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A bit short. Sorry:(

Chapter 12 (v.1) - Chapter 12

Submitted: June 17, 2018

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Submitted: June 17, 2018



Chapter 12


Esi wasn’t sure if it was physically possible for jaws to hit the floor but hers came pretty close.




She couldn’t tell if that smirk meant he was teasing or if he was serious.


Unless you have other plans for the rest of the night.”


Yes. Yes, she did have plans.

She had to take a shower and brush her teeth and catch up on those last few chapters of that mystery novel and she couldn’t forget to call Char and give her the rundown.

Ok, so maybe she would put that last bit on hold.

But still, she couldn’t invite him up now. She wasn’t prepared. There were mental exercises she had to go through to fully prep for these kinds of things.


Damn her and her indecisiveness.


Putting this off ran the risk of him not being available later.


It’s just going to be max one hour. Just work quickly. Get him in then out.


Yea, she could do that.


In and out.


Um…yea. I mean, no, I don’t have any plans…for later…tonight.”


Kai’s gummy smile transformed his face. This smile was different from the crooked grin she kept seeing. He looked younger almost, his eyes communicating absolute happiness that had Esi returning her own smile.




Esi led Kai through the lobby of her building and almost groaned in frustration as she saw that the crew had already transitioned and to her utter dismay, saw Ralph sitting behind the concierge desk.


Ralph had just been hired a few months ago and already had all the tenants hating him. Esi herself didn't exactly hate Ralph as much as everyone else did but she did find him extremely annoying most of the time, though she tried her best not to get on his bad side. She wasn't at all scared of him but she knew the charming smile he flashed was as fake as the orange tint he swore up and down wasn't a tan.

She was weary because Ralph knew everyone's business. That wouldn't have bothered her as much but he liked to talk and that meant if Ralph knew anything about you, everyone else in the building probably would as well.


There was no way to avoid him so Esi led Kai to the elevator as quickly as she could without making it obvious what she was rushing and pressed the call button. Of course the elevator car had to be on the top floor which meant they had to wait for it to descend to the lobby. As it came, more people joined the pair and they all quickly huddled in when the car finally arrived.


Esi was the first person in followed by Kai who stood closely behind her. As more and more people got on, Esi was forced to take small steps back to make as much room as she could. A slightly overweight man was the last to get in forcing Esi to step back even further until she felt her backside hit the person behind her. As she went to step forward, she felt hands at her shoulders and froze. She didn't have to look back to know who was touching her and when the doors finally closed, she silently sent up a prayer hoping they would get to her floor as quickly as possible.


The doors had just opened for the first stop when Esi felt the hands at her shoulders give her a slight squeeze and shift her to the side to let someone slide by her and step out. As the doors closed and began going up again, Esi tried to stepping forward but the hands slid down to her arms and slightly tightened.


In and out.


She could do this.

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