Birthed by a monster

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Chapter 10 (v.2) - (9) back so soon

Submitted: July 01, 2016

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Submitted: July 01, 2016



I was bored. And that’s putting things lightly. I’ve been locked up in this room for a day and a half now and nothing happened. At first I took advantage of the peace I got but now, I just wanted some action.

I’ve never spent so long just lying in bed and doing nothing. The wasn’t a T.V in near nor was there any internet connection or Wi-Fi so my phone was pretty much useless.

I was just itching to leave this room and taking in the fresh air that came with being outside but I knew better than to do that. I could get shot out there, murdered out there. I won’t risk that.

So I stuck to counting the number of tiles the cover the bathroom and how much money I had left. But that was only fun for about three minutes. It was then that a certain fact hit me.

I really was alone. No friends, family or even acquaintances. Slick was right, I really was a Loner. But it’s not like I had much of a choice, it was either push people away or have my father hurt them for getting close to me.

My pacing came to a stop as the moon rose to say hello to the stars in the sky. So I made my way over to a windowsill with an empty stomach. 

The ladies at the kitchen wouldn’t let me cook my own food and it’s then that I really missed Slick’s apartment. The sound of my stomach growling had made my heart sink, next hotel I go to better have a private kitchen for me.

My gaze was set on the stars, liking the way some seemed to shine brighter than the other. In my head, I named each star after one of my blessings. There’s a saying I once read that said stars can’t shine without the dark.

Right now my life was filled with darkness but there were some stars in it, something to make my life seem less bleak.

It’s what kept me going, the thought that someone could have it much worse than me, less stars than I did.

So right now, I was counting my starts. First, I was alive. Now that’s a major plus and I named it after the brightest star I saw.

Second, I was as healthy as it could get. I wasn't terminally ill. Third, I had a roof over my head. Fourth, I had warm- my thoughts were interrupted a soft sound of a clank in the air. I immediately get to my feet and face the door in a fighting stance.

I’ve learned that any sound shouldn’t be taken lightly, it could be a threat. “Miss, your food’s ready.” I heard Goth girl’s voice sound through the door and my posture relaxes in a second.

Making my way towards the door, I rolled my eyes at the woman. How many times have I told her I won’t eat? I’d say a million but she still brought my food up anyways, time and time again.

I couldn't say I was annoyed though, she was my only source of human interaction around here.

I opened my door and began to tell her what I always did. “Listen, I’ve already told you that-” my sentence is cut short when a flash of silver comes my way and I ducked on instinct.

Wind blowing my crimson hair as the object passed. And a second later, I saw a knife lodged on the far wall of my room.

Shock filled me when I whip my head back to Goth girl who now stood dressed in all black and small throwing knives in each hand. 

Without wasting a second, I backed up and tried slamming my door but it was kicked off its hinges. Bits of wood is thrown in the air. I drop to my knees and roll out the way just as my door is pushed out the way and Goth Girl hurries into my room.

Jumping to my feet, I got in a ready stance, blood running hot as adrenaline and instinct controlled me. I shift my mental walls into place, it always helped me focus. To push out the panic and simply rely on my instinct, instinct my father had drilled into me. 

Goth girl lunged forward right when my the last brick was placed. Leaning to the side, I kicked my leg out, hitting her in chin. She hit the ground swearing but gasps when I stomped my foot over her chest.

Even through the walls, I felt a moment of satisfaction.  Her knife darted out to nick my ankle but I moved just in time but when she jumped up in a crouch and swept her ankle against mine, I stumbled back. 

She tossed her blade. I tried to dodge but was too slow. Pain pinched at my arm which now bled from a long yet shallow cut. I pushed the pain aside and back flipped to where her weapon landed, grabbing it.

Our eyes met in a stare down. Goth girl's glare filled with a promise to slit my throat, mine I wasn't going to give my father another win. Standing in a small crouch, I spun her knife between my fingers for effect, letting it gleamed beneath the dull light around us.

Goth Girl did the same but she was distracted with the motion. Taking my shot, I threw my blade, watching it lodge in her thigh as she let out a scream. 

Her shaky fingers worked to pull it out. I lunged at her, tacking her to the ground.  I dodged a blind punch and pulled out the knife for her, being as harsh as I could.

Goth girl grunted, swallowing a scream while I tossed the weapon out her reach. Straddling her waist, I punched her in the jaw and while ignoring the throbbing, I did it again. And again. 

 Raining down blow after blow and felt nothing when seeing fresh bruises beginning to form on her once beautiful face. Eventually, the skin on my knuckles split and bled but I kept going, wanting to beat her till she was unconscious. 

This time I was distracted, so focused on what I was doing that I didn't pay attention to my surroundings. My attacks came to a painful haul when a blade sinks in my side and pain exploded inside me, blinding my senses. I let out a shaky breath, by limbs shaking.

She pushed me off her with a grunt. My hands shift to remove the knife but stopped when I felt another one plunge into my thigh. I had to swallow down a scream as tears stung my eyes.  Hot agony burned in both wounds and it was becoming difficult to breath.

With a grunt, I pulled out a knife for my side out and threw it as far away from me as I could. The move was stupid. I could have used it to help me.

But I couldn't think clearly, my thoughts distorted by the sizzling pain that burned over me. My mental walls shook but I kept them in place, there's no time for my panic to set in. I'd be dead if it did.

A scream is lodged in my throat when a boot stomps on the handle in my thigh and I swear it cut right through it. Breath suddenly escapes me, my head spins at the sensation and I'm left disoriented.

The blade was then harshly pulled out my thigh and warm liquid instantly drenched my leg. I felt a weight on my chest and when my mind finally cleared for a moment, eyes fixed on Goth Girl who now straddled me with a glare in place. Even through her bruised face, I managed to feel the heat of her glower. Her heavy weight made it hard for me to breath.

"Times up," She sneered just as a sharp, wet object is pressed to my throat. She added pressure, cutting the skin. But nothing hurt as much as my stab wounds. My mind ran though possible ways to get out of this, to flip the weapon on her but I came up empty.

The longer I felt hot blood escape my injuries, the weaker I felt. My limbs were heavy and the pain began to simmer to a throb. I've lost, and it made me sick to know my father did this to me.

That he'd celebrate his win with a glass of wine and smoke from his special stash of cigars. And worst of all, I'd die right here and now and no one would miss me. I'd leave this world just as I'd came. Alone.

Goth Girl's weight was lifted off my chest and air rushed into my lungs like a tidal wave. Shutting my eyes, I coughed from it. A high pitched scream meet my ears followed by a dull thud. And a second later, I'm lifted into someone's arms.

"Thea. Thea, open your eye!" a throaty voice yelled and with effort on my part, I finally did. If I had it in me, my eyes would have widened when seeing Slick's gaze fixed on mine. 

A pressure's added to my side wound and I winced, "Stop," I croaked to him, pain affecting the sound of my voice. "Listen, I'm going to get us out of here but you need to stay awake. You hear me?" he ordered, brows furrowed in determination as he lifted my limp body off the ground.

The action gave me more pain than it was worth and I was tempted to beg him to just leave me there. But I didn't have ask because  because my thoughts slowed down and my eyelids felt heavy.

Blinking was an effort and before I knew it, I was falling asleep. Leaving this world as I lost feeling in my throbbing body. "Shit. Thea! Keep your eyes..." His voice faded to nothing along with the world around me. 

- - - 

For the first time, I woke up with one blink. Even the sudden brightness entering my vision didn’t make me close them. 

I remember exactly what happened before u passed out and I’m still wonder if the end bit was true. Slick, barging in and saving me. 

I was chalking it up to blood loss because firstly, he was too much of a bastard to save me and second, the guy didn’t know my name. The person saying my name that evening was probably someone else. 

“Loner.” My head whips around at the sound of that ridiculous nickname. Leaned up against a wall was Slick with his hands stuffed in his hoodie and shoulder supported by the door frame. 

His posture was relaxed but I couldn’t quiet tell what his expression meant for any signs of emotion was wiped off his face. 
But I could tell he was tired though, the dark shadows beneath his eyes said so. So I guess it wasn’t my imagination, Slick had saved me. But what make him do it? 

“Why?” my dry voice croaked out, leaving a sandy feeling in my throat. 

Either Slick didn’t hear me or chose to ignore me because my question was felt to hang in the air. 

I propped myself on my elbows so I could sit up but froze when the wound in my side shot hot pain through my veins. 

A small tremble runs through me because of it and with a deep breath, I shoved the feeling aside when moving once more. 

Slick was at my side in seconds, hands moving to hold me down when he advised “Don’t move so much, it’ll re-open up the wounds I just stitched up.” 

I immediately flop back down, avoiding his touch. I eyed him wearily, both because of his action and what he’d just said. 

All this didn’t sound one bit like the Slick I’ve been forced to know. The person who didn’t give a damn unless in benefited himself. So who was this guy in front of me? 

The one who saved me, stitched up my wounds and worried about me re-opeing them? My gaze runs over his features to confirm that it really was Slick. The faint, pinky length scar proved it. 

“Why’d you help me?” I forced through my hoarse throat but made sure he’d hear me this time. He leans away from the bed and straightened his back with a shrug. 

“You were right earlier. I can’t just end our deal like that.” I scoffed, “Who said I still want it? The second I’m healed up, I’m leaving.” My words were nothing but false but I only said that to spite him. Test his reaction to see if he’s joking.

But all I got was a blank look.

With my eyes narrowed in suspicion, I found it hard to belief that he reason behind what he did was because I was right. 

Something must have happened for him to change his mind, but what? I opened my mouth to question him but what he says next, had me confused. “Mason Steel.” 

My brows knit together and my earlier question is forgotten. “What?” Slick rolls out his shoulder and already turned to leave when rephrasing “The person I’m looking for. His name’s Mason Steel.” 

Shock slaps me in the face and before I knew it, Slick had left the room. My thoughts buzzed around his short, simple yet very important statement. 

He’d kicked me out his apartment because I wanted to hear it. But now, he gets me back and tells it to me without any arguing on my part. 

Now, I really wanted to know what happened when I left but I was getting sleepy. My senses dulled out and my mind was cloudy. I felt stiff in my back so I shifted to get comfortable. 

I had to fist my hands to push the pain a side when I lay on my uninjured side and let myself fall into a deep, pain-free sleep. 



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