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Chapter 4 (v.1)

Submitted: December 23, 2011

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Submitted: December 23, 2011




Not a normal house… it’s just like mine. I don’t mean the trailer; I mean the house I was raised in. The house was huge. I mean like the size of a mansion, and it was a mansion. I park the bike and Eve jumps off and pulls me with her. Reluctantly I fallow. I haven’t a clue why but what if I meet her mom?

I’ll probably piss myself.

“Nice place you got…” I say trying to start a conversation. She shrugs and grins over at me, I swallow my stomach. Damn why the hell do I have butterflies? Nothing to be afraid of; just walking into a billion dollar house!

“My mom is gone for the week, so I’m home alone…” she sighs. “But! Do you want apples?” She grabs my hand and drags me in to the house. Everything is so… rich. Marble floors, a chandelier, oh and a butler. Jesus Christ a butler?

I look at the butler. He’s old, blade and has a towel on his arm. Wow. “Charlie can you make me an apple crisp for Andre and me?”

“Yes Eve.”  Charlie turns and walks stiffly to the kitchen.

“So… Evie, your rich… awesome!” I smile enthusiastically but she gave me this look, like she knows I’m lying.

“I like that!” she blurts out, my eye brows rise up in confusion. “Evie, it’s nice, I like it more than my name. You see my entire name is Evelyn and I thought it makes me sound old so I changed it to Eve, but I like Evie better.”

I gape at her. She seriously took that to heart? Girls and their nick names… they are just great. I smile, her eyebrows scrunch together in confusion. I guess my smile is confusing.

“Your name is Evelyn? You have got to be kidding… it’s so… ancient. What Era is your mom from?”

“I don’t really know, probably the 17 hundreds I guess.” She winks at me. What the hell? My stomach… it just jumped throw the roof. Why?

Evie turns and jogs up a stair case, she waves for me to come on. As we reach the top and turn down a long hall, a picture of Evie hangs at the end of the hall, her hair is in an odd bun, and she sits at a piano, and is looking down at it deep in thought. She looks almost… normal.

“The funny thing is…” she begins. “I don’t even play it. I’m violinist. And I suck at that as well…” she laughs slightly embarrassed. She snatches my hand and drags me into her room, it’s boring… everything is white and tan… not what I was expecting.

She launches herself onto her nicely made bed and holds her pillow over her face. I stand next to her bed awkwardly, then her hand beats down on the bed, I take my boots off. I would feel actually really bad if I got mud on the white sheets.

I sink into the bed. Wow thick memory foam. Classy. Evie peeks from underneath the pillow; she is just like a five year old. What is wrong with this kid?

“Eve.” It’s the butler. He walks in with his large nose stuck in the air, with two plates in each of his hands. “I hope this is to your liking as long as you Mr. Andre.” I sit up and he hands me the steaming plates. The sweet scents of apples suffocate my senses. I can even taste it.

Ew… apples.

Eve snatches a plate from my grasp. She cuts through the slice and a syrupy substance oozes out of it. My stomach knots up, I don’t know whether it’s from the ooze or the smell.  As she takes a bite of it I blink. Eve sits up straight and then takes the fork off of my plate and holds up the mouthful of apple shit to my mouth.

For Eve, I think to myself and pry my mouth open and take a bite of it. Sweetness overwhelms my mouth. The temptation to spit this stuff out is almost unbearable.

“I see…” Eve mumbles and takes the trash bin from next to her bed and holds it under my chin. “I understand I won’t force you.”

I spit. My stomach clenches. I feel like I just hit her. “How about we have a… orange day?” I suggest. With that Eve’s face lights up and before I know it her arms are wrapped around my neck. 

Oh shit… why is the beat of my heart so fast? Her cheek is warm next to mine. My arms are limp at my sides. I haven’t had a hug since my aunt died three years ago. I don’t know what to do! Do I hug her back? Or just stay like this? Hug? Stay? Hug? Stay?

“Next month!” she declares. She beams at me her teeth gleaming. The hug it over…  A smile spreads across my face.

“Okay,” I mumble. “I’m leaving…” I hop off the bed and leave. Never again will I be hugged. I turn down a hallway and the stair case; I take three steps at a time, my heart still racing from earlier. That will never happen again. Never.

The butler opens the door for me, “wait!” I hear her sprint down the hall way she runs into the railing from the top floor leaning over it. I thought she was going to fling over it and fall to a painful death. My heart stopped for a moment.

“Stay for dinner!” she calls, her hair flowing around her face and brings out her eyes. Her eyes pleading for me to stay. Do I have a choice? I groan and shrug my jacket off. She squeals like speeding tires, and then she spins around and waves to me. I wiggle my fingers at her. Charlie clears his throat and Eve snaps in to attention with him.

“Miss. Etah, since you will be having company would you like us to prepare something nice?” He looks at her with his vague eyes, and then I swallow, I hate getting special treatment. I glance over at Eve, her sharp eye brows are scrunched together, and her lips are a thin line. Her thinking face.

“Can you make us hamburgers?” Charlies eye brows shot upward in surprise, mine do the same.  I can’t help but let a chuckle escape my lips. Eve hardly acknowledges my reaction. She just continues to give the butler a bizarre look.

He lets out a sigh, “vary well…” then like the wind he was gone. I gaze at Eve she steals my hand and drags me back up stairs to her room, we lay on her bed, and she hugs my arm, her head on my shoulder. Then the falls asleep. Great… this is just perfect… just perfect. Why did she fall asleep? I watch the clock as three hours pass, my arm somehow got wrapped around her body.

He hair smells like strawberry’s, I love them. I burry my face in it and breath in the scent, she smells so… innocent. I really shouldn’t be hanging around her, I’m not good, and she’s not bad. “Why would you chose me any ways?” I whisper.

Her body shifts and she stares up at me with heavy eyes, they water a little bit, and she rubs them, “Because you’re not shallow, dummy. . . ” her arms wrap around my neck and she pulls me closer to her and she cuddles with me. No freaking way, I do not cuddle. Not now not ever.

Her face is so close to me I consider kissing her, her lips are just there. So why shouldn’t I? she has been giving me hell for two days, hell I think I should screw her. But I won’t. She’s just like a little kid could never hurt her. Since when did I have a conscience?

 Her eyes shut, she doesn’t wear eyeliner. I haven seen that before. I thought all girls needed to wear eyeliner (just like perfume and deodorant) since they need to look perfect, but no, she looks like a china doll without it. Eve rolls over and yawns. “You can go home… if you… want.”

I chuckle and pull at her hair a little. “I need to have a hamburger first.” I just realized how hungry I am. Oh I can already taste the warm fat and juicy meat in my mouth. AH! With lettuce and tomato. God. I’m starved.

She pops up, now excited. Is she tired? Is she awake? “They should be done by now!” she hops off the bed snatching my wrist and dragging me down to the kitchen. Charlie was just about to bring up the food to us. I smile as she bites in to the burger that is way to big for her mouth. The toping fall on to the table.

I bite into mine. “Holy shit, it melts in your mouth!”

“I know right!” she groans like she’s about to… never mind. By the time we both finish butler shoes me off to my bike. If he doesn’t like me then maybe he should just say it to my face. I hate when I can read peoples minds.

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