Big Headed Jello Men :The Beginning

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After all hell breaks loose on planet earth, four young kids must find a way to survive the aliens mass attack and overcome and reclaim earth as their home!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Big Headed Jello Men :The Beginning

Submitted: February 21, 2013

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Submitted: February 21, 2013



BHJM: The beginning (Big Headed Jello Men) Chapter 1 Part:1

Winter was here, and in Texas it's still cold! Most people see texas as a fun in the sun state, but it's not. It's hot as hell in the summer and cold as the Artic in the winter. But then again, Texas has just two seasons, they just happen to occur on the same day. We say in Texas, \" If you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes because it'll change.\" That statemeant was true. True until the events that were soon to unfold. Instead of Texas having two seasons on the same day, the world was going to get a single united season. This season would reoccur over and over, everyday. It was endless until the end came long after it should've. The season would end, and Texas would regain it's bi-polar weather after boys became men, and these boys forced to grow up to soon. These boys Take the ultimate sacrifice to save everything they have left, everything to taken. The young girls turning into women long before they are considered young adults, long before what any girl was meant to become a woman. These women forced to take the duties of their parents, who most have been taken and will never be seen again. The reason for this is that of the unified season, the season of pure hell. Hell, nothing but pain and death. Endless pain, and endless death. Taking everything that meant anything to anyone and ripping from their hearts, not caring what damage is done to that of which the heart and feeling belong to. Once something of great importance, turned into the destruction of ones soul and mind. Hell felt no regret, no mercy, just destruction and death. Hell's rage was fed by its desire to destroy anything that symbolized hope. Hell had complete control, god himself was taken captive by Lucifer. But hope, love, and the sac rifles for ones brother is what returns the bi-polar weather to Texas, and ends the united Goliath season of Hell. Is was just an hour before life would not be meant to live anymore, but just to survive. Jim Languishe, know as chip from his friends, was a young 17 year old, stockish build. His hair a dark brown with hints of natural red. He stood tall, confident even. His broad shoulders up high and his dark blue eyes luminated his mind set. A mind set of a young intelligent boy fixing to enter the real world with a loving family, his three best friends, and his angel qualified girl friend. Chip, Jerrod, Allan, and Sophia where just 4 normal 17 year old kids from Texas, meant little to the world but alot to few.......for now. Chip, jerrod, and Allan have known each other since their early years of playing baseball together, becoming the 3 musketeers basically. Jerrod had a slightly bigger build than chip, and was just slightly taller also. Jerrod had a tall stand of a man feeling accomplished and ready to take on the world. His skin tanned darker than that of his friends due to him working out in the country at his house. He knew much when it came to the knowledge of the wilderness, he was that of survival smart instead of the book smart the world thought that was neccessary for surviving life today. But don't take that as he being a dumb hick, he still was smart, he just wasn't going to go to Harvard or anything. Allan now was smaller then both Chip and Jerrod. Allan was shorter, skinnier, and had less muscle on his body. But Allan was a swimmer so was probably in better shape than his hunting and fishing friends! Allan was not as tan has Jerrod and Chip, but had thick dark curly hair that seemed to wooh all the ladies. And Sophia, well Sophia was a short, gorgeous girl! She had thick light brown hair, the bluest eyes ever seen on the planet, and the brightest smile. She was Chips best friend,and his lovely girl friend. To Chip she was the perfect girl, his dream girl. To Sophia, Chip was her new found hope for love, and her rock. The four were out walking to their vehicles in the movie parking lot. Jerrod had a new GMC Sierra and Chip had a 1967 Shelby GT 500. Allan and Jerrod take his truck, and Chip and Sophia take Chip's car. So as they both start over the engine Sophia locates what they beleive to be a shooting star in the night sky. \"Quick! Make a wish Hun,\" Sophia tells Chip. But Chip is starring at the star, thinking about how it slowly is growing in size. Then outta now where the star plunges straight down. BOOM! The movie theater explodes. \"Holy shit,\" Chip and Sophia yell. \"We gotta get the hell outta here,\" yelled Chip! His buddy Jerrod had the same idea as both peel out of the parking lot. Boom, boom, boom, boom! Four more hit the surrounding buildings throwing blazing debris everywhere. Jerrod and Chip swerving frantically trying to avoid the flaming debris, and other panicking people! Boom, boom, boom, boom,boom! Now it's just a meteor shower, tearing into the small town! Jerrod and Chip still trying to avoid flaming debris! Chip quickly glanced over to his girl, the one he had promise about protecting no matter what only hours before to her father. She had the look of pure terror on her face, the tears held back in her soul. Begging to burst out. But they didn't, she just sat there in pure terrorized amazement! As the terror and destruction seemed to intensify it just suddenly stopped. \"Is it over,\" Sophia and Chip asked each other. \"I dunno,\" the two replied. Jerrod stopped his truck and jumped out. Chip quickly halted and sprang out of his car. Jerrod toss a rifle to his friend and asked, \"what in the hell? We are under attack Chip!\" \"No, it might've been just a very unlucky meteor shower,\" he replied. \"Hell no, those things we speeding up and slowing down, they were being guided, they had targets! We are f-ing under attack Chip! We need to get the hell outta here and to my house!!\" \"Fine lets just-\" Chip started to reply before a blinding green light blanketed the town, blinding all. Then a high screeching noise and another explosion! BOOM!! The side of the town where jerrods house was, Sophia's, Allan's and Chip's, all just now in flames!! But Allan noticed what projected the green light with the glow from the explosion, it was a giant flying ship! \"Holy shit!!\" They all screamed!! Barry screamed, \"WE ARE UNDER ATTACK DAMNIT, WE NEED TO LEAVE!!\" Jerrod and Chip nodded and both jumped in to their vehicles, and peeled the hell outta there!! Speeding quickly into the night away from the town they all once knew as home.

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Big Headed Jello Men :The Beginning

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