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I wake up to an annoying light shining over me. I open my eyes slowly and am instantly blinded by the light. I flick my head to the side to see Rath with a pretty pissed off look on his face. He squats with his arms crossed and his eyes shooting evil rays at me.

“Yes?” I mumble, rubbing my eyes.

“I was freezing my ass off all night. That snake boy interfered with my sleep I should burn him to a crisp,” he hisses.

“Well… Go buy a heating blanket,” I yawn, sitting up. I stand up and the world shifts around me. Rath holds me so I don’t fall.

“Well, why should I do something when it’s that cold blooded lizards fault?” he pouts.

“You a grown man, get over it.” I walk out of my room, to the kitchen. Flame and James are chatting about something, they laugh their heads off.

“Hey,” I call over there snickers and snorts.

They both mumble “hey” and continue their conversation. I pour myself a bowl of cereal, and sat next to Darry. He looks miserable.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” I whisper. I brush a lock of hair out of his eyes, to see they where red and puffy.

“Jinx… Can we go for a walk? Just you and me?” his eyes fill with tears. “And James?”

Oh-no! he didn't read his mind he! Please lord!

“Yeah,” I whisper. “James, let’s go for a walk later with Darry.” He glances over at me.

“Sure!” he calls, then turns back to his new best friend.

Rath looks as livid as before, lolling in a leather seat hating the world. He glares at James from the corner of his eyes. He tosses me a bored glance, and groans.

“Can we go now?” Darry begs. I stare into his eyes, they were tired and filled with something like guilt.

“Yeah,” I say. “James where leaving now.”

“On it!” he jumps up and strides over to us. “SO where do we have to go?”
“That’s for Darry, to decide,” I smile over at him. He looks so sad.

“I wanna come too!” Yuri squeals flying over to us. Her upright eyes pleading me to say yes. I alter my gaze to Darry.

“If I wanted you to come I would have invited you!” he snaps.

“Well… Well…” she bursts into tears. Her voice high echoing though out the house; Flame and Rath where at her side in an instant. They tried to comfort her but she didn’t let up. She tries to spit out nasty words but none would come.

“Yuri, how about, I take you for a walk when we come back? Just the two of us?” I smile patting her head.

“OKAY!” her tears stop, and now she’s happier than a pig in shit.

When we finally leave, the day was much cooler then it was yesterday. The sky was grey, and it was very dreary out. So the energy was depressing so I was feeling very dismal.

“What’s wrong?” James asks, he didn’t look at me but I could hear the worry in his voice.

“Nothing,” I assure him. I hold my arms tight to my body. I feel as though something was going to happen, it wasn’t because of the weather.

“Jinx?” Darry’s voice hides regret I could sense off of him.


“I know. I know that the lab is coming to get you,” he smiles up at me. His face was filled with spite.

“Darry?” I gaze at him in fright. This child looks as though he’s evil. Looking at him I cant see the cute, guiltless child I practically raised at my own.

“I’m sorry.” All of a sudden something hits my head and I fall helplessly to the ground. I absentmindedly stare at him as James pats his shoulder. The world turns hazy and vague then I see nothing.

Submitted: May 08, 2011

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K L Copley

WHAT! I AM FUMING!! did darry and james set her up! WHAT! :O im astonished! x

Fri, September 30th, 2011 12:28pm


lmnop thanks

Sat, October 8th, 2011 6:08am

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