Going Undercover

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Julie's parents have just up and dissapeared, leaving her alone. She moves in with her best, and only, friend Ryan and his family and enters a new school.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Going Undercover

Submitted: November 17, 2010

Reads: 148

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Submitted: November 17, 2010



I hate my hair. I hate my hair. I hate my- OUCH. My comb, once again, had gotten stuck in the black bird’s nest on my head. A badly muffled laugh came from behind me.
“Shut up,” I snapped, looking at Ryan’s laughing face in the mirror. His hair was never messed up, the lucky fool. He walked over and snagged the comb out of my hair in a fluid movement, then ran it through my nest, easily.
“You could be more gentle,” he said, then backed away, putting the comb on the marble counter.
“This thing doesn’t deserve gentleness. No mercy.” I groaned. He rolled his eyes and picked up my backpack from my bed, handing it to me.
“Come on, cousin. Don’t want to be late for your first day.”
I swung the bag at him, he saw it coming and ducked, then made his escape.
“JERK!” I yelled, laughing.
The fact was, we weren’t really related. My parents had gone missing last year, I didn’t know what happened to them, nobody did. Ryan’s family were the only ones to know that I was living alone. They had taken care of me since I was younger, my parents always worked a lot and they were our kind, friendly next door neighbors. I stayed there often. After my parents had gone missing, they were the first and last people I told. They moved, taking me with them to Florida. I was now their niece who was staying with them for a while as my parents were on a “cruise.”
I headed towards the breakfast table, the opened windows in the room reached the floor and overlooked the beach and ocean. A cool breeze was flowing in. The smell of orange toast hit me hard and made my stomach growl. Mrs. Ritis smiled at me.
“How many do you want, honey?”
“Two please,” I said, smiling. Ryan, Mr. Ritis, and the twins were already stuffing their faces. Juice dripping from their mouths. I tossed a napkin at Lilly and Lauren, both named after the flowers in their parents wedding bouquet. Lauren beamed back at me and wiped her mouth, then flew up from her chair and towards our shared bedroom to change clothes. Her long sweatpants swept across the floor. Lilly laughed and ran after her. Most siblings rarely got along, the two of them rarely fought, except about which one was older.
I put the waffle into my mouth, citrus overwhelmed it and as I bet crunch and bread sweeped in along side. I almost died. Mrs. Ritis was the best cook I’d ever met. Her food was like heaven. Mr. Ritis often complained it wasn’t very good for his health, but he never stopped eating anyways. To be honest, I don’t think I’d be able to stop either.
Within minutes, the four of us were flying out the door, calling good-bye. The elementary school was on the way to the high school, so we walked with the two of them without a separate thought. I was marveling over the sand beneath my feet. It was so strange not to be walking on concrete. Lilly whined behind me.
“It’s leaking into my sandals!” She cried, shaking her shoes out.
“Then don’t wear sandals tomorrow,” Lauren said, taking the sandals from Lilly’s feet and carrying them for her.
“The wind is blowing up my skirt!”
“Then don’t wear a skirt tomorrow.”
“My hair is messing up everywhere,” Lilly said, sounding confident that Lauren wouldn’t have an answer to that.
”Then do wear a ponytail tomorrow,” Lauren said, simply.
Ryan and I laughed. Lilly sighed. Lauren smiled, satisfied. They turned and left towards their school, waving at us, skipping off and dissapearing into the crowd of students. I didn’t have to worry about them getting bullied, nobody did. They were both tall with medium length dirty blonde hair and gray eyes. They were athletic, smart, and beautiful. No weak points at all, Ryan was like that too, so were their parents. All extremely amazing, almost perfect. Untouchable.
Finally we got to the school. Brick walls, high and mighty. It was stunning. It was strong. It took my breath away.
”Whoa,” I muttered. We didn’t have schools like that in our old town.
Ryan laughed at my stunned face. He dragged me on, like a puppy.
“Come on. It’s not that big of a deal, dummy,” he grinned and I followed him. We headed towards the office of the school. The big smartie had memorized the map yesterday. Or so I’d thought at the confident way he’d led me, but soon he slowed down and looked at me apologetic.
Uh-oh. We were lost in this giant school. Ryan was an idiot. Forget smartie.

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