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To Charlie, college marks the biggest changing point in his eighteen-year-old life so far. Not to mention the fact that he gets to be twelve hours from home, an extremely safe distance from his over-bearing parents.

He's ready for freedom.

And Weddleton University promises all that and more.

The website talks of it's national honors, 60% female population, high test scores, personal classes and most importantly...

No curfew.

But when he reaches Weddleton, Maine he finds that behind all the glamour and smiles lies a secret that will change all the rules, and suddenly Charlie realizes that his new life isn't going to be worrying about English papers and Math equations.

It'll be a fight to the death.

Some colleges let the student choose a major. Some have thousands of classes all for the students "benefit". But Weddleton has one philosophy. One class. One major.


Charlie is thrown into a life filled with insane pupils, scary teachers, under-dog allies and a new respect for the word "education".

He just hopes that he makes it to the next semester.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - PROLOGUE

Submitted: July 15, 2014

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Submitted: July 15, 2014




The ground shook beneath my feet as I stood looking out at the destruction that only I could have caused.  I looked down at my hands, the strong and worn looking things at the end of my arms and shook my head, tears beginning to form somewhere inside of me.  I knew at any moment that they would erupt and that if that happened…

I wouldn’t be able to stop myself…

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