Claiming of the Rose

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Sierra

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Submitted: April 09, 2016



Sierra looked at the time on her watch. 8.09 am. “Shit!” She said to herself as she forced her feet to move faster than they could. Sierra was supposed to start work at 8 at the Tiny Diner but she had slept in by accident. She did not live far from her work in a small one bedroom apartment. It was all the space she needed for herself. She wasn't in the dating scene, she didn't see any point in it. Sooner or later they always left. Sometimes it was because she didn't feel the connection she so desperately craved from someone. Sometimes it was because they found out what she could do.

She pushed the glass door and entered the Diner. There were only a couple of customers, mostly regulars that come in just before work for breakfast. She rushed over to the counter where Maria, the owner of the diner was serving a customer a drink of orange juice to go with his bacon and egg sandwich. The customer was a regular, Randy, he was always the first customer through the door at 8am and always had his usual Bacon and Egg sandwich.

“So sorry I'm late Maria” Sierra grovelled as she slipped her slender body through the opening in the counter top and behind the counter. She threw her handbag into the store cupboard. There wasn't anything breakable in it. She was already dressed for work with her bright yellow shirt and bright yellow apron that had a badge that read “Hello! My name is Sierra!”

Maria turned and put her right hand on her hip and waved away Sierra's apology with her left hand. “You don't have to apologise sweetie, your only 10 minutes late” Maria cupped Sierra's chin with her right hand and gave her a kiss on her left cheek. Maria treated Sierra like she was the daughter she never had. Maria found out when she was young that she wasn't able to have any children and since Sierra moved into town five years ago and started working at the Diner almost immediately, they had bonded in the way only a mother and daughter could.

“I bet you haven't eaten since closing last night have you?” Maria always made sure that Sierraa didn't forget to eat.

Sierra wondered if this is what having a real mother was like. She never had the chance to meet her parents, they had both died when she was a baby and she grew up in foster homes until she was 16. She had run away and started working wherever she could. She saved up money and moved around as often as she could, never staying anywhere for long. Except here, in the small town of Raven. She felt that she had found a place where she could settle and live her life with friends instead of constantly on the move. This time in Raven, she had tried so hard to hide what she could do from people. Only Maria knew. She accepted Sierra for what she was, whatever that was.

“No, I haven't eaten, I didn't have time for breakfast. I slept in, got dressed and rushed to work.” Sierra confessed.

Maria shook her head and pointed to a seat. “Sit” She said in the tone of voice which Sierra knew there was no arguing with.

She still tried to though. “Maria, we have customers, I don't have time to eat.”

Maria just pointed to the chair next to Randy who was happily chomping away at his sandwich. Sierra rolled her eyes and walked back round to the other side of the counter and took a seat on the bright red stool.

“Best to do what Maria says it is. Yes. What Maria says” Randy muttered half to Sierra and to his sandwich. Randy was a sweet guy and wouldn't hurt a fly. Maria had explained to Sierra that Randy had problems of the mental variety. She didn't know what, just that Randy was always paranoid, suspicious and very anxious constantly. He spoke like a child sometimes. Sierra always had a soft spot for Randy because he was such a sweet guy.

“I cant say no to the Boss now can I Randy” Sierra Joked.

Randy wiped his greasy hands down his light brown long trench coat that he constantly wore, everyday. She wasn't sure if Randy owned any other items of clothing. She wasn't even sure if he had a home to go back to. She had offered him to stay on her couch until he got back on his feet but he had very respectfully declined.

“No Sierra, you can not say no to the Boss. Maria. She's the boss. Yes she is.” Randy bit into the sandwich again and tried to chew as quietly as he could.

Maria came through the double doors that led to the kitchen. The Tiny Diners cook was an excellent cook. His name was Timothy but everyone called him Boo. Boo was like a brother to Sierra, he looked out for her like a brother should do. Boo was a very...extravagant person. He had tanned skin and he really looked after his body. Not that he cared what the women thought of him. He was more interested in what the guys thought of him.

Maria pushed a plate to Sierra that smelled so good she could wolf it down in seconds. She felt a smile cross her lips as she licked them. Scrambled egg on toast was Sierra's favourite. “Eat it all up” Maria used her stern voice then went to serve another customer.

“Sierra's favourite. Yes, Sierra will like them she will.” Randy said as he glanced at Sierra then turned his attention back to the other half of his sandwich.

Sierra felt her stomach growl as she dug into the plate of food. She was wolfing them down so quick she hardly noticed the man slide into the next but one stool. He wore a pure black suit that looked very expensive and tailored to fit the man's lean body. He was a regular at the Diner and always ordered black coffee but never any food. “Late for work, Sierra?” The man's velvet voice gently caressed itself against Sierra's bare arms causing the hair on her arms to prickle. She fought the impulse to rub her arms. She didn't want him to realise the effect his voice had on her.

“Yeah, I'm having one of those days where nothing goes right Mr...” Sierra stopped and thought for a second. She had never actually caught this man's name. All the times he had been in the Diner and she had never thought to ask. Strange. “I'm sorry sir, I don't believe I know your name.”

“Luscious Shade” He stretched out a hand to Sierra. Sierra had never shook another persons hand before, she wasn't important enough to do gestures like that. She hesitantly reached her own hand out to his. Luscious took her hand in is and brought the back of her hand to his soft red lips. He gently pressed his lips against her wrist which sent a flurry of excitement scattering all around her body. Sierra blushed as Luscious rolled his beautiful grey eyes up to meet hers. He spoke in a very soft whisper that felt very intimate for the middle of work. “My pleasure, Sierra” Her named rolled off his tongue like he was tasting every syllable. Si-err-a

He gave her a smile which she somehow knew was only for her. Sierra jumped when a hand touched her shoulder. She quickly spun around away from the handsome man and tried to slow her pulse down. Her cheeks were blazing red as she faced Randy who quickly retracted his hand from her shoulder.

“Eggs go cold, Sierra. Yes, cold as ice. Eat them up. Boss lady said to.” Randy pegged his deep brown eyes to Sierra's powder blue. He held eye contact for a little too long as if he was trying to tell Sierra something. He was just about to open his mouth again when a powerful gust of wind blew the front door open to the Diner. It smashed into the table nearest to it and shattered into pieces sending shards of glass skidding across the diners polished floor.

Sierra gasped and jumped off her stool, careful not step on any of the glass with her white pumps on. She quickly remembered who was sat on the stool behind her as she smoothed down the knee length yellow skirt.

“Shit!” Maria's voice filled the stunned silence as she came barrelling through the kitchen doors Boo right behind her.

“I second that Shit, girl. Damn...” Boo put a hand against his chest as he took in the scene. He walked up to stand next to Sierraa and gently pulled her to him. “You ok baby girl?” He kissed her on top of her fire red hair that she had bunched into a quick pony tail.

“Yeah, I'm fine Boo. It just made me jump out of my skin.” Sierra said as she gave Boo a quick squeeze. She hardly heard the chuckle from the mysterious Luscious Shade behind her. She gave a sneaky glance back to see if he was flustered. She thought she had been sneaky but Luscious was already staring at her with his grey eyes. He winked at her as a mischievous smile played across his lips. He turned his attention back to his coffee and Sierra turned her attention back to the clean up.

Maria was already sweeping the glass into a neat pile when Sierra started to try and help.

“Stop where you are Sierra” Maria said as she carried on sweeping. “I don't want you standing on any glass and hurting yourself”

“I do work here Maria, let me help you with the clean up” Sierra completely ignored Maria and quickly grabbed another sweeping brush and started to help.

Suddenly Maria grabbed the sweeping brush Sierra was using. “Your bleeding!”

“What?” Sierra said as she looked down. It was true, her blood was slowly making a crimson trail down the wood of the sweeping brush. Sierra pulled her right hand to her face to get a better look. Sure enough she had a small slit on the palm of her hand that was pushing out her precious blood.

“Crap” Sierra took the small towel that Boo had passed her and applied pressure to her wound.

She had to get somewhere where there wasn't too many eyes around. Maria must have known what Sierra was thinking because she nudged her head towards the storage area where she had throw her bag less than an hour ago. Sierra nodded and hurried of towards the storage area. She could feel the eyes of a certain gorgeous man on her back as she closed the wooden door behind her and locked it. She didn't want anybody coming through while she dealt with her cut.

Finally alone. She let out a breathe she didn't realise she was holding as she pulled the towel from her hand. It was soaked with her blood. A cut this small should not have bled this much. Sierra knew from experience that this wasn't a bad cut and should have hardly bled. Besides, she hadn't even touched any of the glass, so how had she gotten the cut?

It didn't matter. Sierra put her left hand over the cut on her right hand and concentrated like she had done so many times before. She reached down to that place inside of her that she kept tightly locked away. She opened it slightly, only pulling out what she need. She felt the heat begin to spread from her chest and down her arms. The palms of both her hands began to heat up like they always did and soon enough the cut on her right hand begin to close and heal itself.

Just as the cut turned into a scar, Sierra started to feel strange. This had never happened before. She has healed herself from much worse wounds and she has never had this much trouble. The scar felt like it was red hot, burning almost. Sierra's chest began to feel tight as she pushed her power to work harder than she has ever had to before. It wasn't making a difference. The scar was still there when it should be smooth and soft as if she had never been cut in the first place. Her body began to convulse as more and more of her power flowed out of its spot inside of her, trying to heal her. She dropped to her knees. She couldn't control her power. No. That was wrong. Something was interfering with her powers and it was fighting her. What scared her the most was that she was losing the battle. Sierra dropped to all fours as the need to cough took over her. She coughed so much that blood dripped onto the store room floor.

She could hear voices at the other side of the door, shouting her name. They were shouting to be let in. She should let them in. She wanted to let them in. Another cough rocked her body and more blood joined the puddle on the floor. Sierra felt a gentle wind swirl around her. “Let them in” The wind whispered to her a it cradled itself around her body. “Let them in” Sierra couldn't fight anymore. Her whole body was aching from the power attack but what hurt most was the scar. It was literally sizzling it was that hot. “Let them in” The wind whispered again. Sierra felt that if she let them in, they might stop attacking her and she could just rest. She just wanted to rest, and sleep. Sleep sounded good right now.

Suddenly the air around her shifted. “Don't give in!” A different voice spoke to her. “Fight this!” Sierra wanted to fight but her body was just too tired. Her eyes slowly closed as her body gave up and became limp.

Lying on the floor, looking up at the water stained ceiling of the storage cupboard she could feel a sense of peace. This was it. No more running. No more hiding who she was. She was about to be free. She would miss Maria. She would miss Randy. She would even miss Luscious Shade. She felt regret that she hadn't gotten to know him before.


It didn't matter anymore. Nothing did.


Sierra's world turned to black.




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