The Prophet - A Stella Gomez Novel

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Stella Gomez is a Prophet who along with her best friend Flick, strive to figure out who is killing off their classmates. Throughout ther adventure they will meet Dean and Damon who have a little dangerous secret of their own...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Prophet - A Stella Gomez Novel

Submitted: March 29, 2012

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Submitted: March 29, 2012



Chapter 1

“ I don’t understand, Stella” Flick leaned over to me and whispered. Flick is short for Felicity who has been my best friend since we were little.

I shook my head at her. Flick wasn’t the smartest person but she had a good heart. She just had the attention span of a goldfish.

“Let me copy your answers” She leaned over her desk and grabbed my sheet of paper. I, like usual, did nothing to stop her. We were in English which was the last lesson we had today, sat at the back of the class listening to Mr Young talk about the homework for the weekend. Flick was scribbling down the answers on the worksheet that we had to hand in to Mr Young at the end of the lesson. Flick had been too busy talking and flirting with every guy in the classroom to fill hers in.

Mr Young spoke directly to Flick at that moment. “ Even our very own Flick here,” Flick looked up to Mr Young at the mention of her name. “has the decency to at least copy Stella’s answers to get the worksheet in on time” Flick beamed her Hollywood smile up at Mr Young who was walking through the isle of teenagers at their desks and stopped between Flicks and mine. “Thank you Flick” He said as he picked up my answer sheet.

“Wait!” Flick said looking desperately at my answers that Young was holding. “I just have one more question to answer” She said as she tilted her head to see my answers as the teacher laid it down on my desk. Flick dropped her pen on her table and sat back with her arms folded and a big smile on her face. She had answered her remaining question. Her eyes flicked to mine as she tried to tell me something.

“Mr Young has a really nice bum”

She winked at me. Oh yeah, did I mention I can read minds? Before you even think it (and yes I would hear it) I am not a Telepath, I’m a Prophet. I was born with the ability to see the future. But its not all that black and white. I don’t get visions or anything like that I just get a gut feeling and they are always right. When something bad is going to happen, my stomach starts to quench and the person something bad is about to happen to is surrounded by an eerie red glow. That’s where I intervene. I try to stop the bad thing from happening, usually its just as simple as following them and stopping them from getting hit by a car. But some times its more complex than that, I may have to keep an eye on them for days, and the bad thing that’s going to happen to them isn’t as obvious as a speeding car hurtling towards them.

I tried to hide a smile as Mr Young turned to the rest of the class and began to speak. Just then the bell signalling the end of the lesson went off. All of a sudden the classroom was filled with the scraping of chairs and excited chatter.

“Hand in worksheets before you leave people!” Mr Young shouted over the ruckus of the other students. I stood up and checked my bright yellow sundress wasn’t crumpled up my back and picked my books up from my desk.

Flick hooked her arm through mine and placed a bright red lollipop she had just unwrapped for me in my mouth like we always had done at the end of the day. She was sucking on her own blue lolly as we walked past Mr Young who was sat at his desk at the front of the room. Me and Flick both dropped our worksheets on his desk for him and walked out the door.

“See you girls tomorrow” Mr Young shouted after us. I like Mr Young and not because he was totally drop dead gorgeous but because he understood us students and doesn’t drill us about school work. Plus he was hot.

“So I thought we could go to yours and get ready there before we go to the party?” Flick tugged at my arm as we walked out through the doors and onto the field which the parking lot was at the other side of. I Could hardly hear what she was saying because I couldn’t get my shield up. My shield is a block that I put up in my mind to stop everybody’s thoughts just wondering over into my mind and giving me a headache. This has never happened to me before. I have always just been able to put my shield up no problem, kind of like a reflex when I go into big crowds.

Something was wrong.

Flick stopped and turned to me. She looked around to see if anybody was in hearing range but lowered her voice too even though nobody was close.

Thoughts of other students flooded my mind.

“…Get home as soon as…”

“…Cant tell mum about my grades…”

“…Flick looked hot in English…”

I threw my hands to my head trying to stop myself from hearing their thoughts but it was no use. More and more started to fill up my head. It was so painful I cried out and drop to my knee’s.

“Stella!” Flick screamed and drop next to me on the muddy grass.

I tried to concentrate on my guard but my heart beat was beating my chest so hard I thought it would pop out. The thoughts were pushing in my head and getting so overloaded they were pushing at the inside of my skull. I screamed again, squeezing my eyes shut as tight as I could.

Flick had her arm around me dragging me behind a building so nobody could see me. “Stella, shut them out, you’ve done it before, you can do it again. Remember to breathe and block it all out.”

I could only hear glimpses of what Flick was saying through the noise and ghostly chit chatter running through my mind.

“…Get my homework done…”

“…Damn, Gorgi is looking fine today…”

“…Ugly skirt she’s wearing…”

“…The rash is spreading…”

“Come on Stella, you can do this.” Flick pulled my face up to meet hers. “Open your eyes Stella” She said in her “Listen to me” tone of voice. I opened my eyes reluctantly and saw Flicks beautiful, flawless, pale face with her perfect eyebrows and high cheekbones. Her blonde hair was flowing gently in the wind.

“Listen to my voice Stella. Your safe, think of your guard, imagine your building it up from the ground around you.” I did as she said and gradually the voices drowned out until one voice was left. The chilling voice made my whole body feel like ice as it spoke.

Kill… Kill.. Kill! Kill!”


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