Claiming of the Rose

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Luscious Shade

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Submitted: April 10, 2016



Sierra's head was throbbing. If this was death then she wanted her money back, or would that be life back? She groaned as she tried to move her hands. There was something tugging on her left hand that hurt when she moved it. Her throat was sore and her body felt like it had been hit by a bus.

“She's awake!” Sierra heard a very familiar voice in the distance as a hand gently enveloped her right hand. The hand was warm and soft as it gently squeezed her fingers.

Sierra opened her eyes to see two very familiar faces looking worriedly over her. Boo and Maria smiled softly at her. “I feel like crap” Sierra spoke with a raspy voice which made her cough.

“Girl, you sure do look good though” Boo said as he gently placed a kiss on Sierra's right cheek.

“You suck at lying Boo, anyone ever tell you that?”

He jokingly pinned her with his eyes. “You. Constantly” He turned to Maria “I'm going to head back to the diner and clean up while you take care of our baby girl” Maria nodded and thanked him.

“Bye Boo” Sierra said as she watched him walk out of her hospital room. She was left with maria. “Stop looking so worried, I'm fine, honestly”

A tear trickled down Maria's cheek and Sierra knew that she had been holding it in. “I was so worried about you. I didn't know what to do or what was happening to you. I'm so sorry.”

“Its not your fault, Maria. I don't really understand what happened myself.” Sierra's head hurt. Actually it was pounding. She remembered the voice in her head telling her to let “Them” in. Who were they? And what did they want? What could they achieve by getting in her head? All she could think of was that it was somebody that knew her ability and wanted to control her for their own gain.

This is bad.

Maria must have seen a scared look on Sierra's face. “Something very bad happened didn't it. Oh my god, I messed up. I shouldn't have brought you to an hospital. I should have just...Oh gosh I don't know!” Maria's face was flooded with tears. It hurt Sierra to see how much this woman, who was no relation of hers, cared for her. She was Sierra's family. Maria and Boo.

“You did the right thing Maria. What did the hospital say when they brought me in?” Good. Focus on covering her secret. That way she wont fall to pieces herself. Sierra was terrified of what happened or who had done it to her.

Maria wiped the tears off her face. “Erm...The Dr said that they couldn't find anything wrong with you...and...and that maybe you had a seizure...but...but...they couldn't see any signs of that. I guess that's your ability...?

Sierra nodded. The doctors wont be hounding her for an explanation. That was good. Doctors always had a need for answers.

Just then the door to Sierra's room opened and in walked the last person on earth she thought she would see in her hospital room.

It was Luscious Shade. The suit wearing hottie from the Diner.

Luscious entered the room like he owned it. He had an air about him that made people stop what they are doing and pay attention. Of course that could just be his devastating good looks. His deep black hair looked perfectly tousled as if he had just ran his hand through it. It was just long enough that Sierra could feel the softness of his hair as she ran her fingers through it.

Sierra was busy trying to slow her heart rate down as Luscious walked further into the room. Maria squeezed Sierra's hand as she turned to her. “I'm going to see what they have in the....cafeteria” Maria winked at Sierra as she tried to remove her hand from Sierra's. Sierra suddenly became panicked at the thought of being left alone with Luscious Shade that she didn't let Maria's hand go. Maria had to use force to get her hand free and then left the room giving a quick nod to Luscious as she left. She closed the door behind her leaving Sierra alone with Luscious.

He moved so quietly and swiftly like he was walking on air to the side of her hospital bed. Sierra was suddenly very conscious that she was wearing a hospital gown that probably gaped open at the back. There was no way she getting out of this bed.

“These are for you” Luscious grinned at her as he held up a beautiful bouquet of red roses. That was strange, Sierra hadn't seen him holding them when he came in the door. She was probably too busy hyperventilating to notice them.

“Wow, they are beautiful. You didn't have to get me anything” Sierra said as she took the bouquet in her arms and smelled the sweet smell of the roses.

“Here, I brought a vase too” Luscious placed a vase on the bedside table. It was black of course, with little flecks of red. He placed the flowers in the vase and stood back to study them.

Before Sierra could stop herself she blurted out something that had been nagging her. "Why are you here?" Her eyes became wide as she realised what she had blurted out. "I'm sorry I didnt mean it in a bad way I just -"

Luscious waved Sierras apology away. He smirked as he looked her over. "I dont know why I am here. I just felt like I needed to see you. Make sure you were ok."

Sierra's breathe caught in her throat as she realised that the extremely handsome man stood in front of her was actually worried about her. She hadnt even entertained the thought that a man like Luscious Shade with his expensive suits, would be interested in a run away red head? "Thats...Thats so thoughtful of you, but really im fine. If you have somewhere to be...?" Sierra thought she would give him an out. See if he really was interested or just felt bad.

Luscious shook his head and grinned at her. "Nope. I've got nowhere to be."

Sierra eyed him suspisciously. Was he suggesting that they had somewhere to be? As in a date? Together? Right now?

Lusciouse caught Sierra eyeing him. "Don't feel like you have to take me up on the offer. I just thought you might like to get out of this drab hopsital room." He sat gently on the edge of Sierra's bed, barley makeing the bed move at all. He gently placed his hand over Sierra's and gently gave it a squeeze.

Sierra blushed at his hand on hers. It felt so right but yet so wrong. She hardly knew Luscious yet she suddenly felt so comfortable with him. She nodded her head and then cleared her throat. "Yeah erm, sure." She looked at the pile of her clothes on the chair folded neatly. They were covered what looked like baked beans. They must have fallen on her in the store cupboard when she was magically attacked.

Luscious must have understood what she was thinking. He immediatly stood up and winked at her. "Dont worry about clothes, I'll have some brought over for you"

Sierra looked up at him dumbfounded. Did he just say that he was going to her apartment to get her clothes? She didnt want him in her apartment, it was messy and she was sure she left her clothes thrown everywhere. Oh! and she hadnt done the washing up in days! To her relief, Luscious pulled a cellphone out of his blazer inner pocket pressed one button. Must have been speeddial.

"Nina" Luscious spoke with such conviction and demand to this mystery woman that Sierra wondered who this Nina was to him. "I need you to go shopping for me." The woman spoke back to Luscious on the phone. "Yes, Shopping. Womens clothing size -" He looked me over and then turned his attention back to the phone. "8 to 10." The woman spoke again. "Yes, thats what I said, womens clothing. Do not make me repeat myself again Nina" He hung up and turned his attention back to Sierra. "Clothes are on the way." He gave Sierra a grin that made his eyes look darker and more mysterious.

Who was this guy? Who was Nina? How can he afford to just buy her clothes on a whim? Should she be embarrased that he knows her clothing size? Will this Nina pick the right style of clothes for her? She didnt have to wait long before she found out. 20 minutes later there was a knock on the door. Luscious walked over and opened the door and pulled through a clothing rail of brand new clothes.

Sierra's jaw dropped. Was he serious? A full clothing rail just for her? "Oh my, Luscious, this is just...too much..."

Luscious laughed. "Its just clothes Sierra"

"Yeah but it must have cost a fortune!" She so wanted to jump up and out of the bed and rummage through the clothes but she was wearing a nasty hospital gown and she didnt want to embarrass herself in front of Luscious.

Luscious buttoned up his blazer "I'll leave you to get dressed" he gave me a curt nod then walked out of the door.

Sierra threw the sheets back snagging the canula in her hand. "Ouch!" She pulled the canular out and watched as the tiny hole healed itself. HHow was she going to explain that to the nurse? She shrugged, she didint care. She was too excited about the next few hours alone with Luscious.

She jumped out of bed and ran her fingers across the materials of the clothes. They were expensive, she could tell just by the fabrics. She pulled out a bright yellow sundress that pulled in at the waist and then came out again. She looked at the tag. Gucci. Of course it was designer. She dared a peak at the price tag. £1500. "Holy crap!" She whispered to herself. she glanced at other price tags. They were even more expensive. She had picked out the least exppensive item there was on the rack and even that would take Sierra nearly 6 months to buy it herself.

She shook her head and pulled on the sundress. She gave a twirland loved how the dress flowed when she moved. She wasnt used to expencive clothing.

"You look breathtaking."

Sierra quickly spun to Luscious standing with his huge arms behind his back, admiring her in her new dress. "Oh erm...thanks..." She blushed again as his eyes drank her in. "Im not used to weraing such expensive clothing. I dont want to ruin it so you can return it"

Lusciouse smiled again "Nonsense, these clothes look like they were made for you" He smirked like he said a joke that I didnt quite understand. "And as for returning them? They are yours. They will be dropped off in your apartment for you."

"Wait a minute... -" Sierra started but Luscious cut her off.

"I dont take no for an answer. They are a gift from me to you" Luscious gave Sierra a smile that melted her heart. Was this real? Was she dreaming? Was she stuck in a coma after the attack and this is what she was dreaming of? Whatever it was, she didnt want it to end.

She smiled back. "Well then...Thankyou..."

"Your welcome" Lusciouse bowed his head slightly then offered her his arm. "Mi'lady?"

His eyes sparkled as he waited for an annswer.

Sierra snaked her arm through his and off they went out the hospital.

Walking through the corridors arm in arm with Luscious Shade was surreal. Maybe she had died and gone to heaven? She glanced at Luscious who had a smile playing along his luscious lips.

"What are you smiling at?" Sierra asked.

"Just thinking of your reaction."

"My reaction to what?" Sierra asked concerned she had already embarrassed herself.

"Well you are the only girl I know that out of thousands of pounds worth of designer clothes, would pick the cheapest one you could find" He glanced at her.

Sierra suddenly felt embarrased. Did he think she was cheap? Should she have worn something else? She smothed her hand over the front of her dress feeling very insecure.

Luscious must have seen her concerned look because he stated franticly "I dont mean that your cheap or insinuating anything like that at all. I think you look abssoloutly beautiful, its just something I havnt come across for a while..." Luscious studied her face as she took in what he had just said. He didnt want to offend her in any way.

"Oh...Ok, so you dont come across..." She stumbled over the words. "Beautiful women all too often?" She practically scoffed. He was drop dead gorgeous and he would have girls falling at his feet.

"No! No, I didnt explain myself properly." He stopped walking just before the entrance to the hospital, and turned Sierra to look at him. "You are the only person that can make me scramble to find words." He ran a hand through his hair. "I mean that you are the first person who truly understands the value of money."

She shook her head. "Money isnt valuable to me. Its just a means to an end. I need it to survive." It was true. She had never had enough money in her entire life so that she could live comfortably. She didnt care though. Her life was trying to stay under the radar. She always had a fear of her Gift being discovered and when that day comes, she would never live her simple life again.

"Spoken like a true survavilist." Luscious said respectably.

"I am" Sierra said defiantly.

In that moment their eyes caught each others. They stared into each oterrs eyes, and even further. As Sierra staired, mesmerized, she could feel the need of longing eminating from Luscious. It was so strong that she had to break eye contact. "So..." She said slightly shaking. The feel of longing danced across her flesh. There was no other way to describe it. "What did you have planned?"

Luscious just smiled and pushed open the front doors to unviel a sleek black limosine with blacked out windows waiting for us.

Who is this man?


(Sorry for spelling mistakes and if you see the name Elena pop up, that is Sierra, I just changed the name becuase Sierra sounds better. Thanks for reading!)

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