Body & Soul

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Romance

Chapter 13 (v.1) - Chapter 13

Submitted: July 27, 2019

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Submitted: July 27, 2019



Chapter 13


She couldn't do this.

Esi couldn't handle the prolonged close contact and as much as she tried to subtly put space between them, he always felt so near.

It wasn't uncomfortable close but she couldn't fool herself into thinking this was anything more than a one time thing so that she wouldn't be disappointed when he left tonight and never spoke to her again.

Her thoughts were chaotic but she somehow managed to keep it together so far. She really wanted to get him down on canvas. His facial features were handsome but it was his eyes that caught her. That sad and defeated look was all too familiar. She'd seen that look before. She didn't know if it made her a bad person, but she was oddly relieved to have the confirmation that she wasn't the only one who felt that way.

Pure, raw loneliness, easy to hide, hard to ignore.



Kai took in Esi’s living room. It was small. Not cramped small, but cozy small. He guessed advertising paid well judging by the size of it.

So....where would like me?”

I do all my work in the studio cause it can get kind of messy,”she replied motioning for him to follow her.

The first thing Kai noticed about Esi's apartment was its simplicity. The white walls were completely bare.

No family photos, no pictures, no decorations.

Stepping further into the living room, he could see that absolutely nothing was out of place. Beyond the basics, there wasn't anything special about it as far as he could see. There was a book laying faced down on a glass coffee table and a laptop on the kitchen island.

Nothing about Esi's place that he'd seen screamed artist, but somehow the plain, easy layout suited the person he'd had dinner with.

Not that that was a bad thing but he'd pictured paint splattered tarps strewn about and papers everywhere.

Bare walls continued all the way down the hallway and it intrigued him why she wouldn't have at least one picture of her family out on display anywhere.

Maybe she didn't have any close family.

He frowned at the thought of her being all alone in the world. She didn't go into much detail about her family life over dinner and he didn't want ask her to share what she wasn't willing to offer up front. He'd grown up surrounded by nothing but love and it bothered him to know that there were people out there who weren't as blessed as him to have experienced that.

The studio was behind a door at the end of the hall.

It was exactly how he pictured it. All four walls were covered with the large and small sketches Some were on small letter sized printer paper and were posted on the wall with thumbtacks or tape. The large canvases were hung and. All of them were of people. They were all in black and white images of people in varying degrees of expressions. Some he was sure was captured without their knowledge. There was a full on head shot of a laughing child. Another was of an elderly couple with their together, facing forward and smiling widely.

One in particular caught his attention.

It didn't look like it fit in with the rest.

He stepped closer to study it some more as she scrambled to clear a chair.

The canvas was colored over in black charcoal with a white outlined silhouette of a very shapely female torso. Somewhat reminiscent of the Venus de Milo, sans the missing limbs. The sculpted It was a study of the female figure and if the intention meant to evoke the erotic reaction he was currently feeling. Her head laid to one side and resting on shoulder. A thick wet curly mane hid her face, stopping short of her shoulders. A few droplets of water rested between the valley of two full rounded breasts. Another few drops formed a trail down a nipped in waist, disappearing down wide hips and off the page. This was the most sensually evocative out of all the pieces and one he wouldn't mind having in his personal art collection.

That’s not done.”

So she was protective of her work. He understood. The way she said it sounded more forceful than he thought she wanted it to, but the bite in her voice made him feel like there was more to her than the reserved introverted shell.

Kai watched her as she carefully picked up a pile of art paraphernalia and laid them on the ground in the corner of the room.

Ok, um...sit...please.”

There was a large blank canvas already mounted on a easel. Kai kept his eyes on Esi as she gathered a few pencils and other tools that didn't look familiar to him before stepping in front of She didn't bother taking a seat for herself and chose instead to stand facing him, bringing her feet between the legs of the easel.

Every few seconds she would look up at him, though he noticed she never looked him in his eyes. She had that habit and it made him wonder if she did that with everyone or just him. It didn't bother him at the moment since he was grateful for the time just to study her.

Her hand was moving furiously across the sheet, every stroke of the pencil an annoying reminder that their time was limited.

I enjoyed tonight.” He started.

Yea, it was.....nice,” she replied on a whisper.

Are you sure? You didn't eat a lot.”

I had a big lunch,” she murmured.

Yea, I saw the bags. You really like the food there huh?” he said with a grin.

It wasn't all for me,” Esi said after a long pause. “I shared with a friend.”

A friend as in a boyfriend?” he questioned.

Kai was sure she didn't have a husband and her apartment confirmed as much. He still wasn't sure about a boyfriend...or girlfriend, though it would put in dent in his plans if she had either. He was attracted to her in every way possible and he had to admit it frightened him. He'd been without the romantic matters of a woman since his last relationship.

No. He wasn't going to think of her.

That was 3 years ago. Get over it.

No, he's definitely just a friend.”

So that means I have a chance?”he pushed.

Esi looked up and met his eyes. Before she could respond, a loud panicked screech broke through the apartment.


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