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Chapter 3 (v.1) - this outta be good

Submitted: September 30, 2011

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Submitted: September 30, 2011




“I’m not giving you a ride!” I snap. Kat stand her hand on her hips and her bottom lip sticking out. Her hair is in pig tails that actually look demented since her hair is so many different lengths, so it sticks out in various directions.

“Why?” she reply’s she is in 100% snarky mood. She will kill me if I don’t give her a ride but I don’t let anyone on my bike. “Do not say ‘no bitches aloud’ cuz I am not a bitch.”

“Fine. No sluts aloud.” I get on my bike and start it. “Kat, just not today take the bus,” I plead.

“GO to hell,” she spits and stomps off to the bus stop. I ride to the spot in the back row of the parking area, and head off to celebrate apple… Shit I forgot the apples at home. I sigh and walk to the school; damn this is going to be embarrassing. I wonder what Eve will do to me. Will she cling to my leg again? Jump on my back? God only knows.

“Andre!” I hear, speak of the devil. “Happy Apple Day!” Eve sings, she dances around me, she’s holding a lunch box in her hand.

“Left my apples at home,” I mumble. Will she freak out? Get angry? Cry? I swallow my stomach, when I hear her sigh.

“Well you can’t remember everything.” She snatches my elbow and hauls me into the school. I don’t resist I just fallow, she has a huge grin on her face. Kat gawks at us as we zip  past her.

“Hey!” she yells. “Andre!” And Eve without delay stops. Kat jogs up to us.

“Hello, who are you?” Eve asks. Her eyes widen, and she observes Kat’s hair. “May I feel it?”

“What?” Kat coughs. “Did you seriously just ask if you could touch my hair? There is no way in hell I would let you touch it! Not even if you washed your hands.”

“Ok, it was just a question.” Eve hold out a hand, “I’m Eve.” Kat stares at her hand repulsed by it, but takes her pointer and thumb and shakes it awkwardly.

“Kat,” she smiles politely. “So you are the apple day girl?”

“You heard about me?” Eve gasps in amazement. “I feel so popular! We are going to be the best of friends!” she grabs Kat’s hands and hold them with so much content I think her eyes might pop out of her head.

“I refuse to be friends with people like you, you are a freak of nature, I mean look at your hair, it’s so fake,” Kat insults.

“You just mocked yourself… your hair is fake too,” I cut in. but she hold up a hand in protest.

“Well just by looking at you I can tell you hate Shannon.” Eve begins and Kat nods only half listening. “Well, if you become friends with me she will hate you more. I don’t know why but earlier when I got here she yelled at me saying I will pay for stealing Andre from her.”

“What?” Kat and I say in union. I speak first, “What happened?” That bitch is going to target Eve. Eve did nothing. I feel my hand clench at my side, Shannon, that narcissistic bitch. I should rip her long silky locks right out of her scalp. I would love it; I would break her nose, so she would have to spend her entire life savings to get it fixed. I feel a dark bubble weld up in my stomach.

“She came up to me when I was on my way home, she called me a ‘whore’ and ‘an inconfident slut’ I told her ‘incofident isn’t a word. It was unconfident you are looking for’. But then she screamed and tried to kick me but missed,” Eves voice like always was solid, smooth. The way a mother would talk to its child.

“Oh,” Kat sighs. “You’re in for it now princess; she is going to eat you for lunch.” A smirk plays with her lips.

“Do you always get into trouble?” I ask; Eve shook her head no. “Well you’re in for it now. You don’t want to get on her bad side and you just did.” I laugh but she looks completely relaxed like she thinks nothing would happen.

“Can you sit with me at lunch today?” She asks; she gingerly flips her hair over her shoulder. “I mean if you don’t want me to I completely understand.”

“Yeah we would love for you to sit with us at lunch!” Kat chimes in.

What? I gawk at her, her face jovial and polite. What the hell? Kat is never nice, she usually a snarky bitch. Dose this Goth freak actually like the weird clown haired girl?

“Really?” Eve buzzes, with Kat just saying ‘yes’ Eve’s day was just made, her eyes lit up like it was the fourth of July, and she is smiling like a fool. “I will see you at the time of food! I’ll bring your apples!”

With that she started to dance away… literally. She is twirling and waving her arms around; she jumps in the air, her thick scarlet hair flaring around her. She sees my stare and waves to me, I feel myself cautiously wave back. She whirls around and glides off to class.

“I don’t know about you but I like her.” I faintly hear Kat say. “She’s odd but I like her, you know what I mean? Plus, Shannon hates her so this could be fun.”

“You like her because Shannon hates her?” I murmur. “I think she’s a twit.” I turn for my class and Kat is close behind.

“Well yeah, but she’s cute you know? Like a little sister,” she goes deeper in to her thoughts. “If Shannon lay one of her fake nails on her I’ll kill her, starting with her long blond hair. I think it’s fake though.” She chatters on all through class how she thinks Shannon’s hair is fake, and her boob, even her legs. I think she’s just envy’s Shannon since she has a flat chest; she’s short, and so on and so forth.

“Eve!” Kat screeches, making Eve jump up so she is now standing. Wide eyed she gasps and then glares at Kat. “Lunch is almost done so class is beginning.”

“Ok… I don’t feel like going…” she mumbles. “I’ll be going home…” she slides back having the chair squeal’s highly, and she moves sluggishly out of the café. I get up and go after her.  She’s going to skip?

“Do you need a ride?” I ask walking close next to her, she stops moving as then glares up at me eyes narrowed. “What?”

“You don’t like people on your bike,” she says. “So why would you let me ride it?”

I gaze down at her, and blink I don’t know. But I say instead, “I don’t like bitches on my bike, you aren’t a bitch.”

She smiles and starts down the hall, she skips, spins and dances. I watch in awe, how she can be so open with what she wants, and what she does. It’s amazing. Not even Kat expresses herself as much as Eve. And Kat has black hair and rainbow colored highlights.

“Come on!” she calls; she faces me arms behind her back and bends over. Her hair falls around her face making her look like a fiery angel. Her face is lit up, and she has a radiant smile on her face.

I fallow slowly behind her, and she twirls and pulls my hand so I keep up with her. When we finally make it to my motorcycle, I sigh. This is the first time ever letting someone besides me on to my bike. I swing my leg over the side, but Eve just gazes at it; her eyebrows furring together.  

“What?” I ask, but she just gawks it. “Are you okay?” I jump off my bike and wave my hand in front of her face but she just shakes her head.

“I don’t know how to get on…” she mumbles and looks away with her cheeks burning a vivid scarlet.

“You just swing your leg over and hold on tight, I’m one of the safest drivers out there.” I wink at her and get back on. I feel her get on and then hug me, her body presses agents mine, and I feel my heart beat pick up. This is my first time with someone else on… I really hope it’s not any different.

“It’s you don’t have to hold on,” I assure her; her grip constricts like yesterday with my leg… I really need to get that out of my head. “Where do you live?” I call over the roaring motor.

“Its three miles left, then half a mile right!” she hollers back. Ok… well now I have to figure out how many miles three is… than half a mile. God. Math.

“I’ll tell you when its time!” I hear, with that I take off, a shrilling, ear piercing scream echoes through the air. Eve holds on to me, like her life depends on it. I go slower then I normally do since I don’t want her to get hurt then I’ll be sewed for something. Her grip so tight I think my lungs might bail on me. How strong is this chick?

Five minutes later she releases me, I look in the merrier and she has her arms up in the air laughing her head off. I knew she would love this. I guess I just know all. Man I sound like a douche when I think about it… I hold my breath when I hear her yell turn. She clutches on to me as we turn. She is such a baby. I roll my eyes.

And then I see her house…

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