A Fake Smile: Season 1

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Starting this story where it all began. Bloom is not like the regular shallow character, but in this story she is shy and has a slightly darker past on Earth. Will she turn to her dark side? How does she already know her powers? Will she ever fall in love in this story? And how the heck is she associated with the Witches Icy, Darcy and Stormy?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - A Fake Smile: Season 1

Submitted: July 13, 2012

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Submitted: July 13, 2012



Me: Welcome everyone! My story starts at the very beginning of the series; where it first started. I have been searching for this kind of story, but have not succeeded, so I decided to make it myself! Enjoy!

CHAPTER ONE: An Unexpected Event Part 1

Bloom's POV

Sometimes I wish that I could just fade into the darkness and away from the light, but my fiery red hair and weird powers wouldn't allow that to happen anyways. Well, not in a way I would like. I am always isolated from the group at my school, no thanks to this stuck up rich girl. I never had a friend, and my only companion is my pet rabbit Kiko. What an awesome life, right?

I am sixteen as of today, and my mom hasn't come home from the flower-shop yet, so it's just me and dad in the house. Ever since I had shown my 'parents' my weird powers when I was seven, they seemed to shy away from me; just like everyone else. After that I promised myself not to show my powers to anyone besides myself and Kiko. Too bad that never worked, because the kids would always bully me. At least that's better then being invisible.

I decided that it would be a good thing to get a little fresh air now to clear my head, so I just left the house without saying goodbye. I passed in front of my 'dad' watching the blank black screen on the TV, but what saddened me was that he kept on staring at it as I passed; like I was actually invisible. And a couple years ago, I started to believe it.

Once I shut the door of the house I started running. I would not stop because there were tears stinging my eyes, so the next thing I knew was that I was standing in a forest surrounded by trees. 'Where am I?' Kiko suddenly came up and nudged me on the leg. What a fast bunny rabbit.

"Go and find an acorn Kiko, and I'll toss it around with you," I said softly as I sat down and hugged my legs. Kiko yipped (whatever rabbits do) and ran off to find an acorn. I sighed and stared at Kiko's disappearing form. He is the only thing that I ever opened up to after my adopted parents and everyone else shunned me, and yes I know that I was never their real child since the first day I used "magic".

Kiko then ran to me like a mouse getting chased by a cat. "What is it Kiko? Did you see one of those scary squirrels again?" I smiled sadly. I never really smiled after that day either, but it just wouldn't come back no matter how hard I tried. Kiko pointed in the west direction then proceeded to collapse in my arms.

"All right, I'll go and see what it is," I said while getting up with Kiko still in my arms. I walked towards the direction he pointed to, but saw a flash of bright light. I quickly got behind a tree and observed from there.

"Back Ghoul!" A voice yelled. I looked around the truck to see a blonde haired girl that was probably the same age as me wearing a...fairy costume? "Rising Sun Burst!" she yelled while putting her staff in front of her. A golden beam shot out of it and hit the monster, which only seemed to make it angrier.

Kiko seemed to regain consciousness, but he buried himself deeper in my arms. "We can't be both seeing things, can we?" I asked him quietly. Somehow the things that she was doing seemed similar to my own powers.

Just then, other small creatures seemed to appear, but this time with a yellow beast that looked like an Ogre from some movies that I watched before.

"News flash Mr. Hideous, but the power of Solaria is going to flatten you!" the blonde-haired girl yelled again while getting into a stance. Why is she so loud? She's like everyone else at my school. Granted, I never spoke in front of them and the teachers never called on me, but this level of volume to me was ridiculous.

"Your the one that's gonna get flattened!" the Ogre rumbled while charging forward, knocking the girl onto her back into a nearby tree.

"That had to hurt," I mumbled while the girl struggled to get up. The Ogre and the other monsters then surrounded the girl. "You're finished now, little fairy! Now ghouls, bring me her Scepter!" the yellow Ogre yelled. The ghouls grabbed the fairy, who continued to struggle.

"I'm warning you, you'll never get away with this!" the fairy managed to scream out while one of the ghouls took her Scepter. "I think I just did," the Ogre replied and took the staff. "The Scepter is ours, and you are history!"

I need to go now. If I don't, who knows what would happen to that girl? I ran up to the commotion after I set Kiko down next to the tree, where he would be safe and out of harm's way.

"Leave her alone, and come get me instead!" I said, but immediately regretted my decision. I learned to never meddled in other peoples business before, so why now?

The Ogre then ran over, and before I could do anything, he grabbed me. "LET GO!" I yelled and attacked him with my magic. He didn't expect that so he flew back. That's weird, I could never control my power before either. Strange...

The ghouls then started charging as well, so I put both my hands up to create a barrier. I knew that I could control this move because I used to use it when I was younger, because other kids would bully me, so I had to protect myself. And I didn't want to hurt the other kids, no matter how much they hurt me, so I just used this barrier to block their kicks and punches. I chuckled a bit at the irony. I always put up barriers; to me, the more barriers the better.

I never realized it before, but maybe the reason no one came close to me is because I never let them. I closed my heart to them, so they closed theirs to me. I sighed at my deep thoughts.

"Wow girl, you have Winx, like major Winx!" the girl said, snapping me out of my thoughts. So that's what my powers are called then...Winx...

"Laugh all you want fashion fiasco, but you're going down!" the fairy yelled and blasts the Ogre into a tree. "I suggest you get out of our realm now," the girl continued walking towards the Ogre. He suddenly started fading though. "We'll meet again, Princess Stella."

"Ew! I can't say I'm looking forward to that!" Stella replied. Once the Ogre was gone she fainted and her clothes changed! 'I need to get her so major help,' I said to myself. I picked up the now-named Stella, and motioned Kiko to follow me back to the house.

Me: How did you like it? Yes, I am starting from episode one. Since there are four segments in episode one, I shall do four chapters as well so you guys don't have to read too much at one time.

Me: Also remember that the more reviews I get, the faster I update so get to reviewing! Tell me what you liked and didn't like, but no flames please!

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