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Chapter 2 (v.1) - WHo the hell...

Submitted: August 28, 2011

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Submitted: August 28, 2011




Travis stands with his arms crossed, he was pissed. I couldn’t help but feel the side of my lips jolt upward, he was going to pick a fight with me. He must be as stupid as I thought. He might be the biggest guy on his foot ball team but I’m the one who grew up getting in to fights. He won’t stand a chance. 

“You dead Figlen,” he sneers. My last name is Finlyn, not Figlen. I hear myself chuckle.

“You should learn how to pronounce peoples name’s before you go off throwing treats at them.” I crack my neck, readying to knock this piece of shit’s teeth out.

He charges at me, I grab his fist and toss him to the ground. He grits his teeth, and gets up again. The whole school gathers around us chanting the same thing they do at every other fight: “Fight, fight, fight!” Just as he starts to stand up, I kick him. I repeat again, and again. He covers his face, and I crush his fingers with my black boot.

“Mr. Finlyn!” I look over to the principle, his face beat red. Wow, you beat up the star foot ball player and there’s a huge fuss about it.

“What?” I snap. Mr. Callis raises his eye brows and points to his office; I pick up my backpack and head off to the office. And loll in the same seat I end up in every month or two.

“Andre, how long do you think you should be suspended this time?” he sits in his big chair and leans forward with his chin on his knuckles.

“I think you should just expel me. Make both our lives easier.” I smile at the balding teacher. I beam at him, the glow to his head, I remember when I was a freshmen he had a full head of hair, but after the past two years it started to begin balding, everyone says it’s my fault. But who knows I could just be because he’s old. But I doubt it.

He sighs, and leans back in to his chair, I barely said a word and I’m driving him insane. I think this is a new record; he run’s his hand threw his non existing hair. I feel like I’m the bad guy half the time, but the fight wasn’t my fault, so I shouldn’t even be here. I’m used to this though, what girl doesn’t want to be with me? I’m every girls dream. And apparently I’m Shannon’s too (A.k.a Travis’ girl friend).

“Andre, how did this fight begin?” Mr. Callis inquires.

“He pissed me off. End of story.” I rest my cheek on my chin.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

I jump as the lady from the front desk pop’s her gray haired head in the room. She smiles politely at me and nods slightly. Her azure eyes drift from me to Mr. Callis, she waits a few moments like someone has to invite her to talk. But as soon as he nod’s she beams.

“Miss. Etah is here,” her voice is soft, like she’s talking to a baby cat or something. I wish my grandma was like here. Mine is loud, obnoxious, and refuses to get a hearing aid.

“Ah, yes.” He looks at his papers. “Mr. Finlyn, you won’t be suspended or expelled, you will continue to stay in school weather you like it or not.”

I stand in disbelief, and storm out of the room. I’m not even getting a detention! Jesus, that son of a bitch, I deserve some sort of punishment. But no, I have to get a fucking warning. This it so messed up.

I collide in to someone but keep on going.

“Oh…” someone sighs. I stop and turn my head so I could see the red headed girl, bent over a bunch of papers. She lets out a breath and scrambles for everything. I chuckle, and her head flick’s up at me. Her lips fall in to a thin line.

“You’re a jerk,” she says after a long pause. I gaze down at her; her hair was mostly like a fiery mess. And her eye’s a deep brown, mixed with a dark red. I bite my tong, she was pretty. Not hot, not sexy, but pretty.

“What?” she barks, moving her thin crimson lips; they looks so bright agents her snowy skin.

I don’t answer I just continue to stare. The red head glares at me, she rolls her eyes and picks up the rest of her papers. Mr. Callis, stands in the door frame patently, and red head scurries in to his office, fallowed by a women in a suit.

I don’t even bother to go to class I just sit at the back of the school and wait for something to happen, but nothing ever dose. I slouch on the steps and then the door fly’s open Shannon struts out and sit next to me. She crosses her arms and stick’s her bottom lip out in a pout.

“What?” I say. Her long curly blond hair frames her face, making her look like an angel, but she’s actually a cold hearted bitch.  She slowly runs her hand down the side of my arm hoping it would give me the chills or something. Wow… she really is a slut.

“I would really love it if you would give me a ride on your motorcycle,” she leans forward, her perfume smells like shit, I don’t see why girls have to put perfume on all you need is deodorant and lad-de-da you smell like a flower. But noooo they have to smell like the freaking rainforest.

“No,” I say bluntly.

“Why?” she snaps. “It’s a bike, why can’t I have one ride around the block?” Her blue eyes widen and she crosses her arms. Her face turns a deep shade of scarlet. “I’ve given you everything and you won’t give me a lousy ride on your stupid bike?”

“Because my motorcycle doesn’t like bitches on it,” I shrug and I head inside. Shannon decides that this conversation isn’t over and stalks me to my locker.

“I am not a bitch!” she barks. I put my combo in and give the locker a kick. “You should think things over first before you say them. You could get your ass kicked.”

“Yeah, just like what happen this morning,” I say sarcastically, rolling my eyes. Pull a pack of cigarettes out and head for the exit. Dose she stop fallowing?

Nope. She trails behind my rambling on how much of a dick I am. I hear her squeal as I turn my motorcycle on and drive off without her. I hear something like: you son of a bitch! But I don’t mind not the first time I ever got called that, much worse actually.

I pull up to a shitty looking trailer and pound on the door. No one answers so I lift up a welcome mat and grab the dull, rusting key. I open the door to find Zank in front of a small T.V playing a video game. I dump myself onto the seat next to him and watch as he rips a zombies head off.

“That’s disgusting,” I murmur, as blood splatters on to the T.V screen.

“You just don’t understand the art of video games man, these graphics must have token at least seven years to accomplish,” he replies. He was a heavy boy; he dropped out of school at sixteen. He’s been in jail for three years for god only knows why; then spent the last six years playing mind numbing video games.

“Yeah, I’m sure.” I go to the refrigerator and grab a Coke. It’s warm. I gaze at a rat scurry across the floor, and a cockroach sits in a bag of potato chips. Not that I don’t like it here but this place is sickening. Who knows what in the couch? But this is the place I stayed at for most of my life. I go home about twice a week; and here is the rest of my life. Zank starts yelling saying he’s going to kill big time. I can’t take it any longer so I leave. Were god only knows.

Soon I find myself at the school, walking in right in time for lunch. But I don’t eat the food here since cow shit is better tasting then this stuff. I leave the tray and roam the halls. The red and yellow lockers, ugliest things I ever saw. Besides Zank’s house. Are always bent, and always something is wrong.

I zone out wondering why I cant get kicked out and leave this hell hole. The principle can’t have any hope for me. I mean I shouldn’t be going to this stupid high school, I should be back in Binghamton with my sister –Clara- away from my hell bound parents.

“You.” I light angelic voice calls from behind. It snaps me out of my gaze and I turn to see the girl with the blood red hair. “You owe me an apology.”

“For what?” I sigh. I run my hair through my dark brown hair, when I open my eyes, little red head storms towards me.  She was about four inches shorter than me, but I have to admit. She is kind of scaring me right now. This was the first girl let alone person to get this close up in my face without me punching them.

“You knocked me over!” She taps her foot and has her hands on her waist. I stand silently as she waits for me to apologize. After a few moments she sighs and kicks the air. “Why wont you apologize? It’s just a simple ‘I’m sorry’.”

“I don’t apologize.”


“I just don’t.” I turn and leave exspeting her to fallow but when I glance back she is biting her thumb nail. Just as I’m about to turn the corner, I hear a tap. She’s coming after mer.

“I’ll make you.” I stop in my tracks.

She is going to make me ask for forgiveness? That will be the day. I would pay a bucket of quarter to see myself do that. But I am interested in how she will ‘make’ me say ‘sorry’.

“Fine.” I lean down so my nose is touching hers. “Make me.”

“Okay!” she sits down and wraps her legs round mine and hugs it. It’s just like when I mother is dropping a child off for the first day of school and the child clings to the mothers leg.  “Apologize” She say. She repeats that every thirty seconds.

“What the-“ I shake my leg only making her arms and legs constrict on me. This cant be happening.

“Apologize,” her voice like a robots. She… this has never happened before. I shake my leg again. I try and pry her off. Nothing works.

“Are you human?” I cry. I stop, should I hit her? No I don’t hit girls. It’s not cool. I don’t care who the person is you should never hit a girl. Nothing should ever lead to knocking a girl out. But this bitch… is weird. Should I yank her hair?

“Get off!” She looks up at me. I know exactly what she’s going to say…

“Apologize. And I will.”

Kicking girls is different from kicking right? No… I can’t go to jail. Or Juvi. What the hell do I do? She might be slim but damn, it’s hard to walk when you can’t move your leg. Maybe I could drag her into the bathroom she would flip out and then run out.

Sounds like a plan.

As I pull myself to the restroom she shifts around when she sees what I’m doing. I pat myself on the back for this idea.

“Doesn’t this hurt your butt at all?” I can’t help but ask. I glance down at her to see her beaming up at me.

“Yes. Dose this get on your nerves at all?” her voice mocking and amused. I take back calling her pretty, she’s an annoying bitch. I push open the door and haul her in.

“So this is what it looks like in here!” she gasps. “Those are urinals right?” I ignore her and sigh.

“You will do this all day wont you?”

“You will be surprised on how immature I can get.” She gazes up at me with a straight face. There is no way in hell I was going to win. But just to piss her off I’m not going to say shit! I sit down agents the wall with her still connected to me.

“Will be sitting her all day.” I warn her. She nods, not the least bit phased of the fact that she’s in the boys bathroom. I just look at her.

Fine.  She’s pretty. Pretty weird. What type of girl sits in the boy’s bathroom without a problem? Am I the only one who sees something wrong here? She rest her hear on my knee and takes deep consistent breaths.

The door opens and a nerd like dude walks in. He stops. The red head looks up, “hello, don’t mind us, I am just trying to make him say the A word.”

But the nerd slowly backs out wide eyed. I can’t help but wonder what was running threw his head. But I don’t really want to know. Her head is on my knee once again but I’m not saying anything.

“You know,” I begin. “Any normal person would have let go of my leg.” Yes it was a weak insult hopefully it will tick her off… just a little.

“You know,” she relies. “A normal person wouldn’t have latched on to your leg to begin with.”

So she knows she’s a freak. Interesting. “What’s your name?”

“Eve. You?” Eve. That’s cute, nothing to unusual, only one syllable. I was expecting something like… Astrasheba. Okay that’s a little too out there. But something like Andrea, Avril, Symone. Something like that. But Eve. I like it.

“Andre,” I reply, she holds out a hand and I gaze at it. “What?”

“It’s a hand shake. I don’t do fist bumps, or high fives. A hand shake is nice.” I sigh and shake her hand. She beams at me like she won a thousand dollars.

He hand was icy. Her fingers long and thin, even though they are delicate piano fingers her grip is firm. She would be good at giving out awards, at something. She must be have a good impression for important people with a hand shake like that.

She closes her eyes and goes off to another world. If her grip wasn’t so damn tight I would blot. But no I think it got tighter now that she’s asleep. She looks innocent in her sleep, like a young child. I wonder if her hair is natural, its blood red not the normal orange color like any other red heads.

“Oh!” she says. She makes me jump, as my head flicks up it pound on the wall behind me. “Oh sorry! But I just remembered something!”

“What?” I snap, rubbing my head ruefully. Her grin is from ear to ear; she giggles, and sits up straight. Her nails dig into the sides of my legs, but she doesn’t seem to care.

“Guess what tomorrow is!”


“You have to guess!” she squeals, her voice echoing through the bathroom.

“A math test?”

“Ew… no. Apple day! You have to bring as many apples as possible! And all you can eat that day is apples nothing else.” Her mouth half open and her eyes are so wide that they are no longer almond shaped.

“What?” I ask. “Apple day?”

“Are you in?” she asks. The bell rings but she doesn’t even flinch.

“No,” I say bluntly. “I hate apples. They are gross,” I say frankly.

“I’ll let go.”

“Okay,” I lie. But she smirks at me. “What?”

“I can spot a lie a mile away. I’ll make a deal. You don’t do apple day with me, I do this again. If you do apple day, I’ll forget about the apology thing.” She has a sweet innocent smile, but damn… how do I get out of this?

“What if I don’t come tomorrow?” I ask, just wanting to know all the standards for this. Will she attack me like she did today?

“If you don’t come…” her smile vanishes. “Hell will be raised.” Not knowing what she means I nod. Not because I want to do this stupid thing, but because she’s the new girl, and she could be a demon for all I know.

Half of the period has gone by. And Eve finally let me go after I swore to all of life and eternity I would do apple day. Now I have to buy a whole shit load of apples just to please a girl I don’t even know.

She manipulated me. This is the first time that ever happened… wow. I don’t even think she knows what she’s done! She has just destroyed my way of life.

The rest of the day is a blur all I want to do is get the apples and get this Apple day over with. Jeez this girl is more trouble than she’s worth. I head out to my motorcycle and guess who’s there? Shannon…

“What?” I sigh. She cross’ her arms, and her bottom lip sticks out. If she makes me give her a ride then I will purposely crash the bike. But I don’t want the last moments of my life with her so never mind.

“I want a ride!” she booms. Dear God please kill me now. “And who was that tramp you left the bathroom with? That got a lot of people talking, I’m your girlfriend!”

“Since when were you my girlfriend?” I inquire. “I don’t remember agreeing to that.” I pull my keys out of my pocket. She stomps her feet, groans in frustration.

“Since you slept with me!” she cries, making everyone look over at us. “I gave you my virginity and you still refuse to care!”

“And easy girl, will never be cared for,” a feathery voice says. I look up to see Eve, her face blank with nothing but seriousness.

“Excuse me?” Shannon coughs. “I’ll have you know, I’m in love with Andre, and I’ll have you know deep down he loves me too.”

“You are like an apple to Andre,” Eve says, her voice calm and steady. The wind dances with her hair, and then reluctantly lets it go.

“That’s good,” Shannon sings. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!” she throws her head back and laughs like a fool.

“No.” Eve says snapping Shannon out of her snorts. “Andre hates apples, he thinks they are gross.”

“No, everyone loves apples.”

“Not Andre. He despises them.”

“Well I mean so much more to him then a stupid apple.”

I cut in before Eve gets her eyes clawed out. “Shannon, I hate you. Eve, knock it off.” Eve’s mouths turns into a thin line, and she blinks her big eyes three times. Everyone leaves after they figure out there is no real fight.

“May I have a ride home?” Eve asks politely. “If you don’t want me to get on your bike because you don’t like bitches on it then I won’t. I can walk.”

My eye brows furry together, she is not a bitch. More like an annoying clown; but definitely not a bitch. But I’m not sure if I should give her a ride. She might cast an evil voodoo spell on it. I gaze at her, she looks so innocent. But the innocent are the most sinful.

“No,” I reply easily. She didn’t seem hurt or rejected, she just turns on her heels and leaves, down the side of the parking lot, and around the corner. Soon as I’m on my bike I fly past her, without any regret.

I race past a local grocery store, and then I stop, do a U-turn, and pull in. I need a few apples. I grab a few random apples and head to check out. I have a red, yellow and a green apple. I feel like a moron though; I’m actually doing ‘apple day’.

“Hey Zank,” I mumble as I walk into the trailer. I look over to the couch and he wasn’t there.

“Zank!” I call. No answer. This is bad. I rip through the house, but I cant find him. Shit. Shit. Shit! “You Zank where are you man?”

I head out side and walk around the trailer; three little girls play jump rope, singing a childish song. I smile, wish my childhood was like that. My mom was demanding and never let me make friends. My aunt always told her “Keeping your child to protected they will grow up to be troublesome.”

She was right.

“Hey,” a deep familiar voice calls. I turn to see Kat, a Goth girl with fake black hair, tha thas red and blue highlights. “Zank left a while ago; he got bored with his video game so went to go get a new one.”


“So why are you back? Shouldn’t you be in like Europe?” I half smiled. Her parents didn’t like how she acted because she had a bad attitude so they sent her to a privet school in Europe or something.

“Nope. Got kicked out. I’m going back to Verteens High.” She wraps her snow arm around my shoulder, she smells of cigarettes and pot, he large breasts rub agents my side. I shove away, yes she is pretty, but Goth is not my type. They creep me out.

“Why don’t you like me?” she snaps. “I am not a Barbie doll…” she gazes at the bag of apples in my hand.

“Really?” she says with a slight disgust. “You hate apples. did a pretty girl make you buy them?” She puckers her lips and makes kissy noises.

“Yes,” I say and she instantly stops.

“Say what now?” he voice low and fast. “You don’t like girls. Your like a homo. But not. You a homaight. In case you don’t get it it’s homo. And straight morphed together to make a long sexier word.”

“No it’s just some girl who invented this thing called ‘apple day’… I don’t get it but she said to bring apples.” I explain.

“So she’s a freak?” she blurts out. I sling the bag over my shoulder, and shrug. “Good thing I’m coming back to school tomorrow I can scare her a little if you know what I mean?”

“This outta be good,” I mutter under my breath.

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