Brothers till the end?

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Brothers-strong word that describes two human being relationship between them, this word also is good telling your relationship with a friend. A True firend..
But is that so?... What happens when a beautiful girl comes between so called ''brothers''?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Brothers till the end?

Submitted: July 11, 2014

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Submitted: July 11, 2014



Chapter 1-Who would have known

15 October' 2014

The sun was warm, my eyes started to get really lazy, wind was very relaxing and i started to close my eyes.

''Am i asleep yet?'' 

Some grey clouds started to cover the sun and i felt few cold drops of water. Sudenlly the stupid voice shouted.

''Come Thomas, it is going to rain, we have to hurry back to school''

Ahhh it was my friend, Bill, for some reason i called him Billy, probably because he was annoying and a litlle bit stupid and such name as ''Billy'' suited his silly face more, than such a serious name Bill. He was shouting not far from me, and i could hear him perfectlly but i ingnored him, i like to annoy him.

''Come on, i dont want to miss any more classes, hurry up''

Seriouslly he is such a pussy, well yes we might missed few classes, but who cares, school is just a waste of time anyway. I actually cant take this anymore, time to get up.

''I am coming Billy, calm your horses down, it is not like some one missed us, look at us, we are good-for-nothing students'' I explained the obvious to mister pussy.

''Yeah yeah but still you know how i hate getting in trouble, i just want some peace and quiet in my life''

That was actually true, i bet every single one of us sometimes wants some peace and quiet.

''Well ok ok Billy i said i am coming, dont worry, we wont miss any more classes'' Well atleast today...

''Yeah right, you said that last week too, and by the way dont  call me ''Billy'' that sounds stupid''

Well duh Sherlock, why do you think i call you like that mister obvious...

It started to rain as hell, luckily we made out in school without getting very wet. The rest of the day was pretty much the same as all of them, after few boring classes i and Billy went out to a local cafe to have a snack, we drank tea and just hanged out for the rest of the day, pretty regular i guess, yeah Billy was pretty much the only true friend i had, i guess others didint want to talk to good for nothing punk like me. Anyway weeks passed like that, school, hanging out with Billy, sitting and killing time at home until today i guess.

November 10' 2014

Billy wanted to talk about something really important, i guess he cant wait and its something immportant because he demanded to come with him in cafe after the last lesson, he actually asked me if i can help him with something very important to him. Well the classes is over and we walked to the cafe together but he was quiet, to quiet as for his stupid mouth. We sat on one of the table in the cafe.

''Look man, can i trust you and tell you something really important to me'' Billy asked with some serious expresion, wich i havent seen in quiet a while.

''Ok just spill it out, I waited for a whole day and now you a being so serious all of a sudden, just talk man.'' I answered that being to serious about that stuff too.

''Well ok ok, you know i met this girl in a church one Sunday, and i got some courage to talk to her, asked her number and well i got it, we talked for quiet a while and i want to ask her on a date, and the point is i dont know how to do that, how dating proccess goes, can you help me? I know you are more experienced with girls and i know that you had some girlfriends so you probably know some things about that, so what do you think, will you help me?'' He asked with a a concerned face.

''Hmmm , i dont know, Well ok ok i will help'' I had to think for a moment there, but what the hell, he probably found some ugly girl that i would never date anyway.

The day passed quickly and to be honest i didint even noticed how the day passed so quickly, like a lightning, off course that would not happened if had not been explaining the dating to such a moron but i could not leave my friend like this, all miserable and almost crying. Loser...

''Well you have to be smooth with girl especially if you really like her, you cant just go and say, hey will you date me? No that is no good, you have to come to that smoothly asking her if she has any plans on Friday or maybe she needs some companionship to do something simple, like riding bicycles and so on, Off course first off all you have to be sure if she is single in the first place, you my dear Billy definitely dont want to mess with other guy's girl. Well this is first step, next lesson my dear student will be continued when you actually arrange meeting with her, and remember be smooth, ok?

Billy looked at me with a stupid look, he should have understanded that, that is not complicated at all.

''Well ok, i have to be "smooth". Check. I can actually ask her about tomorrow, tomorrow is Saturday that is good right'' Billy asked me this with, again, stupid look on his face.

''Yes, as long as it is weekend its good, students has more time at this part of a week''

''So ok i will ask her about tomorrow''

To my surprise it didint took long to arrange a meeting between those two, Billy just texted several times and here they go tomoroow on a date i guess. And who would actually date someone like him, probably a stupid face like himself. Billy talked how he is so happy that she agreed on his offer and how he is thankful for my help but all i could think was ''Where the hell is my tea and biscuit''

So Saturday came and i actually thought about following my dear friend to his date as i was so curious what will happen because i didint taught him what to do on a date and what not, what to say and what not, in other words i didint taught him the most important part about dating. He actually told me where they were going to meet, the place was horrible, it was an old park wich was full of trash, drunk people and some weird looking emo kids walking down the park once in a while. I got there a litlle bit earlier because i knew that my idiot friend will come early to, probably because he is nervous. Here he comes and as i suspected with a paper in his hand, probably wrote to himself ''I need to be smooth''. Idiot.

''Here she comes, oh my god, she is.... so... b-b-beautifull.'' I stuttered like i never did before in my life.


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