Endlessly living

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Roselain is a beautiful, smart girl who just happens to have something wrong with her, but she never even tells her parents about it... She thinks herself weird because of this difference, till she meets Daein who changes her world around and shows her sometimes weird is good

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Endlessly living

Submitted: June 03, 2010

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Submitted: June 03, 2010




The dimly light halls of Excalibur high school, were littered with the posters from the day’s prep rally. The earthly bricks of the walls held the last of the days functions. Around the school, all could hear the last loud chime of the bells as school was let out and students could go about the rest of their day as they pleased. The classes on the second floor pushed through the small door ways to begin their weekends. All the students rushed towards the exits to freedom from the boring school life, all but one girl who stood back from the rest of them, walking slowly, with her head held low. Clutching her schoolbooks to her chest and her shoulder bag close to her side, she made her way down the halls to the stairs leading to the buses. She pushed open the big metal door of the front entrance with a squeal of metal and rust. The wrapped winds lapping at her face with their cold breaths, blowing her waist length midnight black curls around her. Encircling her in a dream like manner, causing her pale white skin to pale further. The stinging cold burning her eyes causing them to have crystals form on her long eyelashes to make her dark brown eyes shine in the sunlight.
“Roselain! Come on the bus is getting ready to leave!” Yelled a tall leggy blonde from bus 17, her dyed hair flying out in all directions with the circling winds.
Roselain nodded her head slowly walking and dodging the groups of students cluttered together on the bus sidewalk. Moving swiftly she didn’t see the large crake in the walkway till she was upon it and spiraling face first into someone in front of her.
“S-sorry..” She stuttered quietly into the boy’s chest.
“No no my fault, I should have been watching where I was going.” He helped her stand up right and smiled a soul warming smile down at her, his straight blood red hair held back in a leather string. A loose strand falling into his ocean blue eyes, shining with the sun. His skin was paler than her’s. His black button up shirt half open showing off his well muscular chest.
Not meeting his probing gaze she bent down to retrieve her schoolbooks.
“Here let me help.” He said as he reached for her last fallen book, sitting near a bus tire. “here you go, by the way, my name is Daein Senevail..” he said as he handed her back her book.
“M-mines Roselain Winters…” She said blushing a hot pink and adding her last book to her pile.
“Oh I was wondering, do you know where bus~” He pulled a pale wrinkly paper out of his back pocket and looked it over, “bus number 17?” He looked up pleadingly.
She said nothing and pointed to the bus behind him, and headed to it. He kept pace with her easily.
“So I guess that’s a yes, is this your bus too?” He asked her as she climbed the stocky stairs to the bus and headed towards the back.

* * *

Daein followed quietly behind the black-haired beauty that he had run into, glad to be able to have met someone new.
“So what grade are you in Roselain?” He asked as they sat down together in the back of the bus.
“1-10th, and you can just call me R-rose…” She said looking down at the floor as if there was something interesting sitting there. He took that moment as she was distracted to get a good look at her. Running his eyes up and down her petty figure. She was curvy and pretty, maybe even beautiful. He wondered what her eyes would look like if she smiled. Would it be heart warming? Perhaps maybe sunshiny?
Daein shacked his head and looked out the window of the bus. Smiling to himself as he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

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