull him closer to me.

 What was happening?! What am I doing? I'm letting this leech drink my blood and I like it! No! It's not right! He's basically draining me from all my life and I like it!! Oh no!

 "Jay!'' cried Eli. Then the vampire was on it's feet and staring down at me. He was going to leave... Then he vanished. I saw Eli standing up from the ground and coming towards me. I was pretty sure he didn't see the vampire...

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