The Summer That Changed My Life- An Allstar Weekend Story

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Spending a summer in there Aunt's beach house in San Diego, Megan falls in love with Zach Porter, the lead singer of the local band, Allstar. But when summer ends, She must go back to New York leaving Zach, her new friends, and San Diego behind. 3 months later, Megan runs into an unexpected surprise. Nathan Darmody, the guitar player of Allstar, hits her on his skateboard. Allstar, now Allstar Weekend has come to New York on there head-lining tour! Zach and Megan are reunited once again and , not wanting to lose Megan again, Zach asks her to go on tour with them.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Summer That Changed My Life- An Allstar Weekend Story

Submitted: November 10, 2010

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Submitted: November 10, 2010



"When I get older, I am DEFINELY moving to San Diego." I said as we pulled up to our Aunt's Beach House. She was on vacation in Florida for the summer and gave me, my sister, Kaela, and my sister's friend, Hailey, the keys. It was a sizable house with sand-colored siding and reddish-brown shingles. Once you opened the front door, it opened into the family room. The family room was a fimilar sight. When we were kids we would spend a week or two visiting my aunt. It had a grand piano in the corner and pictures hanging on every inch of wall. The floor was the same from when I was 8, white tile with a round, ocean blue rug that the piano sat in the middle of. I caught sight of the stain and smiled. Me and my sister had been wreslting around with are friend, Anna and we ran into the piano knocking Zeke, my aunt's parrot, off the piano. He had been so fightened he peed on the carpet, and when he was done, he flew away, squawking his head off. Zeke went never came back and our aunt told us that if we didn't behave Zeke was going to find us and peck at our fingers and try to bite us, and we actually believed her. To this day, I've been scared of parrots.

Next came the bedroom's. there were about five guest bedrooms, since our aunt didn't have any kid and wasn't married. They were all the same. White walls, white curtains, white bed frame with white desk and dressers to match. The only color was the, once again, ocean blue carpeting. White and ocean blue was something our aunt tried to put together alot. She wanted not only the rooms to match, but the whole house to match to. She did one guest bedroom and loved it. Completing it were blue flowered comforters and pillow cases that matched. The first guest bedroom was the one I usually slept in when we visited. I would always taunt my brother and sister saying "My bed is more comfortable than yours!" then my my brother would say "But if someone comes to kidnapped us, YOU'LL be the first one to go." after that I moved myself to a different room so it was my brother who would get kidnapped first.

Taking a left turn led you to the media room. This is the only room that really changed. It had a flat screen TV hanging from the wall and a flat screen computer sitting on a desk in the corner. A black leather couch with two matching recliners and a clear coffee table sat pushed up against the wall of shelves. The shelves had statue of lighthouses, sailboats, and ocean birds. But can you tell what it still had? You guess it. white walls and ocean blue carpeting. The white curtains on the bay window blew in the ocean breeze. My aunt had turned the bay window into a book nook. The book shelf on the right had DVDs, the one on the left had books and in the indent was a slim matress with blue flowered pillows. When I was 8, it wasn't a book nook yet. I would always sit in the window with Donnie, my aunt's border collie, awing at the crashing waves and surfers.

Nexts came the kitchen. The stove, refrigator, mircowave, and counter top were all white. The floor had white, diamond-shaped tiles that had speckles of, you guessed it, ocean blue, in them. The blue curtains were left open, displaying the maginificent view of the ocean. The sand was in a mess yet neat like fashion designers had come and arranged every grain of sand to their liking. The water was a bluish-green. Like when you see it in movies. The waves lapping at the shore, foaming at the top. Our aunt always would say it was whipped cream, but when me and my sister tried to eat it, it would be bitter and salty.

The bathroom was possible the biggest bathroom ever. It had white marble flooring and a bathtub the size of a swimming pool. A gold and cystal shandlier hung in the middle and candles wrapped in brass and sliver surronded the bathtub.The sink covered a whole wall and so did the mirror. Above the mirror were twinklely light, like the ones you see up around Christmas.

The deck was white with a veiw of the ocean. Surfers were in the water, and people walked down the boardwalk, casually talking. It was the perfect day. Kaela and Hailey joined me.

"Wanna go surfing?" Kaela asked.

"Duh!" I said. We ran our bedrooms changing into wet suit, I was really nervous. I'd never really surfed before. But how hard could it be? We bolted out the door but I paused in the doorway looking at how beautiful the media room and kitchen were, they were the last things you saw before you left to get to the deck. I looked to Hailey and Kaela who were flying down the stairs that lead to the boardwalk and beach. Then back to the house.

I love this house. It was my dream home. But mostly...

I love San Diego.

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