The Power Weilder

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - The forest

Submitted: March 20, 2010

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Submitted: March 20, 2010



As he ran it over and over in his mind he fell forward into a bushel of fur. He looked at the mass and it was his group leader and his angry stare gave away that he was going to beat him for it good, later. The leader transformed into his human form and toward over Trazer with an evil glare in his eyes.
“Why in all things living were you running that fast without looking where you were going Trazer boy?” Said his commander with a dry tone.
“Sorry s-sir I was thinking.” Trazer noted with a low voice
“What were you thinking of that caused you to run into me you little mutt?” His commander said with a lashing tone.
“Why are we hunting this man cub again?” Trazer asked looking into his commander‘s piercing gaze.
“Because it is what our master com-” He stopped midsentence and blinked confusly. “I’m not really sure…”
“From what little I am remember our kind hated the “master”, From what a she wolf told me, She was my sister, and “master” is just controlling us….” Trazer said with a loud voice staring at the small group with blazing eyes.
“I-I…. “ One stuttered. Pointing behind Trazer blankly, “Is that the she wolf that you spoke of?” Trazer turned to the direction the shape-shifter had directed and his gaze collided with Carina’s liquid silver-blue gaze.
“Yes, that is her. Carina..” He stepped toward the black mound of fur and she growled low at him.
“Don’t you dare use my name, I don’t want someone who abandoned our people and me to ever use my name.” She growled low her piercing eyes shifting between the group of male shifters, now in human form.
Shifting to her own human form she stalked toward her brother.
“Please sister, help us remember who and what we are…” Her brother pleaded with a whispered sorrow.
“It is not easy to do such a thing with Granfil.. As long as you accept him there, he will know and see and control nearly everything you do…” She said in a mater-of-fact tone.
“How?” Said the harsh voice of The commander.
“That I do not know, I can restore your memories, and such things, but you will have to keep Granfil at ease, do not let him have control, that is all I can do.” She said shaking her head.

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