Chapter 3: Phsyco

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 208

"Can you repeat that?" Adrian asked.

Cat looked up at the ceiling. "I'm starting to not like you," she said.

"How do you know about us?" Emmett asked.

"We could kill you for knowing!" Jane threatened.

"Okay, look. This lady wrote some books that tell of Bella's whole life story and all the rest of you are in it." Cat shrugged.

"So-" Cat cut Adrian off before he could say anything else that might be stupid.

Cat looked around and pointed at the faces of the vampires in the room as she described them. "You are Carlisle. You're a doctor. Blood doesn't really tempt you. Esme is the sweet one. Rosalie- pigheaded. Alice sees the future unless something changes.Emmett is very strong. Jasper can feel and change peoples enotions. Edward can read minds- except Bella's. Oh, and Bella is going to become a vampire and will be able to shild next month and will have a daughter, Renesmee, who will do the opposite of what Edward does."

"You're a phsycic," Edward said.

"Witchcraft pays off."

"You can do witchcraft?" Rosalie asked.

Cat looked to her book and stared at it, making it float in front of Aro, who took it.

"Keep it. I know it by heart."

"How about we move on with this?" Carlisle suggested.

"Yes," Marcus agreed. "It' s time for us togo home.."

"Bye." Cat said as the volturi left. "I'll be watching you," she said to Adrian. He ran to his car and got in quickly.

Cat looked at the Cullens. "Whio's ready to ask questions?"

Submitted: September 20, 2011

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