Lights Out

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Working title [Lights Out] Basic premise, Random people from around the world have been drafted into a survival tournament for the entertainment of the rest of the world. Challenges and horror await our competitors But with no memory of how they got to where they are now they must rely on nothing but pure instinct and survival tactics if they want to make it out of this alive. But not everything is as it seems... Is this truly all for entertainment? or is there someone or something bigger hiding behind all this as a ruse for an even greater evil? Before our competitors look into that they better make sure they find some safety because things are looking grim and the clock is ticking.

Each chapter will consist of 3 smaller chapters ~Justin

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Lights Out

Submitted: June 16, 2013

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Submitted: June 16, 2013



NOTE- I apologize in advance for the strange spacing and errors this is a work in progress and i had moved this over from note pad so it got a little weird on the ride over any way i plan on updating this and fixing those mistakes also.


Chapter 1.
"My name is Lucas grenard, I have just turned 18 and im pretty sure im about to die". The Zombie Covered 
in fresh blood and broken shackles, slowly crawling towards Lucas seemed to agree.


Chapter 2.
Lucas Jumped up, scanning the room as fast as he could looking for a weapon or at least something to fend 
off the creature. "Where am I"? lucas wondered aloud, unrealizing the volume of his own voice. Before he even had time to 
get his bearings Some more hands Burst through the wall and the sounds of pain and agony could be heard all around 
him. In a room next door to Lucas he could hear a girl screaming at a few of the creatures,"Get away, Stop 
NOOOOOOOOOOOO" the last of her words were being cut off by the sound of teeth crushing bone. lucas had no idea who 
that girl was, now he never would, all he knew was that with little time to mourn and more creatures closing in he 
had to think fast or he was going to end up just like that girl. The zombie on the floor now had seemed to give up on 
crawling and began trying to stand up, Lucas looked in horror at what was left of this poor thing. From the feet up 
was a mess of what used to be a human, toes missing, Legs bent beyond repair to the point that the bone was sticking 
out on one. the creature tried in vain to get up so it could get to lucas, clawing at the air desperately and 
flailing around making more noise than needed. Hearing another scream in the distance snapped lucas out of his day 
dreaming. Lucas was back to his current problem " I need a weapon or these things are going to rip me in two" He 
muttered under his breath. Just then a Voice Boomed through the area on a loudspeaker and what was said next made 
Lucas's blood run cold and suddenly everything seemed to slow down.


Chapter 3.
A sarcastic and sadistic voice boomed throughout the mansion "WELCOME TO THE SHOW LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I 
bet you have quite a few questions as to what's going on hmm? Well for the sake of Entertainment and " ;In the 
distance another blood curdling scream was released followed by the sound of bones snapping and Moaning.  " Hmm i see 
i don't have much time to make this as official as i wanted too; never the less. You have all been selected to partake 
in a Fun little event that's being Broadcasted across THE PLANET. Yes thats correct Right now Your family and Friends 
are sitting in their homes cheering you on and probably praying for you safety aww. isn't that sweet? You know its the 
kindness that our fans show us that continues to amaze and impress me bravo bravo bravo. "Jeez this guy sounds nuts", 
Lucas thought. "How the hell am i going to make it through all of this?" The Loudspeaker boomed again in The 
distance, only this time the voice spoke much colder and Serious. " As i can see im boring and distracting some of 
you i will sell you the short story free of charge. We have crafted a virus capable of rendering the brain nothing 
but rage dopamine and adrenaline. You want to know the fun of a virus?" Lucas tried to swallow but his mouth was so 
dry he almost choked."Here comes the fun part", the voice whispered. "It Spreads ahhahahaha" The deep voice sounded 
like a madman cackling over a funny joke. "Oh and i seem to have left the best news out silly me i am quite 
forgetful, You have all been injected with the virus as well. "Did i forget something that important? my my i really 
shouldn't be so forgetful it may get one of you killed." "The virus is unpredictable Mind you, some take days to fully 
succumb to the virus, whereas others... well lets just say there was a lot less infected in there when we brought 
you here ahahahaha." The goal is Simple my children; Lucas choked on his own spit at that remark. "Did he just say... 
children?, was this madman referring to all of us as his children? or did he truly have young kids in this demonic 
like 'Funhouse'. before he could think further The voice said something that caused lucas's heart to skip a beat.
"There is a vaccine however my children and there is more than enough for just one of you, I hope you aren't greedy 
little bastards and enjoy sharing because for this round there will only be enough for 10 of you." Lucas began a 
quick sigh of relief. "Ten? Phew maybe i will make it through this how many others could there be?" he began to think 
But was cut off by a horrifying fact. "As of this moment right now there are still One Hundred and Seventy Four of 
you little carriers alive right now we brought three hundred so consider yourselves lucky to have made it this far."
Lucas almost screamed at the sound of how many others wanted the same vaccine as him, but he covered his mouth as to 
not alert the zombie which had been clawing at the wall the loudspeaker had been placed on since the announcements 
began. "Now as i have said before times ticking so go my little children and make haste, the horrors that await you 
are nothing compared to what we have instore for you next... ehehehehehehe" Lucas was tired of listening to the madman's remarks, he didn't know what to believe all he knew was the three things he taught himself. Number 1: assess the 
situation and look for a solution to the problem. Number 2: Never choose Pride over help. Most importantly Number 3: 
Trust Is earned not given, assume nothing and analyze everything. Remembering the three rules he lived by he stood 
up quietly, snuck past the confused zed, and opened the door revealing something more terrifying than the room he had 
been in all this time. 

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