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“What makes you think I’ll take you?” I answer. Ha-ha! I am answering his question with a question. I will prevail!

“I’m older, smarter; I know what I’m doing, I have a sense of direction, and if you don’t I’ll surround your head with water and suffocate you will you turn purple,” he utters, proving his point.

I hang my head so I see nothing but my converse and the dull wood floor. I did not prevail... I don’t even know what I was supposed to prevail at but I know I failed... miserably. I take a deep sensible breath, and look up at the man who killed my triumph. I really don’t want to do this.

“Fine,” I say in a deep annoyance visible in my voice. “But where something light; I’m not carrying you if you faint.”

Darry is wherein a t-shirt and jean shorts. I’m wherein short-shorts with a red tank top. And Rath being a complete moron has a long black shirt with jeans on. It’s 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Oh that poor little sucker; let’s hope he doesn’t get a heat stroke.

I apply sunscreen to Darry and me, I hand the bottle to Rath, and he just shakes his head. I shrug and set it on the table. We climb out of the ground. We live in a little fort underneath the earth’s surface. It’s cool but no to hot, so everyone’s happy. The sun is beating down on us, I wish it wasn’t so hot, but since this is an annual thing that we do every week I will survive.

“Why is the earth getting so hot?” Darry asks.

“I don’t know what do you think?” I ask him.

“Well I think that since humans are creating more carbon dioxide, the carbon acts like a blanket, letting all the heat in but not letting it out,” he recites his theory.

“If you knew the answer then why did you ask?” Rath mumbles.

“To see how stupid Jinx is,” he smiles his cocky smile and sticks his tong out. I cross my arms and glower at the trees in front of us.

“How long is this walk?” Rath questions.

“Two hours, give or take,” Darry reply’s.

“Seriously?” Rath gasps. He totally regrets coming now, and he’s probably whishing he wore shorts.

“How else do you think I’m capable of maintain such a grate bod?” I flash him one of my flirty smiles that make him blush. I sway my hips and strut like a model. Not to be all snobby or uptight, I’m a very attractive person, I have long legs, a perfect figure, and my face is round. In the Town old men hit on me (It’s kind of creepy).

“It’s stupid that you guys walk so long just to hang out at one place for one day,” Rath mumbles. I roll my eyes and, Darry snorts. Rath grumbles to himself for the rest of the way there. The Town is small, but has everything you could ever need: bakery, bank, ice cream shop, grocery store, an ice cream shop, ect…

Darry grabs my hand and squeezes it with excitement. He beams up at me, he loves coming here, though he’s a freaky genius he’s still a little kid at heart. His grey eyes excel with the gleam of the sun. I smile slightly, seeing him so happy and watching him grow up with this much joy, touches me.

“How about you show Rath around?” I say. “I want to shop a little for cloths and stuff.” Darry makes a face and glances over at Rath.

“He doesn’t like it,” he whispers. Reading other people’s minds, that’s one way to get information. “He thinks’ it’s over crowded, and he doesn’t trust anybody here.”

I roll my eyes, “Go show him that it’s fun.” I give him a little nudge. Gradually he made his way over to Rath, they talk, laugh then head on their merry way. While they are looking at their stuff, I’m looking at mine. By the end of the day I have three bags of cloths and accessories, Rath and Darry have six bags each.

“I’m not carrying any of those,” tell them ahead of time.

“Jinx! I had such a good time! Rath should come with us every week!” Darry hollers. He gives me big hug. I gaze at Rath I’m impressed; he smiles one of his rare smiles. “Thank you so much for letting him come!”

“Yeah no problem,” I sigh. I was pooped, my arms were tied and my feet killed, but I have a two hour walk ahead of me, so I have toughen up.

“You want me to carry your bags?” Rath reaches out a hand. I shake my head.

The air was cool, but felt nice at the same time. The sun began to set and it was still beautiful out. I wish I could stay out here forever. Where everything is per—


Rattle, Rattle


Rattle, Rattel

“Rath,” I breathe. “You hear that?” I freeze. I spread my legs apart bracing myself and drop my bags to the ground. The noise continues to echo though the trees.

“It’s a snake,” he whispers just as quiet as I did. We both back up to stand in front of Darry. “Jinx, don’t attack. He says he means no harm.”

“Jinx?” Darry wines. “What’s happening?”

“Darry, you think you can ask the snake to leave?” my voice shaking.

“I did… he says he needs to talk to you,” he grabs on to my shirt burring his face into my back.

“ME?” I choke on my own words.

“He says his name is James… he met you in-“ I cut him off.

“The lab,” I sigh. “James! Get the hell out here!” I order taking Rath and Darry by surprise.

“Hey,” James smiles, poking his face through the trees. His skin green and scaled, eye’s yellow. He hasn’t changed a bit.

“You scared the shizz out of me!” I snap. “What are you doing here any ways?”

“I ran away. I couldn’t be in those cages anymore, it was torture.” He gives me a hug so tight that he began to choke me.

“Cant… Breathe!” I gasp.

“Sorry.” He drops me and I fall to my butt. I pull myself back up.

“So what about Lauren?” I inquire. The look that flicks across his face says it’s not good news. “What happen?”

“She isn’t the nice wolf girl from a long time ago, she’s helping with the experiments,” his eyes bare into mine.

“Oh well, her lost actually,” I’m being honest to; I knew Lauren would give in to them; she was never a strong person, like James. “She chose her path; so let’s get over it.” I give him thumbs up and pick up my bags.

“You seriously don care?” he hisses.

“I haven’t seen you guys in eight years… I know you guys must have changed so I thought why bother care if I don’t know the person.” I avert my gaze to Rath. “we should be going it’s getting late and dark.”

“Can I come?” James calls after us.

“I don’t know if I can trust you; Lauren changed how do I know you haven’t?” I call back. He doesn’t answer. “I’m kidding! It’s up to Logan!”

The rest of the walk was awkward and silent. James won’t say a word, Darry’s too tired to talk and Rath has nothing to talk about. I keep my mouth shut. Soon we get to the small tile that opens up to our house. James watches mesmerized, as the door opens I climb down with everyone behind me.

“Hi!” Yuri screams, Logan was tickling her; he finally stops so she can breathe. She runs up to me and hugs me. “Who’s that?” she points to James.

“That’s James, he’s my friend from when I was a little girl, around your age,” I explain. She waves to him, he smiles back.

"He funny looking!" she laughs.

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James didn’t look pleases with Yuri’s comment. His face looks hurt, I felt bad, for him. I open my mouth to say something but he puts a hand up, to stop me. I cross my arms, James glares at her. Yuri slinks backwards, and bumps in to Logan; her upright eyes fill with tears.

“I feel amused,” Flame laughs, looking over from the loveseat.

“It’s ok little girl, I get that a lot,” James chuckles. “Now what your name?”

“Yuri!” she giggles. She holds her hands out so he can pick her up, holds her tight in his arms. She seems to like him, that’s a good sign. If she doesn’t like him she would just turn into a alligator and eat him.

“Do you eat mice?”She asks, she curiously touched his skin, and ran her fingers through his powder yellow hair.

“No,” he shakes his head. “I could, but I don’t like the taste of mice.”

“Good!” Her eyes close and she quickly falls asleep in James arms.

“Ahhhh, the princess has fallen asleep,” Flame snorts. “Man you guys should have taken her with you! She would not shut up about you guys just ditching her.”

“She didn’t ask,” Rath argued. Even if she did, I’m glad she didn’t, Snake Face here scared the living shit out of us.”

“Seriously, ‘Snake Face,’ that’s a real original,” James mutters.

“No,” I begin. “Don’t start Rath. James we need to talk.” I stride to the kitchen, and sit on the counter.

“Yes?” James asks, sitting on a stool.

“Has it changed?” He knows what I’m talking about, the lab. Hell, as I put it.

“Yes…” he says in a low voice.



“Are they going to come after you?”

He didn’t answer, he won’t meet my despite eyes. He just sits there numbly, his hands tremble. His breath is quivering, and when he finally meets my eyes, he says: “No, they’re coming for you.”

Every emotion in my body drops, my body is anesthetized. I try to speak but only gibberish will come. ME! Why me? I can’t go back!

I take a deep breath, I relax everything, I clear my mind. “Why?”

“They made another. Another creature like you but his power is immense,” he fixes his eyes on my vacant ones.

“Another?” I squeak.

“Yes, usually they make one creation per gift. But they took what they put in you into him. Seems like he was born like that. Not mutated at a few years old,” he grunts.

“And why do they want me?” I ask. I cross my arms, as though I was mad, but in the inside I’m crying. I swallow the lump in my thought. I’m not going back, if I ever see one of those hell monsters, I’d either kill them or… myself.

“I don’t know, but they are looking for you, and I had to tell you, so I escaped. I can’t believe I finally found you!” he took me into another tight embrace. I hold on to him, he was the wall right now that’s keeping me from falling apart.

“Come on, you need to get some shut eye.” Like when I was little he kisses my eye lids and carries me to my room. I lay in my bed; he lies on top of the covers, and hums a sweet melody.

“James… I missed you,” I murmur. I doze off into another world.

Submitted: May 03, 2011

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K L Copley

I take back what I said earlier lols, i see the charactors now :D, and that made me laugh what Darry said - "I wanted to see how stupid jinx was" x

Fri, September 30th, 2011 12:25pm


lmnop thankz :D

Sat, October 8th, 2011 6:10am

marcell fuji

aww, I can emagin when i read it. it felt like i was jinx... i emagine ho's james talk... honestly i hate snake, but here... aww


Wed, October 12th, 2011 4:43pm


lmnoo thank you! i will add another chappy asap just for you! ^.~ xD

Wed, October 12th, 2011 12:29pm

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