Unknown Origins

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Its about a person
Whose name is Summer
I'm not really sure where its going yet

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Unknown Origins

Submitted: June 19, 2013

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Submitted: June 19, 2013



Chapter One


My name is Summer, and when I was younger I wasn't yet sure on how to say a lot of things, but I would insist on my way, because I was that girl who was always sure that she was right.

I use to pronounce untitled youn-ta-dilt.

It took me a long time to actually look at the word and realize how it was pronounced, and I was thankful that no one ever laughed at me for it, they never even said I told you so when I started pronouncing it right.

There were quite often words that I use to be determined to pronounce it my way, but as people do, I grew.

My mother had me too young, she was barely into high school and she had not grown up, she was a happy person but she wasn't happy to have me and so I moved to live with my grandparents.

This went well until I was six and my grandfather died, it shouldn't have been so unexpected, but to me it was like the world crashing down around me.

My Nana really cared for me, but she was missing the one true love of her life, things began to slip through the cracks and quite often I found myself going to bed with an empty stomach.

Lexie wasn't very smart but she was next to all I had, we spent a lot of time hanging out because she lived only next door, usually I'd jump the fence to go see her.

There was a girl named Kay Small, she liked me well enough, we hung out some times, we even went to each others house on few occasions.

My mother stopped in a few times, but rarely did she stay long. she was too busy moving with life.

I felt, at the age of eight, that my life had finally settled down.

When I was nearing my ninth birthday, I arrived to school to find that Lexie had moved schools, I was distraught, why didn't she tell me?

I turned to my other friend, not Kay, but a friend I had also been close to, me and her usually played at lunch time a lot, her name was Amelia Finch.

Amelia liked to take the lead in anything, she was a ballerina and very serious in what she did, if ever we played a game together she was the princess or queen and I was the servant.

Now, to the opposite side of Lexie lived a boy, his name was Jordan Lyle.

And on the otherside of him was Christopher Lion.

For a long time Christopher and I were close, I considered him mine.

The world shook around me once more, because Christopher and Amelia were dating and Lexie had left me.

No longer did Christopher have so much time for me, and no longer did Amelia even want to see me.

At least I still had one friend, Jordan, and he told me about Lexie, she lived next door, I know, but did my eight year old mind think to go see her? no.

Jordan went to the same school as Lexie, Jordan was kind and friendly, but I knew he had a crush on my cousin, so did Christopher.

Everyone who ever met my cousin did, she was much prettier than me, her name was Ashleigh.

Ashleigh came to live in my small town for a while, her small brother and her smaller sister with her.

Ashleigh was only nine months older than me, and her brother four years younger and her sister six years younger.

She went my school and everyone liked her much more than me.

Now, I enjoyed singing, I liked to dance in my backyard and sing, I tried every style of singing I knew, I loved music, each week I would patiently wait as Nana readied herself then she'd take me to my piano lesson.

Never did I understand the friendship that Christopher and I had, did I ever tell you what we did when we were alone?

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