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“Jinx… Jinx… Jinx! Oh my God wake up!” I opened one eye to see Yuri floated right above me, anger in her eyes.
“No…” I rolled over and covered my head with the blankets. She was always good at persuade me to give her what she wants, or in this case, get up at 6:30am.
“Come on!” she pulled the covers off me, and I hauled them back on to me. My god why was it so cold!?
“It’s too early…” I pouted; snuggling closer into my blankets. So warm!
“Now!” she yelled even louder. Her face was flush with excitement.
“My god… you are such a spaz…” a deep alluring voice whispered. It was Rath. I looked over at him; his shaggy black hair was in a mess.
“What are you doing here?” I asked I made my voice to sound low and angry but I was actually pretty jovial.
“Masturbating…” he yawned. “How about you?”
I studied him, all he had on was a pair of black skinny jeans, and they were unzipped. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was really doing that. He has a room of his own, but he likes my room, he likes the warmth.
“So you came to my room to, never mind.” Yuri was gone she disappeared, probably got bored and went to go bother Logan.
“Why the hell is this house so cold?” Flame, the complete moron, of a 21 year old, yelled. I heard a light laugh, Darry. Darry is an, odd child really disturbing actually, he knows way more then he should and he likes to play with fire.
“That explains a lot,” Rath sigh’s flopping back down. Balls of fire appeared a few feet above him. Soon he fell asleep and I lay next to him, I propped myself one my elbow, he looks like a little kid when he’s asleep. Not big tough, Rath. I smile and get out of bed; I wince at the cold floor and begin my day.
Darry, sitting at the table swinging his legs, with a spoon in his mouth, I bent down and kissed his long hair. He made a face and Yuri giggled holding Logan’s hand. Logan’s brown hair is a mess.
“Morning!” I sang dancing over to Logan kissing him on the cheek. He kissed my forehead. I picked Yuri up, and spun her around.
“Gooooood Morning!” she squealed. She grabs me around the neck and kissed my cheek. “Rath is mad at me!”
“Yes, he is,” I laugh. Her brown up right eyes saddened, began to wimper and turned into a puppy, a Begal to exact. She always turns into a puppy when she’s upset; she knows how to makes someone feel bad I’ll give her that. the puppy eyes she gives people just makes you want to die.
“Jinx…” Flame yawned waling into the kitchen. “Can you fix the hole you made?”
“No,” I sing. I set Yuri down and dance away.
“Yes you will!” Flame sneers. “I’ll make you!”
“Oh please! The loser should have to clean up the mess after wards!” I danced around him mockingly.
“You want to go?” he asked. He started to spark; you’ll understand that in a minute.
“Oh yeah, the loser has to clean up the messes the winner makes for a month!” I dance around, and Flame burst into flames. He started to charge at me just as I was about to make a energy orb, Flame stood there stunned that her was covered in water.
“Wow…” I say. “Didn’t see that one coming.” I spin to look at Rath, his face annoyed and bitter. I smile stupidly at him and he grunts.
“You do are worse then the eight year olds…” he was so infuriated it wasn’t even funny.
“I’m ten!” Darry snapped. “And you listen here you low life, if I acted anything near those children I’d shoot myself.” I gape at him, that little twit!
“Fine! I won’t take you to town!” I shot at him. His stupid smirk drops like a ton of bricks.
“I don’t need to go to town! I have other things I can do!” he crosses his arms stubbornly. He puts on a pouty face, and I take immense pity on him.
“Can I… Come?” I swivel to gawk at Rath. Did he latterly just say that?
“Whhaat?” Darry, Flame, and I say all at the same time. He can’t be serious, for the past four years since we started going to Town all he did was say how lame and stupid it was. And now he’s saying he wants to come.

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K L Copley

I love the family dynamic you have created :D, you just need to describe what they look like so I can picture them properly :D but other than that i LOVED it ;) x

Fri, September 30th, 2011 12:16pm


lmnop thank you that is what i was going for! >.<

Sat, October 8th, 2011 6:10am

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